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#376 - Retail Store Manager Creates Miniature Stages for Batman

A retail manager from Kansas reactivates his craftsman skills of long ago to create stages for miniature movie figures. There’s money in them there collectables! Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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This episode is brought to you by blackberry, blue very mobile devices were powerful because they were secure today, its pair The security you held in your hand with artificial and diligence to protect everything. You touch blackberry intelligent security everywhere, learn more a blackberry, dot com, better. What's up well, back to side, hustle school, I'm your host preschool about. Let's talk about collectibles, Is a lot of money in the world of items that people try to acquire for a personal collection? In fact, the entire hobby consists of spending money. If you collect all houses or baseball cards, were stamps we're just about anything that you dont physically acquire yourself, perhaps like collecting, rocks
something the way you advance in your hobby is by spending money. This lends itself well to the world of sight. Hustles today story highlights the collectible known as six scale miniature figures from movies and television. I she didn't know much about this hobby or collective vote all, but in Asia, its a billion dollar industry, its content in the U S and elsewhere, and one retail store manager in Kansas, has found a way to profit from it. using his skills as a craftsman that he'd about long ago. What are you a shudder to our sponsor and I'll? Be right back with that story. Supporters School comes from three m from helping I've, vaccine and therapy development with advance perfectly in technologies to developing an event that helps boost vaccine effectiveness. The research scientists at three m are delivering innovative healthcare solutions to help us today and for arrested, better tackle. What's next learned, three m: dotcom, slash, improving lives three m science applied to life
during business hours, Jason Hewett manages a large retail store in Kansas. His climb in the retail sector took him from Kansas City to Chicago to the Mall of America, Minneapolis for companies like Fossil and Edit Bauer. After eight years, he returned home to settle down in college. Jason had imagined himself making miniature sets for removing interest he had grown up using his hands and imagination to fix cars and houses alongside is dead. He was also a huge movie fan and fascinated by anything miniature, but at a certain point, filmmakers began using computer generated imaging to create their minutes or sets so Jason said his dream aside to be a start in retail. You didn't set aside. His love of movies are miniatures, however, he discovered the world of six scale minute your figures from rabies in television and that man was his favorite I don't know much about this before researching this episode, but these one six scale figures stand twelve inches tall and the process of creating them
long back and forth between the studios and manufacturers. The figures have to be as exact as possible. Asia. This is a billion dollar business. The manufacturer is typically postproduction photos of characters online. They take prepares its cause. The wait six to nine months for deliberate with limited, runs, collecting six gale figures became popular in the U S about ten years ago, and these aren't cheap. The cost ranges from a hundred fifty dollars to well over a thousand dollars for a single figure. Jason love collecting these figures, but he didn't love how other collectors display them attended to put them on stance as if in a museum and Jason felt the figure.
Deserves more. He went to place them in a scene from their movie. So on aside working in his off hours, he started building one six scale miniature movie sets his Kansas City basement became a studio. He loved the feeling of using his hands to build things once again and imagining how to use found objects to replicate the movie. Seeing the plumbing an electrical isles at home, improvement stories became an adventure and re imagining how one thing could be used for another, because these displays dire Amis and ass. It happens. One of the country's top distributors of six scale figures,
Is only three blocks from Jason's home the employees there encouraged his interests and even featured one of his dire Amis COMECON Jason, also posted photos of his creations on Instagram, Miss caught the eye of other collectors who ask him to create scenes for them. His first commission was for the holding cell seen from the dark night, which prompted for more holding cell orders within five days from other customers. You saw the photos on mine, Jason says his basement became an assembly line because all the figures are twelve inches taller. He knows the proportions for each seen exactly. The usual takes him two weeks to amount to complete a diary. Emma any currently has a four month waiting list. Thankfully, collectors are used to priorities and long wait times for the figures themselves, so they don't balk at waiting for their scenes from Jason. He collected apposite to secure customers place in line Jason, invite customer impact, but he also makes it clear that he has final creative licence wants. A scene is completed, Jason since it to the customer. He asked
to place. The figure in the scene take a photo and posted on Facebook once he sees the figure in a sad he designed he considers the scene. Arap Jason's die remedy, cost an average of three dollars right now. He has more work than he can handle. He doesn't want inside us all to take over his personal time, so he's content to let customers find him through word of mouth, Facebook or Instagram. In fact, he doesn't even have a website, although he may consider it and twenty eighteen, because he's been invited to have a both at a popular makers. Fair. On a personal note, he and his wife are trying to have a baby and his sight. Hustle profits are going toward medical expenses in hopes of increasing their chances. It wasn't the way he initially expected, but with this money making side, hustle, Jason's big dream of making minute your movie set has come true. This world of minister figures from movies and television is an interesting little industry that I actually had. No,
about to respond to learn about it in the process. As I said, there is a lot of money and collectibles people go nuts ever stuff. I never actually heard of this particular industry, a miniature figures from movies and television, but I'm not surprise. Whenever millions of people are fans of a particular movie tv series or franchise, it makes sense that a certain subset of those people would want to collect action figures or other figures. I guessed from those series to congrats adjacent for finding his niche in that little world now. So like this comment from him about using his hands, this was from our notes for the story. He said you know I feel so good to be using my hands and creativity to make things again. It balances out my life perfectly because, as I mentioned, when he was a kid and a teenager, he loved growing up fixing things but then he started this career in retail management and I kind of went by the wayside. So people start side vessels for all kinds of different reasons, and in this case one of his main motivations is to do something that uses his hands and creativity it just so. It is also making an eyesight and come from it. So that's fantastic.
Leslie. Just a reminder, you don't have to steal your side. Hustle like in this case Jason, doesn't want more customers at least not right. Now he doesn't want the hustle to take over his life. That's why he has the three or four month waiting list. So some people do have a goalless killing our project, just like you, a story about Harry Campbell. You started a blog for right, your drivers, and now he has multiple employees and something like ten freelancers makes a full time. Income from it. This contrasts is just a reminder that not everyone wants the same thing, so you should set your own Into what's best for you ass, my encouragement view today also remind you that inspiration is good but inspiration. What action is so much better. If you like to see the showed us for today's episode, including some photos of Jason's minister figures, just come over to side, hustle school dot, com, slash three, seven, six, that is for episode three hundred and seventy six. You can also get a special invitation to join a side of civil society.
Our new training programme in online community. For a limited time only thank you so much for listening to day. I hope you enjoy this one I'll be back tomorrow. I'm critical about recital school.
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