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#4: Oil & Gas Sales Rep Makes $40,000 Reposting Online Photos


How a woman in Pennsylvania gained more than 1 million followers on Pinterest and developed a recurring income, all while working full-time and raising a family. Check out the show notes at SideHustleSchool.com/4.

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Hello, work back. This is fiscal about your listing decide hustle school aside, us was a project you create earn money apart from your day job, so, whether you your job in trying to make a big change or you love your job and have no plans to leave either way. Everyone should have more than one source of income and that's what aside us all about and just to be clear. The goal not for you to go out and start something exactly like what you hear, and each episode expect everyone to have a fish tank blog, but the point to learn to the stories and eventually apply to your own hustle today story we find it's all about how a woman in Pennsylvania gained more than one million followers on Pinterest, then developed a recurring income all while working full time and raising a family support for this. Podcast comes from Goldman Sachs companies in the top portal for ethnic diversity are thirty, three percent more likely to have industry leading profitability, and those in the top portal for gender diversity are twenty one percent.
More likely to outperform this data was the catalyst behind launch with she s a five hundred million dollar investment strategy that continues to focus on increasing access to capital for women. Black Lahti, necks and other diverse entrepreneurs learn more at GS, DOT, com slush launch with she S. The story goes from Daddy Orkut and rotten Pennsylvania her day, job is as a sales rep, any oil and gas industry and as if that's not enough to keep her busy she's. Also a certified yoga teacher, a photographer, a lifestyle course facilitator. She has a young family, so how she does all those things I have no idea, but it today story will focus on her, in addition to everything else, she also gets paid every month. Pinterest campaigns severe out there
have no idea. What pinterest is it's a social network built around the sharing of images and short post notice pins. It has a very high female demographic some users. Take it very seriously spending hours it even with no income generating interested. Ah, they just like pinning, if you think, that's odd I understand that it's like any other hobby or a social network if you're in your internet, and, if not you don't get it so what you need to know is that there are millions of people who are very serious about Pinterest and whenever something got exist. There are also usually number of ways to make money from it. A lot site. Hustles come from paying attention to how groups of people like to spend their time and that's what people I Gabby come in. She is known as an influence her which, in this pretty much just mean she has a lot of followers. There are lot of other qualifications. Your network of followers speaks for itself, at least from the perspective of brands that are eager to reach potential customers because of all those loyal followers she
able to sign up with an agency that manages campaigns for brands looking to get more exposure for those audiences and she big. Directing some of her pants to those campaigns only when she felt it was a good and natural fit for audience in exchange for doing that, she would get paid now in the first month, Gabby earn more than a thousand dollars. She was in disbelief. She looked at the check and couldn't believe. She just been paid to look at photos on the internet and post her favorites, which is literally what she was doing on Pinterest, this was a side side hustle from her many other projects, and she had spent a long time on it better that first month, She got serious and decided to become more active for everyday for weeks, somehow in that to free time. She had she penned in hand and penned over and over first thing in the morning lasting at night. When she couldn't sleep in the nice, you woke up in pencil more and in addition to working hard, Gabby OS. Worked. Smart headdresses organised by boards of related images and Gabby has a lot of
for its related to crafts and photography, which just happened to be very popular interest categories, but she also has broken down into smaller category, and then she noticed that it helps to follow other influencers. That also have a large following. So she did that sometimes piggybacking on their followers by repenting their content in commenting on their popular pin especially in their early days. Networks like Pinterest, tend to have a phenomenon where the rich get richer. Essentially, where One who has a lot of followers is likely to gain a lot more. Or just because they have some, and so after awhile momentum kicked in four Gabby and it just grew and grew from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands and finally, more than one million followers, even though she wasn't a celebrity shouldn't, have a huge social network account somewhere else and now, throughout the course of three and a half years from those brand campaigns she's made over forty three in dollars- and this is why side hustles are so powerful- you let me list, Can you say where forty thousand dollars and three years that action?
is not lot, but remember. This is extra income. She as a day job, she has other things that she does. This is like a little Cyprus where she goes on in pens images that she likes its thirteen thousand dollars a year more than a thousand dollars a month consistently that's very meaningful to a lot of people. Definitely a big side. Hustle success like a lot of petrol users. Gabby started just for fun, but her When aerial mindset quickly led her to think hey, I wonder if this could lead to some more than just my own enjoyment. So after listening as you may want to go away and start pending like mad, but if not consider the broader principle, something a lot of people are interested in System that can be learned and mastered and then away monetize it to create regular income, no matter how busy things get with the rest of your life, It may not happen exactly like that for you. But if you listen
these stories we get applying them to your own hustle. You will see results. Overtime, river inspiration is get an inspiration. Combined with action is much better. What can you do to day to get closer to creating real freedom for yourself? That's it for today, episode in a new story and lesson every day. Seven days a week when you subscribe in Itunes to automatically get each new episode, download it to your phone or computer. I hope to see you for tomorrow's episode. I am critical about this site hustle school.
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