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#39: “Live Snoop” Service Helps Parents Monitor Their Kids' Internet Use


How an IT graduate created a web-based service that provides peace of mind to parents with children growing up in the era of technology.

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Allowing welcome back you listen, This article school, I'm your house, Chris, kill I'll, get a story about just a little service today. You may recall that you're, on the show. I wanted to talk to you about creating apps, are building highly websites or anything else that tends to require advanced programming skills and that's because it's a huge myth that, if want to build a website restarting online project. You have to have their skills. I often hear from people who left out of the side of the world because they dont have their skills, and I was right. The point that I don't either and I ve been doing my entire adult life. Literally twenty years, I have another extended cut episode coming up, I'll show you more about how you can make websites or do whatever else you need to do without becoming a quarter but still once in a while. I do like to feature a technical service whenever is particularly interesting and too, This is an ideal exception, because it is an interesting service it's an emotional need, particularly as parents and its also kind of
it's getting off the ground now, but because it's interesting and has real potential, I thought we'd look at it. So you'll hear the story and it will look emotional needs which are critical to a lot of hustling success, regardless of your project and I'll, be right back at that board for this podcast comes from progressive saving, my and your car insurance is easy with progressive. It's an average savings of seven hundred ninety six dollars for customers who switch and save. In fact, customers can qualify for an average of six discounts on their auto policy with progressive, including discounts, Jasper, Putting a court online or owning multiple vehicles get your quote online, grass of dot com and see how much you could be saving national average annual conference. Him he's been. You customer service, who save a progressive and twenty nine discounts varying are not available in all states and situations. These days, most And adolescents grow up using the internet in a very different way in previous generations, dead
I remember when I was a kid not update myself to my chair, but I was early adopter of online services and social networks used to use I invite him boards messaging services network called prodigy, which has not been defined for at least ten to fifteen years. Even so, nowadays, most kids are exposed, or at least actual exposed to all kinds of content and interaction that many parents are very I lay concerned about- and it's not just a matter of kid, seeing something that they either shouldn't see at all, or maybe just I see at a young age, but parents are right. Concerned about their kids being bullied or worse so without a mind in lad, had recently graduated from college with a degree, and I t he took a day job doing, project management and back in port, and we also decided to create a web based service that allows parents to monitor what their children do on their computers and mobile devices. This service is caught, live snoop its current. Available to your desktop or mobile browser and he's in the process it make
both io ass, an Android versions. Basically, this service along people to see what websites their kids are visiting as well Hu there interacting with they can get a daily, weekly, summary of activity, or they can also instant alerts for any dangerous charity, their kids may be exposed to the Inn is quick to point out monitoring doesn't necessarily need to be spying. It's my more about helping parents feel comfortable knowing that their kids are safe, Without any monitoring solution at all, parents often feel uneasy, not, who their kids are interacting with and how and life snoop helps to meet. This need services available to tears, one is free, one is paid. This is a very common, crushed her army software. The idea is to get me when the door and then convert some of them to the pay service are usually a stir, percentage, will always be for users. They'll never pay, but that's ok, because if you continue to bring in more of them and you can convert, at least a decent subset, your side, us what can become profitable. He added I spoke about his service. Just
for. He was planning to make some major outrage and begin marketing it further. At that point, He had done no marketing at all, except for word of mouth, but still it week alone. He had turned for users locked in for a total of one thousand. Two hundred and fifty sessions, those children, forty users, nineteen were paying users about eight percent and, as I said, plan to continue improving the service, then put out those mobile versions doing some more active marketing to increase, as user base its, not a huge success. At this point, but it's already making a few hundred dollars a month, and he believes it has potential for much more so here is a phrase I have not used very often on the shelf, and this raises recurring revenue in almost all software is price. This way now and many other things that you buys well it used to be that you purchased software only once maybe once every couple of years when they had a new version coming out, but now the
three standard is to pay monthly. This helps to support customer service and product improvements and, if you're skeptical, of course, it also helps to make those companies. More money. The beauty of this model is once you have pang subscribers his lungs, using the service they're not likely to cancel at least most of them art. So, as I said, making a few hundred dollars a month, which of course is not a ton of money, but his expenses are very low and if he does nothing else, this money is likely to convey. So what he does. Even a small amount of working, very likely he's gonna increase that number one. If it was a thousand dollars a month that's not out of reach at all. He already has the makings of a proven service. If it was more what if it was four times that amount or ten times that amount, maybe there's a ceiling for it somewhere. But the point is this is a very healthy start and a great sign, a potential success in large part because of that recurring revenue model. Also at the start of this episode I mentioned emotional needs. This service clearly responds to make
concern of a lot of parents, most parents dont want to completely restrict, or habit their kids from using the internet. They understand Rob eleven requires that they want them to grow up with good technical skills, but of course, they also want them to be safe first and foremost. So this life snoop service at least, has the potential to provide not only security also peace of mind, which obviously is very valuable and, as I mentioned, and is able to grow their service, create those additional versions. Gone. Android, NEO, ass, this hustlers real potential to real recurring revenue for an even ass. He works on a part time as you are building your house for this year, ask yourself if there's any potential. Four recurring revenue in your product or service. Remember Inspiration is good. Operation combined with action is so much better, however, decided to school dot. Com you can see the shone out. You can give me a shot out. You can check out a bunch of free resources, I'm critical about here, listening to satisfy school. I hope to see you Mara.
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