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#440 - Romance Novel Expert Teaches Proofreading for $2,000/Month

Toronto book lover uses her extensive experience to teach the art of proofreading, bringing in an additional $2,000 a month. Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries 

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Support for this podcast comes from Goldman Sachs companies in the top quartile for ethnic diversity are thirty three percent more likely to have industry leading profitability and those in the top portal for John Diversity are twenty one percent more likely to perform. This data was the catalyst behind launch with G S. A five hundred million dollar investment strategy that continues to focus on increasing access to capital for women. Black Lahti, necks and other diverse entrepreneurs learn more a gps dot com slush launch with she s although they are creating so what's up welcome. This is not a score money. Miss Cristel about got another story, today, but also guess what today is, If national everything you do is right day. That is correct everything you do is right. Today I see things who is behind the national. You do is right lobby, but it sounds like a good day like it here
How do I stop and wondering? Am I making a mistake? No, of course not you right Am I going down the correct path? Absolutely because everything you do today is right You never know it tomorrow bring so enjoy this one. Today. Also, who doesn't love a good romance novel locked listeners may recall that last year we had a little special promotion for one of our sponsors. They ask me share. Some of my favorite books now is like one minute pick straight from the romance department. Naturally so I went out and identified some of my favorite titles was just looking left to some of those the greatest hit. Anyway, there was, of course reckless in Texas, the Texas Rodeo Series Book one. The soldiers email order bride. What am I favour? of all time, fried chicken and gravy a christian romance, and of course, you can forget three m kisses for maturity, It is only as you would expect for those titles, went through the roof. After being featured on the show, I bought a special copy fried chicken and gravy for ACR Producer and Whitney or content manager every rather copy several times. Just can't get enough
that enthralling story and today. What does this have to do today is episode. Well, it does actually have something to do with today's episode, because we're gonna talk. But a romance novel expert who teaches proofreading for it. Two thousand dollars a month of the regime She does not a month on a side by teaching people the art of proofreading. She is a trauma book lover who uses her extensive experience more than fifteen years as an editor, appropriate or copy There is now showing other people how to do that. So, if you'd like to get paid to read the next, fifty shades of grey or actually doesn't have to be romance. That's just kind of the theme on going with here. If you'd like to learn the art of perforating, that's what you showing people! using her scales, making extra money and building an asset for herself In fact, what status or school is all about its, not just those three m kisses, not just whatever Opening of the Texas Rodeo, just eighteen They thanks to a different sponsor, and I will bring you that story. In just a moment.
Fine Bailey loves, reading books, and is we had a knack for finding pesky typos in them she was the go to prove reader, friends and family freely, giving away her special talents until one. Day when studying media communications at university. She really she could be proud, from her eagle eyed skills after getting a graduate. Difficult in publishing. She got her first full time. Job is appropriate or at Harlequin. Leading publisher of bucks for women at article She became enamoured with stories featuring strong female leads entails of romance, which he didn't love However, it was the ninety five lifestyle, the corporate world, that cubicle routine proved to be too confining so fond. Cited to break out on her own as a. Aye, sir. She loved the flexibility it brought to what she was already passion about, reading books for living and with her background Harlequin. She quickly carve out a niche proofreading romance novels
she went out with her friends. It would get a kick out of town people. They find made money reading love stories. Of course it was a job, but still you know Mister over the years, with all the content being written for both online media and traditional media, the role of proofreading has begun to change content craters these. What more than just type o correctors. They want profiteers who can deep into the content, makes It's a highly polish peace that keeps the writers voice funds how these Yes, he was part of their development and she noticed at others, were interested in learning more about how to get into proofreading. They didn't know anything about the field. She also found at the Bilbil resources about proofreading didn't go as deep as necessary for most client needs with her fifteen years of experience as appropriate or and copy editor, and now her background, freelancer fine rely, she could teach others how to be successful in today's content, rich environment, the first step was to build on site and publish them. Free content, educating people on the role of a proprietor nor to build up her authority, luckily
Fine, her husband is a designer. The opt out with both the design oversight and business strategy bless them. Under fifty dollars, the art of proofreading was up and running Shiro blog posts, the nitty gritty appropriating life with topics like how to be approved Without a degree, she created a quiz where people can test their preferring skills and she produced a free five day. Emma course intruder proofreading that generated leads for later paid com. And after a few months have having that website up and seeing people go through the free course family. He had validation for a pay proofreading course. She decided to create proofreading pro she priests, all this, before, actually making any the content to make sure people are really interested in the goal was to prove the stepping stones that people needed to get started in the industry that we have free lifetime access to that Ten, as was a fourteen day, money back guarantee now alone. Interested in learning about providing for the first time, farmers also getting feedback other people in the industry who are already skilled proofreading, but were more interested in the freelancing aspect, took out the scheme
For preventing, in other words, but how to actually find clients, how do I make it ass, a freelancer so naturally to create an even call the ultimate guide to freelance, preferring for those who want Make a leap freelancing but weren't sure how to get started the site in both forces have not been up for just over a year and they're, bringing in an additional two thousand dollars a month in net income. Doesn't spent any money on ads. She just relies on her blog search engine optimization and at four EMA course to bring in sales. She does this imposed on Pinterest, which also brings in traffic to the site. And she plans on growing her social media efforts even more this year, he first created the site. I thought she was the sole income provider for household, while her husband was in school. Now that he's finished she plans to put more effort into it. Her next step is to create a coup. That doves deeper into what's involved with higher level, editing, skills and natural. Should focus on that billion dollar industry of romance novels pretty It sometimes truly
is worth monetizing awesome! Congratulations to fund everybody else! I encourage you to check out the art of proofreading. Even if you got it, you didn't perforating. You can see how she's put this together and what is this work by the way like wise this project successful when something like it might not be. I think it's because the topic relates passive.
To employment or to earning extra money likes hustle school does I'd. Imagine it most people who want to peripheral or capiat romance novels our bands of the genre. They can show people out to make money in a different way or in a specific way, like what she's doing that is attractive, and also imagine that most people who want to per freed or copy Romans novels our fancy, the genre you dont really go into that from the outside, or at least most people, don't perhaps something then I think fund has real authority, but she's done this for fifteen years, you can kind of clearly see how she demonstrates that authority, both in his story and, more importantly, her sight. I can go to her side just kind of having stumbled on it. You can understand really quickly who she is. What or background is why she s skill in this area, the free resources she's offering to everyone, and at last that classic model of selling information, which is the five day course does not to be five days it could be treated,
for seven days her. Whenever a bit like we had sought a school have a five days to hustle course, my go with that course, as you can actually get some helpful free information through that and if you'd like to learn more than you might wanna come and join the status of society, which is our paid online community. It's not about tricking people are pressuring people, it's about genuinely being helpful, building trust between readers and listeners or who arouses out there. Instead of creating oppressed. Systematic education. So, in short, it is a well done application of a model that is pretty classic if you had a skull or some specific knowledge in something like proofreading, probably not preferring itself, but something Early different, whatever it is, there are lessons you can learn from an apply from people are using it model in a totally different topic or field.
That's. Why how I love these kind of stories on side US law school, because, if its classic? It's because it works like when I say something classic- it's not a bad thing in anyway, so check out much more to come. Of course, as always, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better check out today. Fifty shades of shone out those are satisfied: school, a dot com slashed for forty four four zero. Thank you. So much for listing money was Chris reckless in Texas Killer BO but actually and taxes, but you know that's the name of the book in any case I'll be back tomorrow. This is beside us born.
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