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#410 - Government Employee Becomes Flash Mob Marriage Proposal Consultant

After receiving a “lame” marriage proposal, this former contractor sets up shop helping others create memorable proposal stories. Last year, she made a lot of people happy… and she also made $450,000.Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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recitals school listeners, friends in community, welcome back. This is critical about with you here, hey for those listening in real time. Yes, what today is it happens to be February fourteenth. You might be listening to this later, of course, but maybe you know February fourteenth is also known as well. Again, you probably know you might love this day. You might hate it. You might be indifferent, for some people might be known as happy independence Day whenever it is for you today story is a romantic one. It's a profitable romantic one course. It's about a government contractor whose disappointed and the marriage proposal she receives about that she actually decide. She can do better, not necessarily in terms of the marriage but the proposal. So she then goes out to help guys and women put together. Proposals that are guaranteed to be memorable genes
making a lot of people happy, and she also makes a lot of money. This special veto episode of cyclical school will unfold for you right up to rethink our sponsor support. Recital school comes from three m from helping dry vaccine and therapy development with advance perfectly in technologies to develop an event that helps boost vaccine effectiveness. The research scientists at three m are delivering innovative healthcare solutions to help us today and prepare us better tackle. What's next learned three m dotcom, slash improving lives, three, science applied to life. from a shovel. Ask us
career in life turned into something she never imagined. This former government contracts restarted aside. Hustle helping people create over the top merits proposals. This then became a business operating in a dozen cities and earning multiple six figures a year. It's also now spawned two related side, businesses that are also profitable. It's been quite a journey, but it all started with her own wedding proposal, one that Michel describes as lame her aspiring fiance thought she would like going on a career is it negro falls and she actually hated it? You thought they fit right and with the other passengers, but it turned out. There were all at least forty years older than them. She like the guy well enough by thought. Surely there is a better way to do this with so much riding on a right marriage proposal. Michel sensed there might be an opportunity. Her goal was to become a marriage proposal, planner opposition that didn't really exist five years ago and this starting up
She put out the word that she was for higher and if you are planning to ask somebody to marry, you she'd help you do a much better job start up costs for something like a hundred dollars. Her first client paid a whopping thirty dollars to help him draft an email to his future father in law, to ask permission to marry his daughter, but things grew from their with another client paying a couple hundred dollars. another signing up for a higher fee, fortunately her day job as that government contract or allowed for some flexibility, so she took advantage of it during slow period should work on the business she used. Her lunch breaks to make calls to clients and then work every evening before Bet ya was intense, took a lot of time, but that was the point she wanted to build. Something for herself are so what does Michel actually do while her side hustle, is called the heart bandits? The heart bandits provides propose,
package's templates effectively and complete custom proposals that range from eleven hundred dollars on up to the tens of thousands of dollars. The package's or templates are more affordable and begin at a few hundred dollars. Whether you choose a package or a custom proposal, Michel will arrange unforgettable experiences that can include a helicopter tour, a picnic in central park where a street musician approaches and just happens to sing a song only for the two of you and improper troop. It acts out a scene which ends in your proposal and much more. In fact, in starting five years ago, machine
has coordinated thousands. Yes, thousands of proposals couple over favorites include turning a major night club in LAS Vegas into a flash mob, with a singing choir complete with slide show a lady gloves and co2 cannons, as well as recreating the city of Paris, by building a nine foot, Eiffel Tower made of MOSS, hiring an accordion player, setting up a parisian cafe and even a tower of macaroons. She makes this happened by coordinating all the logistics so that the proposer, who is not always a man by the way, can focus on well proposing the main task at hand with those thousands of proposals under about Michel is clearly bringing joy to a lot of people and by the way I did ask so far. No one has said no to if you're worried about your proposal being accepted. Maybe should talk to her and in addition to
joy, happiness, true, love, macaroons, etc. Is this a profitable project, while of course it is the societal school? So what did not look like well in your one? She hustled she had to get off the ground to figure things out at the end of your two. She had made fifty thousand dollars if you There are three: it was a hundred twenty thousand dollars and she quit her job you're, for was too forty thousand dollars, and last year, at your five was four hundred and fifty thousand dollars nearly half a million dollars, this is no longer a site hustle it a booming business Jackson handles most of it herself with just one employee. I'll. Tell you about that person in a moment and she works of local vendors in all the different cities where the harp and its operates.
In addition to asking her, if anyone had ever turned down one of the proposals, I also ask her what went wrong like surely somewhere along the way something didn't work and she said well, it's like this. If something ever goes wrong on our end, the client never knows about it. We take care of it. We fix it so that everything is seamless and clients eyes. However, dealing with some clients, not all, but some can be a pain, sometimes there late. Sometimes they cancel array
Casual to last minute, sometimes they get too drunk to propose or they get drunk and end up proposing anyway, and in our proposal, video doesn't look that great one time they were filming and got photo bombed by a grumpy. Santa Claus always gonna be on the lookout for grumpy sand at the end of the year, but perhaps most interesting of ART Michel said she has had a multiple clients higher her to propose to one girl but then end up using them to propose to someone else. She also says we don't ask me questions about that, but I mentioned she has one employee. Remember that lay marriage proposal that Michel herself received kicked off this off. It turned out that she, like the guy enough to say yes, despite the poor proposal performance and in a fourth year, recite hustle he to quit his job to work on the project,
all time. It seems like he's, made up that initial lame attempt a right, well happy Valentine's day or happy independence day or happy. Let's get this day over with until tomorrow comes along day whenever it is for you take care of yourself out there. I did like a story because it's obviously a service with a pretty clear market. It can be a desperate market with people who are like man. I don't know what to do. There's so much riding on this I'm not creative. I don't know how to sing and dance. I can't think through what might be an amazing memorable experience and here's somebody who specializes in this who can do this. For me, she has a clear track record of doing it for a lot of people and by the way, also Michelle has a great website. The hearts bandit site is very well. I'm encouraged you to take a look at. It will look it up in the show notes. It's just super clear on what they do. Some really nice, visual video. You can see all these different packages and it's also easy to sign up, which is always important. Don't make it hard for people to give you their money, don't make them jump through hoops.
Have a button on your site. It says click here to give me money, maybe not phrase it exactly like that. But that's the intent, so she does all that very well. No wonder business is booming congrats to Michel Anti, her husband, who, in his own way kind of kicked off this idea several years ago. Up you to enjoy the story. Remember inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better, though shows that I mentioned are at sight of school dot com, slash for ten, it's for one zero I'll, be back tomorrow with guess what episode for eleven for one one. Thank you for listening your rockstar, I'm crystal about precisely school.
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