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#400 - Weekly Recap: How to Find Manufacturers for Your Product

In our fifth recap of Season II, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: listener Q&A! Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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This episode is brought to you by KPMG Risk services. Kpmg believes that when you ve earned the trust of all your stakeholders, that's when your business has a solid platform to grow. That's the trusted imperative, KPMG risk services develop and put in place dynamic with strategies designed to help your business earned that all important trust go to red dot. Katy mg dot. U S, Slash trust, to learn more hey there greetings and guess what offers is the societal school. I am your host Crisco about, but also this is episode four hundred point: zero, zero. We have been going strong since January, one twenty seventeen, a different episode every single day haven't MR day, wouldn't do that to you and it just so happy
that at the end of the year we were at three and sixty five episodes, and now we have crept up to number four hundred only give a big to everyone who has been with us since the beginning whenever a minute- bent or meat off. I often have people come up and say: I've been listening since the beginning effort. Every single episode you guys are phenomena. Thank you so much for being part of the journey and, of course, if that's not you if you'd just joined recently, that's totally cool I just want acknowledge our long time listeners and when you joined in the best is yet to come. You ve got so much more staff coming up I, so this is the weekly recap. We look back on some of the episodes and lessons of the week this week, you're, the guy who started the relay re Series, the music therapists you write customer? about four restless children and, of course, we can forget the romance novel cover model Where else could you learn to do other things, of course, only on side US school?
to say hello to everybody in the sight of civil society as well. We ve heard about three weeks of conversations in the online community. So far, people are sharing all kinds of stories. Talking about what their working on what their idea is getting feedback from other people. It's going really well! So if you didn't get a chance to join, we had the inaugural invitation, we're gonna. Do it again at some point can be the first to know about it. By going to satisfy school dot com slashed society email announcement, less that you can join now before we do anything else. I want to explore a question. It's been coming up. A few different times, we ve had a number of episodes of people manufacturing, something or purchasing something refractory overseas, often doing some kind of customization or personalization sometimes just purchased.
stopping it's already made and doing a private label on it and they're lots of different iterations of this. But the common question that comes up is well. How do you find these manufacturers and I got to listen or call in message recently that I think explores this question really well like? How do you actually do this? How do you know where to start and who to trust and all that? It was here from her and then I might come back and give some feedback and some possible suggestions not just for her, but for any
interested in doing something like this. I my name is traffic. I'm calling from Phoenix Arizona and I've been listening for a couple of months now, I'm trying to go into a business now to blow to deal with like a printing and personalizing both than cup, but are very scared of finding places like online or gold. I mean there's always companies that I find on the internet and I just wanna which want to trust and which wanted to reveal, though, that's being, can a whole new fact, because I I don't know if it was on the other side of the computer that links the year when they have to actually find accompanying or a factory or something that point to actually put
What I want or personal life, what I want. So I need your advice on that. He put up the good work you get a drink ray. I listen to you every day. I work I will finish cleaning and might for our shift. I'm listening to you, I love you. I feel much I got by hey just to think so much you have set us up so well for us to have a conversation about where to find me factors, so it has been a bit more time on this question and I normally would just because There are a lot of other listeners wondering the same thing about the way, thanks so much for your kind words, I'm so glad to know the show is helpful to you hope to see you sometime in Phoenix and now, let's talk about that problem, so you want to create some kind of customize or personalized mugs or cops or some other sort of item. How would you go about figuring out what to do so that you could perceive of competence and be able to trust that you'll receive what you pay for? while there are, of course, many ways to do. It probably wanted easiest and one that we ve seen a lot of people go through. is using the online resource Alibaba, that's just alibaba dot com,
I'd, be aba dot com and they are a global directory connecting manufacturers, factories, suppliers, wholesale businesses, retail businesses just regular people who want to own a small business or start aside, hustle or otherwise do something like what Jessica mentioned in her question now, working with a factory in getting something customize, your personalized is not Quite a simple as ordering something on Amazon or winning an auction on Ebay by nature. There's gonna be a bit more complexity to it than that, but it doesn't have to be that difficult, like Ebay listing the show for a while, you heard all kinds of people who have navigated this process and found a way to make it work. So the first thing outing I urge you to do if you spend some time on Alibaba website. They are very aware of the number one concern that allow people have, which is exactly what Jessica said like how do I know this is gonna work how do I know, I won't lose my money. How do I know it's gonna be a trustworthy supplier. Factory.
