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#425 - College Student Pitches 300 TEDx Events, Becomes Semi-Pro Speaker

A full-time marketing director and MBA student writes to every single TEDx events in hopes of getting his first gig. He now earns $30,000 year on the side, speaking at events around the world. Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Hello and welcome. This is episode of four hundred and twenty five of scientists will school. I'm your host critical about. I have the privilege of bringing you different, true story, every day of someone who's, creating a bit more freedom for themselves, someone who's taking ownership over their lives, not necessarily becoming an entrepreneur, are necessarily quitting their job, but Whatever situation, they are in life, establishing an additional source of income so that they have the ability to do more up, what's important to them as well about its also about using the skills you already have its also about not
into debt. It's also about not taking a lot of risk, but today story features a college student who becomes a semi professional speaker all while working a full time job and also going to school full time now that we ve ever talked about this, at least not so directly on the show in a lot of surveys, report that people's number one fear is public speaking list for a lot of people, but what, if speaking, is exactly what you want to do? What, if you'd like, to get paid for it while working in other job or pursuing another career? So today, you'll hear about that student who talks his way in speaking on the TED stage, he actually speaks at twelve of them twelve tax events and then turns those experiences into aside hustle that earns an extra thirty thousand dollars a year. That's right! Thirty thousand Large a year from semi professional speaking, all while working irregular job in going to school stay tuned and I'll. Tell you how this came to be, including his unconventional and persistent habit of pitching events, this guy's pretty hard course. Let's say thanks to our sponsor and I'll. Tell you all about him
Simon TAT, is it proponent of the adage, go big or go home, and as someone who travels at least half the time, he rarely has to go home. This marketing director has turned his public speaking site hustle. Two and evenings and weakens job that allows him to travel the world for free? He credits, decide hustle with helping and find the freedom to travel. Create valuable memories and made interesting people along the way. So how does this work? What Simon has always loved watching TED talks? Each talk he watched gave him in nation to apply to his career, sometimes even his life in general. After a while, he realized he went to be up on stage too. He knew he had a story to tell, especially with his unique perspective as a person of color in again. He just didn't know how or where to start sharing it. Simon NO is unlikely for him to be selected for a main TED talk without any previous speaking, experience to the website self nominal.
Inform was not his answer. Instead, he contacted every independent tax event in the world more than three hundred. These are smaller than the main events, and he thought if he ask enough of them, one of them would say yes at the time. Simon wasn't just a full time, marking directorate non profit. He was also a full time. Mba student, the only free time you had to reach out to those events, was during his lunch break Most of those events ignored is emails. Many of them turned him down, but one event said yes was all he needed to gain momentum. He then sent more than two hundred follow up emails and was able to buck to more events that you're with experience under his belt. He use this tactic again the next year in got himself on the rostrum for four more tax events. Then he did it again and all told he's now made twelve tax experiences as both the speaker and host the publicity for maize experience has helped accelerate Simon side, Hustle tabled post the videos on Youtube and he began to be asked to lead corporate trainings opportunity speeches and sit on panels.
From all these new experiences. He keeps a Google DR folder full of ideas for his next talk. Simon is now able to earn an extra thirty thousand dollars a year in speaking generated income because he presented events in conferences around the world. He also gets free trips. In addition to that money, Not only that, when he's away, he rents out his car using a platform, cultural and earned sixty dollars a day or often enough Six dollars a month all decide hustle income came to be without any strode up expenses at all. Well, except for the cart which he guardian and the only cost was the time it took him to research events and send speaking proposals After now presenting at more than twelve hundred events around the world, sometimes several on the same day, Simon has learned a thing or two. His advice,
that any unique experience. Our memory with a lesson can be turned into an even greater story, and once you got that the next step is to find a place to share it anywhere from those tax events or rotary clubs, colleges conventions, all those things hold opportunities to get started. Once you found an event, take anything that comes your way. Your first begin giggle pallaby for free, maybe even your second, maybe even your tenth. That's ok, because the important thing is to build confidence in yourself and your ability to engage in audience. Simon got his first speaking, eggs which were free through that initial called email outrage, but you can also use Facebook sites like meet up dot com or even social media channels like Twitter Instagram, to find your first gig.
It's all about asking and persistence can't pay off, especially if you email over three hundred events like Simon did that's another thing he said emailing is free with the freedom to travel the world an early income while doing it Simon side, hustler put him in the perfect position to capitalize on both and that something to talk about. You know when it comes to the world. A motivational speaking, I tend to think, is much better to do not say. Ok, I want to be a motivational speaker. I needs better just to find something that your passionate about to find someone. You really believe in that you devote enough, maybe not your whole life, but you devote a significant portion of time and energy to innovate. You'll, be asked to speak about that. I didn't think that's a more meaningful approach than to just gonna start from ground zero and say you know. I want to be a speaker. Maybe some of that comes from my own perspective, because I never wanted to be a speaker. I was just doing things I believed in things I was passionate about in overtime. Eventually I began getting asked
detox, but I kind of came into it on the back end is opposed to saying. Like you know, I want to be the speaker on a beat up person in front of stage and we get paid for it like. That was never my ambition. However. That said I do respect the hustle and three hundred tax events, sending out all those emails to other different places and presumably he's actually putting. Time into this was not just spamming everyone, but is actually like contacting people individually group mailing. On that point, I do think it's probably more effective to find some kind of mutual contact and go through them other than just kind of reaching our call to everyone, but hey. If you dont, have a mutual kind You dont have any other way to get in and you're willing to do Nothing like that's great, obviously, that's work for him, so congrats in the house. I will be sure to check out some of your Youtube videos. I will think I was up on the show notes, page also link up. My text talk one of them anyway, a long time ago I went to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania, together with a good friend of mine, Jonathan Fields, and both of us gave our first TED talk
and mine was on the topic of your information, so I've only done two of them. I haven't done twelve like Simon has, but if you'd like to see that you can check it out on that page. Whenever you're up to you today, remember, inspiration is guided by inspiration with action is better, though, show notes online at sight of school, a dot com slashed four to five I can't wait to bring you another story tomorrow. Thank you for listening. I'm critical about four sided school.
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