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#407 - Weekly Recap: Starting a Coffee Delivery Service

In our sixth recap of Season II, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: listener Q&A! Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Hey there, hello greetings. What's up, my name is critical about this is side hustle school today is our sixth they recap of season to two thousand and eighteen going strong bring your story after story of good to people who don't have a lot of free time, but still managed to invest in themselves. Do something to advance their future, create more options for themselves and A us all if you are new welcome aside hustle is not a part time. Jobs is not just about driving put stories we feature on the show are all about people who create assets for themselves. They create that they have ownership upper. They had actual customers or clients their building, something for themselves. Even if they love their job and have no plan to quit. This is not about being an entrepreneur, even though we have a bunch entrepreneurs who listen to the show, you guys are most well
to listen and participate as well, but the people I'm making a show for every single day are those people who busy don't have much time to invest in themselves, maybe never thought about being a small business owner but again they love the idea of creating personal freedom rights. We had a number of fascinating stories may at least I found them fascinating everything from a troll, cakes woman who makes clear space time, negative comments on the internet and then, since those cakes of the people who wrote those comments, a pie cast, it make forty thousand dollars in a year. That's right. Forty thousand dollars one year, a freelance riding school and, of course, several where's over here. I continue to hear from listeners who are starting projects. This is one of the things that makes me happy estimate agreed a couple In Austria today have also got some voicemail someone or respond to. I really love to know who's out. There were you listening. And what you're working on you can see me a note from the website side: school dot com. You can just right indirectly, directly at podcast. It's out schooled outcome,
send me a little voice memo there or you can call the hustle hotline, which is eight thousand four hundred and forty nine hustle, also known as eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and forty eight seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three. The first point I want to read: you today comes from windy when he says it took me forty nine days instead of twenty seven, but I'm finally wanting my first sight. Hustle during that time clarified my product and I have a list of ten related products to launch in the near future. I keep referring back to the shopping list at sight of school dot com, such resources, to make sure I have ever. I need. I can't wait to sheriff you have. My first launched goes, have a great weak. I know I will awesome Congrats, Wendy I do hope that week is fantastic. Good luck also got a note from Christian and Holly. But who has been reading the site also book. She says: I'm loving the productivity of this book reading it slowly by design. But I've already Jenny, a foreigner dollars this month My invoices out and money is on its way. I teach them first studio and on the side, but working with the book I found it. To make way more money by running space and doing private sessions.
So excited not be launching some papa classes. When I travel for my day job in other cities, more ideas are out of me as well, which are not as immediately profitable. So I'm focusing on this one for now can't wait well, I'm only on day five awesome. Thank you so much Kristen. So glad that is helpful. She is referring to the site hustle, but From idea to income in twenty seven days and as you heard she's on data I've used may forded are so far good work. Wait to hear what happens when you make a twenty seven by the way. Speaking of bucks, I want to mention another, but the came out recently I was able to read an advance copy. I wrote an endorsement for it. This is not a business book at all, and I didn't know author before getting a book in the mail from his publisher. But I read this book and I thought it was beautiful. I've actually read it two times now because they sent me a print copy in advance version before it came out, and I took that with me on a trip and I read almost all of it, but then I think I left behind on an airplane, because you know it pretty much loose things everywhere. I go so they when it came out last week
about the electronic version as well. For my candle, that book is called here is real magic by Nate stand a fourth. It is a member of this guy from Iowa who has been working magician for the past ten or fifteen years or so travelling to come traveling the world putting on tv shows then at a certain point. Gonna gets disillusioned with his career, travels to India, to rediscover the world of wonder and magic. I want give anything else away about the story, but I'll tell you what my endorsement was. I said this book performs the most wonderful magic trick when you re you feel about entertained and hopeful once again as cod. There is real magic by night stand. A fourth, I said I don't even know this. Guy did just send it to me in the mail, and I thought it was really great support for this podcast, comes from progressive saving. Money on your car insurance is easy, with progressive. It's an average savings of seven hundred ninety six dollars for customers who switch and save in fact, customers can qualify for an average of six discounts on their auto policy with progressive, including
you can't just for starting a quota, mine or owning multiple vehicles, get your online at progressive dot com and see how much you could be saving national average annual car insurance savings by new customer surveyed who saved with progressive in twenty nineteen discounts very and are not available in all states. In situations are dimension. We got a couple of points, meals and went to respond to this. First one is from patina and she has a question about a site. Also idea. I've heard that report came from, but I love you shall I love the platform that you're bringing, but I have an idea about a copy runner operative every in a faint light,
