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#381 - Side Hustler Gets Paid to Run 7 Ultramarathons on 7 Continents

After getting hurt on his first of 7 ultramarathons, a longtime side hustler builds an app to help other injured runners recover. Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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This episode is brought to you by blackberry, blue, Very mobile devices were powerful because they were secure today, its pair the security you held in your hand with artificial and Diligence to protect everything you touch blackberry, Intelligent security everywhere, learn more a blackberry dot com. Hey Sawdust Moscow. The unity. Welcome back, MRS Christian about got an interesting story for you today about a side hustler, who gets paid to run seven ultra marathons on seven continent. Now most sounds impossible. Well, what does it mean do the impossible someone who undertakes a series of big challenges. He endorses what he calls cold. Shower therapy enjoys doing things like flying around
world to run these ultra marathons, sometimes in desolate places, and he funds these pursued through a series of side. Vessels will focus on one of them today and apt to help injured people complete their physical therapy exercises its came about through the recovery process for an injury that he had, and he thought you know, there's probably other people out there with the same struggle. He's gonna give us two key pieces of advice for anyone out. There are thinking about making an app. this impossible, yet true story is coming right up after the shadow to our sponsor support. Recital school comes from three m from helping I've, vaccine and therapy development with advance perfectly In technologies to develop an event that helps boost vaccine effectiveness. The research scientists at three m are delivering innovative healthcare solutions to help us today and for arrested better tackle, what's next learning three m dot: slash improving lives, Three m science applied to life.
So runnion lives a life of his own design. Focuses his mission on doing things that seem impossible. They create side hustles to support that mission. The formula is simple: you toss us an idea of the catches enough interest, he turns it in Hustle makes enough money turned it into a real business. If it doesn't, he moves on and try again thanks to what he calls his short term memory and positive view of failure. That's how it has started at least half a dozen successful takes over the past six years and its current side basalt at least one of them is an app called move well until July left his job two years ago. He was managing marketing campaigns for a well known outdoor company. He enjoyed the work but longed for something more purposeful.
So he created a blog called impossible designed to test a series of experiments on himself. He was tired of backing down from challenges that seemed impossible and he wanted to see if he could attractive. Following of others, who felt the same. The plan worked in sight became an active community that takes on fitness in mindset. Challenges on a regular basis chose other side. Hustles and companies have sprung from this one, for example, a while back he wrote a blog post about the paleo diet and lifestyle that post got a disproportionate number of visitors to following the interests of his audience. He wrote a meal planning guide called paleo meal plan. This became its own community and source of passive income for Joel earning five figures a year.
as you might expect of someone with a blog called impossible, Joel likes taking on things that seem extremely difficult. One item on that list was to run seven ultra marathons on all seven continents raising money to build seven schools. He called at the seven seven seven project and what happened next serve as the motivation for the move well up. He was in Patagonia for the first of his seven ultramarine and and mild. Twenty six point to the twenty five miles. An hour wins shifted and literally swept off his feet and down the hill. He wrote his like passed his ankle badly entering himself. Still, he stubbornly finish the race which made things worse, and the doctors told him to take six months off that common Chicago Jill Discover something about himself in physical therapy? He performed well when his rehab coach was right there with him, but in between sessions he would forget all about it. He wondered if other people had that same issue, and he also wondered if an app get her,
many wondered what if he created an app that could serve as a mobility coach, what other people went to? He decided to find out he and a friend who designs opts for a living created. The workflow of hours. Then they hired a programmer. They knew to turn the design into an actual app which took several weeks. The app featured video of trainers doing routines complete with voice over instructing users. How to do the moves correctly? Jewels role was to identify the problems, users faced and the routine. They would need to become more mobile. He tapped the cross community to find trainers who could mean. The videos in exchange for exposure didn't take long for him to find anyone who needed he himself at the script for the voice ever since its language, he uses every day. The guy who did those boys errors got paper. The tuna dollar gift card
in fact the only equipment they need. It was a camera and MIKE they had access to a gem through Cross FED from idea to launch it, took all about ten weeks to get the first version of move well to market, and how much does it cost to actually developing up? What like a website, you can spend two hundred dollars or you can spend a hundred thousand dollars really is a huge range depending on what you want and who you higher in Jos case. He funded project for about two thousand dollars. Went to programming the app doing a video editing and some early advertising. The first revenue model for move well didn't work. It was a one time, just for ninety nine cents or a premium version for two dollars. Once apple took its thirty three percent cut, there wasn't much money left, so Jonas partner switch things up, they changed to a subscription service, some retains are free, and then you pay a small monthly fee. It just to ninety nine to unlock other routines new retains or out at every six months and adding those retains give them a chance to be out there talking to more people which increase,
the number of users and therefore the monthly revenue. The aim has been out for two years and currently brings about a thousand dollars a month: net income, a nice amount of extra cash for sure, but not really a sustainable business. Interestingly enough, even though move well brings in a small amount of revenue of any of jewels ventures, it has the biggest number of followers. He says the project is in his awkward in between place of growth and he's trying to figure out what to do next. He thinks it. They can get the app to earn four thousand five thousand dollars a month. They can scale it further internal,
to a business with its own team. I know I spent about ten hours a month on the up and that's mostly doing interviews to spread awareness says: there's no need for customer service, because the app is pretty buck free. However, one challenge is making sure the app still works after apple. Does its operating system operates those can get problematic and make a mess of things pretty quickly, as you may have noticed, whenever your phone updates, all the APS need to be updated as well, usually takes a few hundred dollars to fix what each update the best part of this hustle for joy is user feedback people have used the apt to get rid of pains, they were told, would take surgery, drugs or a huge amount of money to fix and his advice to any one else. create an app as a side hustle. Is it to fault? First, about use a subscription revenue model learn from his early mistakes, going to be really hard to make money on ninety nine cents, a nap or two dollars and half whatever it is.
The reason why more and more these apps are going to a subscription model, it's because there's low price purchases just aren't sustainable, at least for a lot of them and second make your a paslode attack as possible. Don't try to make something that does it all designed it to do. One simple thing: I think I just great advice for anyone who wants to make a nap so to take it to heart and by the way, Joel finishes what he starts in the beginning of twenty seventeen, after pausing to heal his ankle. Joel return to his seven hundred and seventy seven. He ran five alter marathons in just three months and then finished up the seventh one in April, raising a hundred ninety three thousand dollars to build. Seven schools stay tuned for his next impossible mission. I've been a friend and fast, job for a long time, I can tell you that he's legit, you walk the walk, or in this case I guess
runs the altar Marathon and have also admire his approach to building these kinds of projects is kind of unique. The way does it because he has this hybrid approach, starting very simply, just like we encourage people to show to do every day. He doesn't spend a lot of money is not afraid to fail, but then, when something actually takes off, he does put resources behind it and create systems to turn it into something. It's more sustainable and pass he's had several projects that are in six figures are more every year I went to look at Why then, it still getting under way? That's what we focused on the move well up, but the point as he knows what he's doing now and by the way I found users may want to check that out in the Eu S Appstore, we will end up in the shadow to swell. Special notes are online at cytosol, school dot, com, three thousand eight hundred and fourteen episode. Three hundred and eighty one come stop by if you'd like to learn more about Joel or at that app or just the process of making out in general and don't forget, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better
Hope you enjoy this impossible story, I'll be back tomorrow with another one. Thank you so much for listing I'm critical about precisely school.
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