But I was just poking around and they have a huge section called trade assurance with his big headline. It says let us protect your orders from payment to delivery and basically it's in their best interest to make sure that everybody play by the rules both for the producers, as well as the buyers, because on their side, the factories that manufacturers wanna make sure that their dealing with somebody who's, honest and acting with integrity. So honest pays it I'm looking at which will link up initiatives as well. You can see all this information about their guarantee about how you can file a claim is something goes wrong about how your payment is secured by their Ty, fried system and their working with thousands of factories and manufacturers. So it's not to say that something couldn't go wrong somewhere, but the point is they have these protections in place so that you can proceed with confidence to after I looked at the trade assurance page, I decided to go through the process of seeing what it would be like to get a quote on something. Now, if you doing thing that is relatively common, like a mug, while in the process it gotta be quite simple, because there are a lot of manufacturers making monks in cups. So what I did was I just went to products at the top, and I searched mugs cups. Custom
and lo and behold, there are lots and lots of results and the results are sorted by supplier. You can see photos of a different kind of items they make. You can see the price per peace. It's right in bold texts like right
you can't miss it. You can see what the minimum order is. You can see various details, including their place of origin and the next to other stuff. You can see the name of that manufacturer. You can see how many transactions I've had in the past six months, but their average response rate is so. Basically you get all this information is very transparent. Then there's little button that says contact supplier, so you can reach out to them by email. Some of them even have a chat box. Next to it, you could actually chat in real time slot say I've got that vision to make personalized mugs. Just by scrolling, through some of these listings, I can get a lot of information really quickly. So, for example, why the ones that comes up at the top looks like it's new and it hasn't had any transactions are listed and showing transactions. It also has a fifty six percent response rate at this doesn't mean that this company is terrible, maybe they're just getting started. Maybe they're figuring out the process too.
But when I have a choice and I want to proceed with confidence and probably to look for somebody- who's been doing us a bit longer. So then I go to the next listing, and the next listing is for this regime. Commodity company they are located in mainland China, and I can see that they ve had sixteen transactions over the past six months. for more than half a million dollars. They also have a ninety four percent response rate, Then they have a little icon next to their name. That says, thirteen years to basically all that, patient gives give me a lot of confidence baby, and it's a long time they ve had a lot of money with a lot of different customers and are very responsive. My only challenge with them. is when I look at the item- custom printed, coffee, mug, the price mug is about one dollar, fifty cents, which seems pretty guide within there's a tooth. And unit minimum order? I just put this into some context for you a two thousand unit minimum order at a dollar. Fifty a unit is still pretty amazing if we think about how technology and globalization and commerce have evolved over the past couple of decades, that's a three thousand our investment to work directly with a factory in China.
Get your customize mugs. Have him say whatever you want to on em, you can print a logo. They're going ship them direct your door wherever you are still pretty great used to have to order. Ten thousand units are twenty thousand or even more, and of course you didn't have a security of going through this portal, where it has other feedback and show their transactions, and it has that trade assurance. So, as I said, that's not bad at all, but let's say I'm on an even tighter budget and I dont have three thousand dollars to spend. Ok. Well. In that case, I wanna keep looking because that supply doesn't work with less than two thousand pieces were. I suppose I could actually just reach out to them and say, like hey, I'm interested, but I can give you five hundred. What would you say and they may very well Aren't you down, but at least there's no harm in asking, or I could just scroll down to another listing and I see now, is the young king, stainless steel company also located in mainland China. They have had sixty one transactions in the past six months, They done more than three and fifty thousand dollars and sales, and they have an eighty percent response rate, so us
pretty great and then on the left. When I look at the kind of bugs they're making their monks are a little bit nicer if they have a higher cost. It's three dollars a unit, but the minimum order is only a hundred units to now like. Well. If I got the idea to do, customize mugs, and I dont have three thousand dollars. What do I have three hundred dollars? Can I order a hundred? Well, if so, am I right? Click that contact supplier button remedy chat with him a real I'm going to tell them what I want them to make an account with Ali Baba and then go from there to the best way to see how to do. This is to actually just play with it yourself. again the link all this up in the shouts, and I just use the example of monks. There are thousands of other items that you could source from this directory supporters, School comes from three m from helping, I've vaccine and in therapy development, with advanced perfectly technologies to developing an event that helps boost vaccine effectiveness, the research scientists to three m or delivering innovative healthcare solutions to help us today, and for arrested better tackle, what's next learning
three m dotcom, slash improving lives, Three m science applied to life, and just to give a couple of examples of recent episodes where people have worked with a supply. And Alibaba or otherwise than something very similar to them. With this week in one was last week, these episodes three ninety eight three, ninety four and three. Ninety till it's actually start with episode through money for now is about this guy. Who creates these men's overalls that double a sweat, pants suave rules? He called them. This wasn't a simple process because he's actually creating something new. So in this example, if I have my numbers correct, he had ordered five hundred units I've hundred of US apparel item and it cost sixteen dollars a unit to be out in shipping and design in some other cause. He had to pay something like eight to twelve thousand dollars to begin a project. Again, if you think about global commerce, it's not a house,
