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#430 - Choir Teacher Turns Music Workbooks Into Noteworthy Hustle

A passionate choir teacher on a limited budget discovers an untapped market.Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries 

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Hello, there side, hustler school friends, listeners in community, welcome back. My name is critical about. If you are listening in real time, this is episode for thirty one. Actually, not I think about this is episode for thirty, whether you're listening in real time or not, but what I was going to say If you are listening in real time today, is the last day of the side. Hustle society price savings invitation we ve been running a special offer it where you could join our online community and training programme satisfy society at a special price and that price savings goes away to Morrow. If you ve been on the fence, this is the time to come off the fence and either way come and take a look at sight of school dot com, slash society. If it's a good fit. I would love to happy in the programme, if not that's totally finest. Absolutely no pressure- and I am thrilled and privilege to produce this, for you every day, it's not going anywhere in another news. It also happens to be national Oreo day, so we can
Come together and celebrate the invention of the Oreo cookie, the was first sold unmarked, six nineteen, twelve to a grocer in Hoboken, New Jersey and, of course they continue to be sold to this day. I so what's happening recital squawk, while today I have a story that features another teacher teachers are resourceful, you guys the carpet all kinds of stuff, and in this case it's a music teacher who spends about fifty dollars to create aside hustle that now earns twenty thousand dollars a year for her consistently spending that, for at least three years now and she also create a better experience for students and a cost savings for schools and teachers. So, basically it's a win. Win, win its a story that I think illustrates several of the principles of the status movement, not just working part time working harder, but making something that people can pay. For over and over. So you can earn money why you're doing other things and if you can make the world a better place, the same time well, fantastic anyway. That stories coming up in just a moment quick little shot out to our sponsor. First support for this punk hast comes from progressive
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Aid, you might remember the workbooks that you cite read from or even if you did have music class, you might not remember them, because they were boring on a regional and unknown to most students strangely expensive, but AIR Lowell, a school choir teacher in a state of main knew how expensive they were, and it was a point of discord for her the cheaply printed books were four dollars apiece and for a school with a hundred fifty students. It would cost six hundred dollars to give each student their own work back or actually because the music programme didn't have six inner dollars a year to spend on workbooks alone. They would loans, students, the workbooks tell them. To write in them and then collect them back for the next year. There are new, there had to be another way and she couldn't stand using those same boring books one more time, so Gotta work using a musical notation program called finale and a simple word, Processor Erin, created her own set of sight. Reading exercises on our own time. There are surprised it wasn't that much trouble.
Why she had a few dozen lessons lined up for the coming year. She pitched an idea to her school, the pitch wise if they would provide the materials and let her use the binding machine. She would do the work every year before school started to put them get her school agree to give her the hundred dollars needed for the materials and the following year, was a musical success. The kids were, learning fast They were paying better attention and other teachers around town were starting to notice after making more workbooks installing them to a handful of teachers. One of Aaron's principles suggested that she saw them online. A Zbox she's already proven that the workbooks for effective and she knew that our customers would come back year after year it seemed like a no brainer Aaron also already had all the music ring files from the finale programme and she export audio files to go. If each exercise. She then set up a word press site with a simple paper by it and put all the content in a big folder and launched the practice room dot net for less than fifty dollars and then in a stunning event, Erin made her first our minds.
EL the very next day. She couldn't believe it to be clear. It wasn't a large order and the orders also did start streaming in all the time. In fact, sales came slow enough that errand didn't really tracker growth for the next year, but she was earning just enough money to keep her motivated to create new content during free time and over the summer break, and then she made another change. She decided to transition her ebooks theory into an online membership model. This change was a long time coming for customers love the content, but dealing with the hundreds of individual. Files was a bit of a nightmare. They ve been requesting a way to do the lessons and keep track of progress on line for more than a year. So using a bare bones, word: press plugin, called wishlist member errand, made it She charged sixty dollars annually for an individual membership and a hundred fifty dollars for music teachers. Her main customers who could then add an unlimited number of student accounts, so any breakdown amount. This pricing model works well for teachers If a music teacher has seventy five students that huh
Indeed, our annual fee comes out to just two dollars per student compared to traditional workbook prices, its steel and each student gets their own account to work on. It was also a little scary because Erin wasn't just selling a product anymore. She now thought behold into our customers for a full year and you didn't want to let them down. But the transition paid off Aaron doesn't remember exactly when it happened, but within a couple months she was bringing in five hundred dollars a month with the membership model the next year, her monthly average. Was just over eight hundred dollars a month with virtually no marking and for the past several years. Compared has brought digital about twenty thousand dollars annually minus about student hundred dollars a month on website expenses. The income is mostly passive, other than answering emails from time to time, but Aaron does continue to experiment and add new content once in awhile. According to her, teachers are a wealth of valuable information that can be turned into a side us all whether it's a series of creative math exercises engaging history, lessons or wacky science experiments. She believes teachers should take. Their original lesson
and try packaging them in some way. She says teachers are famous for not valuing their own worth. They dont realised what they have to offer. Fourth and value areas also preparing to raise prices for the first time, the membership will still be affordable, but hopefully shall make more money. And for her most of the income she's earned, has gone straight into her retirement account. It wasn't just a prelude for this cause future making her own music workbooks has been an extremely noteworthy endeavour. Awesome, we'll teachers are in fact resourceful eleven.
Secure how Aaron transition to the member state model instead of just doing the single product sales. Her idea was initially successful because she had it in a fight, a gap in the marketplace. These boring traditional and overpriced music workbox, but then she took it to the next level by creating that membership site which allows you to get paid more and get paid consistently, so well done. Congrats Aaron. This episode also reminds me a bit of nerd summer Camp, which we talked about in episode to ninety nine, where three teachers team up to create a summer experience for kids who are interested in sports and was a similar process in a dignified something that was missing and then actually working with the school system to make sure that they could get paid rather than all the money going to that school system. Mona check them out, if you haven't heard it before it ends
episode two hundred and ninety nine, and I hope you enjoy this one. Don't forget. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better today. Show notes, including links to Aaron's site, are at side hustle school at dot com. Four hundred and thirty S430 for the shower questions give me a call in the hustle hotline. Eight thousand four hundred and forty nine hustle at is eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and forty eight seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three thank you for listening I'll, be back tomorrow for school.
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