like what number, but I'm just having trouble trying to market or break it off the ground. I dont know how to just the experimenter template from there, and that is one of the kind of you know. Maybe streamline up of many ideas like you might have helped you got some thin, maybe that I'm nothing about and welcome to his thanks. Hey Fatima great question, your awesome so glad you're out there are thinking about stuff. So my first thought on a specific idea now make some general comments as well about the specific idea, coffee delivery service, you know, on the one hand, it sounds really great because you know so many people drink coffee, and so many people are accustomed to paying a premium for it. So, on the one hand, you're like a wife and get fifty people a day paying for dollars each for their coffee, then I've got the makings of a real project here. The challenges that coffee shops, make their real money on volume. So, yes for every fourth
lotta, they sell their making three hours and fifty cents, or maybe even more so it's a great profit margin, but their serving hundreds of customers every day. To the first thing, I think when I hear copy delivery service, I wonder ok, who are the customers like where these people coming from, because most people just go to the coffee shop or they work in an office that has a coffee machine or there some other solution. Now, if you have access to some kind of market place, if you know an office building, that has a hundred people who want to for every day and their needs are not being served then. Yes, that sounds like a great opportunity to explore, but otherwise, without enough customers, it's gonna be a straw. Because even though you're gonna make three dollars and a report at Lahti, have to deliver a lot of those lattes right. So just consider that if you already thought about that concern, objection and you ve got an answer for it and great. If not, I dont think you should ignore it, not more generally speaking here, something
on a scenario that everyone can do. You can either think of your product or service first and then ask ok where those customers? How can I find those people or you can think customer first, like here's, a group of people what product or service they need? So this is kind of slipping it a little bit and in this case, if you don't have access to a hundred people who want lattes every day, who do you have access to what unmet need did they have. My problems can use offer them. How can you make their like better and how does that overlap with your skills, your experience, as well as what you by doing what do you think those lines, you might have a bit of a fast track or a shortcut to success so instead of thinking product first consider thinking customer, first or client first anyway. Good luck! Fatima! Thank you! So much worse,
decided to school? And our next car is sharing an idea. He has for a Youtube series but hear from him: hey my game, not completely County Maryland, and I have the idea of creating a youtube theory and without interview people about the job. They do because I feel like a lot about apply for a job of qualifications and job. Do it and we take a really easy, but once you get into the job- and I know that you hate it. But what does work theories to give us the look of whatever career. People might be into our some thanks for sure that James we will be hearing you on and looking for that interview series. Mightily com is a positive one, and it is that there is a logical connection between your content, your proposed topic and potential sponsorship or partnership,
to mention that there might be a demand for this kind of interviews, series we're talking to people about their jobs and like what is your career really like? What's the reality versus the perception, so, yes, it is interesting and from the side of the prospective, if you're thinking at developing a Youtube series or something like that- and you want to make money from it. It's good to ask yourself from the beginning of what are the opportunities here who might want to sponsor this or advertise on this or partner with us in some way, while for something that is about careers and jobs. While for the topic, the industry of jobs and careers, there are all kinds of potential sponsors and partners probably a third of the sponsors of this show might be interested in something like that. If you got it off the ground, if you had enough audience and so on, so it sounds like a great idea to me when it comes to doing a series like this. As you probably know, there is a lot of work required to do these things really well he's, because the quality bar is so high. These is there something very talented people out there putting in a lot of work and investment? Whenever I go to Youtube and look at stuff like men ten years ago, there is nothing like this and that Roy continues to have awkwardly quickly
But if that's your rolled in your immersed in an already- and you know it well, you got the skills, you got the passion, then fantastic, so let us know had it goes and or anybody else out there doing Youtube videos please feel free to write and let me know about your project. Maybe I can give it a shot out. We can also connected with James as well. Ok, so as missions and eclectic proof of stories the shriek per usual, I guess we never, from week to week what you gonna hear, getting notes about all sorts of projects. These days and pressure. The two most popular episodes this week were episode for a wine and episode for a four for a one. Was that story about troll cakes, internet trolls eat their words in his communicate us all. I think that was passed. We're just because of the novelty of it, as well as the fact that if anybody ever see anything mean to you on the internet, where you know that success, not nice, so to see this thriving business, they kind of gets back at these people kind of strikes back
those bullies, but in the most loving way possible by sending them a cake with their quote on. It is just a farming. I think that most people out there a good most go on the internet, who are saying ridiculous things in a comet section are not representative of the money people online we're just louder so represent a counter message but for that message in a unique way, through the creation and delivery of cakes and to make money doing that, that is a pretty cool. Trifecta least, I think so episode coarser afford this was about the business bf apps or the business bessys, who turned Skype cause into a six figure pie cast in a book deal this podcast being boss really took off. They made a hundred times.