amount of money, but still what? If you dont? Have you don't want to spend eight twelve thousand dollars before episodes later episode? Three. Ninety eight that was about this Carpentering Quebec, who designed travel patches. We designed these patches, then of course he has to have them made in printed somewhere. In his case, his first order. It was just five hundred dollars and our recall exactly how many patches he got for his five dollars, but the point as he was able to get started actually have inventory for a much smaller amount of money. Then a third example is episode three. Ninety this is a woman who creates a purse lies brand of luck, stick and other let products now, in her case, she initially set out to manufacture this, but ass. She went down that road. She realized that's actually pretty complicated and other companies have been making lipstick for a long time. So what she decide to do was just private label, and this is where she's buying generic lipstick
a supplier in putting her own brand on it, which she called sexy, cosmetics, sexy with a capital c and our call her precise start up costs by it, also pretty low so three different stories. Three. Ninety three, ninety four and three. Ninety eight of people working with overseas manufacturers, are suppliers but doing in slightly different ways to accomplish the goals that are important to them. I know. That's a long answer actually reminds me that we should probably do a whole extended episode about this topic at some point but, like I said I, I know that there are a lot of people out there wondering about it. So hope that gives you some get first steps and, of course, will link up all the resources on a shuts page will, as I said this week, featured everything from suave rules to music therapy, a tv director who gets paid defined blog posts typos that canadian Carpenter, who said
elbow patches and, of course, the electrical engineer who becomes a romance novel cover model. I think I'm going to become one of my go to examples when I'm doing an interview- and someone says well tell us a story like give us an example of somebody who goes from one computer to another or does something for their day job, but then transforms into something different for their side hustle. I think that one is definitely a pretty solid transformation course. We have some other great stories coming up next week. I was looking at my notes just now that we have something about artificial wedding flowers. We have something about a freelance writing school, something that features an aerial performer probably a dental hygienist or something by day, I don't know will find out and of course, so much more. This episode is brought to you by blackberry, the mobile handset blackberry, so famous war was powerful because it secure today, its pairing, its trusted action with artificial intelligence and bringing the security you held in your hand to everything you touch blue very intelligent security everywhere,
just how intelligent security can be at blackberry, dot, com. It is the end of the week. It is the end of the recap, and it is the end of episode of four hundred but hey before I sign off owing to say thanks to the team, it makes this possible. It's not just me, am I talking to you, but you really does take a village released. A small village, small village with a cat then homeless, weaken Portland Oregon according to show at world domination headquarters within magically transport, those audio files Mexico City in Washington, DC where production is led by see about, as I think he's in Washington and Sarah Barracks in Mexico City, show notes and a million other things of my assistant when clinic I'll, say thanks to judge Yang as well, who is working with us in the society, putting grace with members answering questions and so on, and naturally the official show TAT Liberia. Let me kill about who, whenever the website goes down, but we don't cholera because she's a cat, not always that helpful, but fun to be around at least most of the time
this week featured a number of rejected, romance novel episode. Titles you guys I just could not decide what to call it episode, some of the ones. We really thought about it and passed on included married to the werewolf, maybe seal begging for bad boys. Give me back my shirt, rehab romance. I hate to want you and my personal favorite, mad bad and dangerous implant. My friends, I kid you not! Those are we'll titles for real bucks, we're not put them on the Amazon Vestiaire lest with the and will bump going check him out. Give my five star review thinking about that of the awesome. If you could give us, if I start with you, if you enjoy the sheriff say on Amazon, but we are an apple pie cast Spotify Sticker radio public or wherever you listen to protest, I'm very grateful to our There is for spreading the word and I think that's what. But as we rather thanks so much to you the listener. this shows for you everything that we do it for you. I want you to have a story like why the ones I tell you every day. I want you to be to figure out how to manufacture your own mugs from China. It then personalized customized or what,
there's that you wanted to maybe something totally different. That's why everyday John telling different stories so that, if you don't Like to tomorrow's, maybe you can still learn something from it. May perhaps the next day, the day after that will feature a person, our focus on an idea. Will you say that's pretty cloth? Maybe I can do that. Maybe I can do something like that: I love hearing stories of our listeners taking action starting projects if you're, something let me now think I forgot to me- the hustle hotline. Earlier, that's where I voice not get recorded. That number is eight. Fortnite hustle or just eighty four four hundred and ninety four eight hundred and seventy eight five thousand three hundred and eighteen also use your to make a voice memo and email to pack cast its side of school dotcom. Whatever is best for you, mostly you do something for yourself this week. Think about what's important. Do you ask yourself what you're doing to get closer to that Are you living by the values you believe it there's something in your way was obstacle a challenge. What can you do about? What's the next step out Moreover, I have to talk with you, then, in everyday next week with more stories and ideas are
go online every morning at six o one, a M eastern time have a if a week, I'm critical about for school.
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