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#436 - It’s Not Vandalism, It’s a $15,000 Yard-Gram Hustle

A school teacher earns an extra $1,000 a month placing pink flamingos in neighbors’ yards. Yes, really! Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries 

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hello, hello, what's up, welcome back to Cyprus? Will school hey? My name is critical about and we're gonna kick off a brand new weak. Today, episode of four hundred and thirty six of the show, and despite the There were on episode, foreign and thirty, six so, while a story comes across my desk that stands out as such I've never heard it before. It just think about tat more than forty episode, yet there are still new ideas and unconventional side. I suppose that people like you are coming up with Today, naturally, as one of their stories, it just so happens that too is national plan a flower day, that's right, true story or based, but she got implant a flower, or at least this is supposed to celebrate those who do who knows, but today we can talk about planting something else It's not vandalism. It's a fifteen thousand dollars a year yard, Graham Hustle. Not even mean. Why have you ever to buy a set, a plastic, pink, flamingos and plant them and strangers ya.
Late at night? Well, of course, you have that every child's dream and in a story you'll hear how Pennsylvania teacher does exactly that actually gets paid for it. That story. Coming right up today, every answer matters were than ever before, because whether it's about health deliveries of finance, some things just can't wait. That's why is helping businesses manage millions of calls texts and chat with Watson assistant Versation Ali, I designed to help your customers finding answers. They need faster, no matter the industry, let's put smart to work, visit, IBM dot com, Watson assistant, to learn more Imagine what up on your birthday, you walk your bedroom and noticed something through the window. Wheeler closer, you see happy birthday written in
bold letters on your law and surrounded by a bunch of bright, pink plastic. Flamingos. First, you think what in the world, and then you can't help it smile. This is the experience that Anthony side, hustle yard grams, facilitate over a dozen times each month, Weiss into carbon decorate the yard? The idea for yard cramps came from Anthony's wife, one of her birthdays before they had met her friends and decorated, her yard, with pink flamingos and a personalized message board. Coming from the bustle of New York City. This idea of yard decorating was a new one for Anthony, but he couldn't get it out of his head. You thought it could be a fun, viable side hustle in their rural region, a buckskin Pennsylvania, so he set up a basic website created a pay pal invoice template, and yard, dash grams dot com a couple weeks after having the idea when he then received his first
Just a few days later, he seldom have his first display. He raised the local cut out, display company, which apparently that's a thing, blocked a profile. The local cut out display company in another. Anyway. Anthony goes there and buys twenty cow signs with long stakes and a large a frame message board many rights. The message holy cow Look who just graduated high school and set up the entire display late at night. He made a hundred and ten dollars in that first today, rental, which he thought was pretty great, Anthony in creating more displays on average. These displays cost about three hours to make Include twenty display items, a personalized message board, big 2ft letters, spelling out happy birthday or whatever the message is delivered and pick up and two full days of display time, each new display with paid off after just three rentals and the rentals, you to come in and less than a year avenue was setting up. Five displays a mind resulting in just over five dollars a month in income. Anthony is a schoolteacher.
And in less than a year he was setting up five displays a month resulting in just we're Father dollars a month, an extra income. And then winter rolled around he began to notice that the ground was harder and harder. Is the temperature dropped in the evenings hysterics? What. Longer going on their own and he couldn't do it earlier in the day, because he was a teacher and the whole point of the project was to be a surprise, so he eventually bought it well to put holes in the recipients, yard problem solved. After being opened another year, he doubled its business and began seeing an average of ten orders a month Anthony a tribute, his slow, steady success to a few things. First of all, his displays are quite noticeable. That's the They generate a lot of word of mouth buzzed. If you see a bunch of pay the main on your yard or a bunch of fate cows. Wouldn't you talk about it? Second, he began offering free yard to returning military members and anyone salary. Their hundredth birthday. This brought him some local press and a lot of respect, as you might expect of the past,
years Anthony has had a number of interesting experiences at one point. His late night visit attracted the attention of the local police department and he had to explain why he was drilling holes in someone else's yard. Another time the recipient thought the yard grant was from a former colleague stalker and she destroyed the display. It was, in fact, just a friend who had set up the art, Graham socially They paid for the damages diagrams has also facilitated some pre rewarding moments, welcome home, a young child adopted from China. He helped a husband, give a surprising gift to his terminally. Ill wife, he created a display as a memorial to a recently passed grandmother and some of his customers have even been when Europe ordering yard grams for their friends and loved ones in the United States. Anthony is still going strong, he's receiving a steady. And a fifteen year granddaughters a month. That means you spend Of late evening that are strangers house, but it also means a thousand dollars a month in additional income, he knows it would be difficult to scale. This kind of business but he's not worried about that. He's also got another
in the works is now preparing his own e book podcast and consulting business. That will help others launch. There guard decoration sign us all, you're still looking for your idea, get into the pink flamingo rental business look no further than Our group's export, you could even say it's a sign, maybe a sign of the times or if you are looking for a sign this is it well in my eye, detailed research for this episode, I've arise, I had to understand- or at least look up what a group of flamingos is called. Maybe that's a good old pop quiz question for you out there do you know what a group of commissioners has called I think I said bunch of forming goes earlier, which is admittedly generic. Then I was thinking. Ok, if I had to guess, I would say flock right, like flock of flamingos nice alliteration to it, but are you ready for it? It is, in fact a pat of flamingos is not strange. I could come up with these things anyway. There's your fine fact. The day a group of flamingos is called it.
That also its national plan a flower day. Just look at all the things you living outside school and, of course, we should say congrats to Anthony to Anthony what a crazy, creative unconventional little business itself on their some great photos on his website. We will end up in a show notes: I think it's cool now he's been doing this for a while he's making this natural transition to teaching the business, not showing other people. How to do this kind of thing. Not everything has to be scalable. It can be fun to just you know what pink flamingos in people's yards and get paid one thousand dollars for it, but also like how he's thinking beyond that, to the point where he might actually earns impassive income from this new business too, ought to follow up on that and see how it goes up you enjoy this one. Don't forget, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better defined. A flock of show. No it's for today's episode or weight. Is it a pat of show knows what to research that just come to satisfy school doc
slash for three six? Thank you for listening. I will be back tomorrow. I'm critical about precisely school.
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