Nor is the first year something like Twitter and fifty thousand dollars a second year. This is your three or four another well above that they got there, but coming out in a couple months in speaking of trifecta, I was thinking about this in the context of the story, because here they had a centrally three elements of success and these three elements are common in so many stories, the three elements are taking action, luck and hard work or you could say, taking action, hard work and luck. I put them in the first order, because in this story, in some ways they got lucky right away. They took action, they launched the pike
they didn't intend for it to be a moneymaker. It was just a minute or two and as a fine project, but then almost when the beginning, they got a sponsor that they can expect to get and they davy it really well in Itunes. They caught up in the rankings in that lead to more sponsorship, more listeners than they did in offline event. That they thought would bring in maybe fifteen people and seventy five people showed up and then just kept going and going from there. But even if you look at the first thing and just say what they got lucky, they got that sponsor that most people wouldn't get. Let's assume that that's true personally took action to get not place of being lucky and then. Secondly, after they got lucky, they did a lot of hard work, but they have not missed, recording a weekly episode in three years. They responding to email every single day from their community. They built a facebook group of twenty five thousand people than they shut down at Facebook group because they felt it didn't align with their values and their goals, which, as I said, the episode was a pretty bold move, because most people would just kept going so others three elements taking action, hard work and luck. You can really be responsible for to them. What you can do is to
Action in work hard in put yourself in a place where you might get lucky. If you find yourself in a lucky situation, you should ask ok, how can I keep it going? What can I do to support this success and grow even more so consider those elements, as you hear different stories and, of course, as you plan your own projects, so what's coming up next week on Saturday School, I was just looking at the notes for some of the stories we ve got a summer camp. Somebody starts a summer camp called Camp fun. You got something about fake wedding, flowers, not quite sure what that's about yet operates, not like fake news, but you say you know there are no fixed or is unsuitable school. They are all a jet and also another fulfilled by Amazon story, which tends to be popular among a certain group of our list. Some people here these stories about
by Amazon or being a reseller, and I couldn't care less like that. Does not interest me at all, whereas other people are like. That's exactly what I want to do that something I love about our community. We have people doing all kinds of different stuff. I think it also connects to the idea that aside us can be lots of different things and where the most important decisions you need to make is what are your goals? And why are you doing this? Wasn't it for you? What do you have to achieve through this process and when you have clarity on that lot of other decisions, get much easier, so stay tuned for their stories and, of course, many more we're in a close out the week here, and I wanna say thanks to some people who make this possible, what's actually start with you, wherever you are the right. Thank you for listening to the show, thank you for being parties community. Thank you for sharing it with your friends your to everyone here
in a time to leave a rating or a view that stuff actually just matter- and I appreciate it thanks for your support of our sponsors. That's sponsorship model allows the show to be free to you. We try to be deliberate and how we work responses. Most of them have special offers for you. That can be valuable, not going to say thank you to our senior producer, Ac Valdez in Washington DC brilliance, producer, Sarah Barrack, who also works on the show other folks from the patently network, Gretchen Reuben, who oversees the onward project. It is a collection of high cost, of which side of the school is proud to be part of. You can check that out. The armor project outcome shut up to my assistant in Portland Oregon when Eucharistic she handles the show notes. She worked with the writers. She worked with me I'll, be the most challenging part of the job,
and, of course, the official show cat. Let me kill about sleeping hard for fourteen hours a day so that she can be available for the night shift. We should put her on the mast head in every episode of the show. I try to say, inspiration is good, but action is even better. I want is to be a helpful resource to you. Want it to be an encouragement to be something that makes your life better. I hoped to talk with you again to Morrow and everyday next week with more store. And ideas. Are episodes go online at six hundred one a m eastern time every day I am critical about, and this is side hustle school.
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