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#445 - Engineer Reprograms Herself, Finds Confidence to Start Over

After two failed attempts, a software developer’s passion for web development puts her on the path to profit.   Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries 

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Allow greetings. What's I've welcome back money, Miss Cristel about this is cider school and guess what, day is at least for anybody listening along in real time today. National common courtesy day? That is correct. It today to go out and open the door for somebody or let somebody go in front of you and line or whatever opportunities for courtesy. Tumblr pine be nice out there. When I started this was the pseudo holiday, I immediately thought of my mom, who is quite literally the nicest person in the world. He realized rather grammarians out there. That may not be the precisely proper use of literally by first of all to day. Isn't national grammar day so hold those comments, but second just give it for example, if we're on vacation or otherwise we just go out to dinner at some point during the evening. My mama said: something about how the servers are so nice and it might happen after really the restaurant and shall say some like you know, that waiter was so nice,
Like your mom, like that, several brought us our food, that's what we paid for, or it's like the lift, I was so nice and were like how is he nice, mom she's like he came and pick me up, we're like yeah, that's how it works, such as job And I could go on, but you gotta get the idea very courteous, extremely polite. I have a lot from her and I often think of her in situations when I have the opportunity to show courtesy or if I'm getting will upset about something which tends to happen, because I M kind of type ay. I don't always. By the way I showed, but I tend to gonna, go back and say you know what would I go about do so? Whatever you're up to today? Think about courtesy? Think about how you can do something for someone, even if they're just doing their job, because we could all use a little courtesy and guess what else we could all use web development how's that for a SEC way, while web development is pretty big right now MRS out of school. I got him about here. So a lot of people want to learn to code, and there are a lot ways to learn to code. That doesn't mean can't be one more today stories,
a woman who works as a developer but wants to escape per day job to over previous side. Hustle attempts didn't work out, but thankfully she kept going. And three months into the new projects. She's now earning a thousand dollars a month on the side and its growing quickly. I'll tell you all. How she recovered from failure. Put her skills to good use. What initial outcome wise and what she hopes will happen. Next stated what I say thank you to today, sponsor today every answer matters within ever before, because whether it's about health deliveries of finance, some things just can't wait. Why IBM sobbing businesses manage millions of calls texts and chat with Watson assistant its Essentially I designed to help your customers finding answers. They need faster, no matter the industry, let's put smart to work, visit, IBM Dot, com, slush Watson assistant, to learn more.
Four engineer militia Macgregor has spent the past few years trying to work her way out everyday job. For first successful attempt was as a consultant working with local businesses. The second was as a life coach. Although her skill set, was well suited to both of these gigs militia, failed both times and found herself no closer quitting her ninety five job, would be side hustlers out there. This is a tough spot to find yourself in facing a failure or to failures in this case can leave you feeling defeated questioning if you're really could do this not of the same worries that Malaysia? She lost a lot of confidence and was worried about starting yet another venture, but she had something to spur on her desire for financial independence was stronger than her fear of failure. China, lifestyle, She went to live and she wasn't going to give up on it just yet, so she gave herself another chance Wait: I've been using the time around her day job as a full stack web developer to volunteer as a local teacher. Helping people are not a coat. She take students with no experience in turn them into full fledged developers
In fact, she was so good at it. She had more people requesting to be our students than she could handle inner spare time. What does that fact suggest to you, while she realized there that many people in her area of Tulsa Oklahoma, who needed help with this there had to be people all over the country, if not the world, who needed this kind of help to what it, could create an online course to help all these people learn and make some money on a side, or maybe more than just inside money. Maybe this could eventually become the path to quit that job to help deliver confidence and give it more of a chance ass militia began to set ourselves smuggles she could easily achieve. These were broken down to even smaller daily tasks by creating an email sequence? you're Melchior or outlining a module ever course. This sequential progress gave her a positive feeling ass long ass. She was moving forward. She was me Progress didn't matter how small step was not one of those first task was to give her business a name militia
show that coating could change lives and the way tat people use the internet. She came up with a name flipped coating, because when she had the idea for this business it slipped her life around. Luckily, the domain name was available and because of her experience as a web developer, she built the website herself. This would keep costs low and she could have complete control over what went into it. She built that site using word press that you can customize it. However, she wanted. It was a platform that gave her options to add useful plugins, some available shortcuts to save time. For example, instead of cutting the membership side of her website, she opted to use a plugin caught. W p member is allows people to make payments log in view the course materials and access other members only areas creating the course. Was fairly straightforward because militia already had a lot of experience teaching the subject matter. She outlined the modules added, an extra resources. She felt the students would need and then putting section, of course, together as a section on the site, students can purchase two different
it just to collect. Coating hundred dollars a month gives you access to her premium course, which comes with all the course materials and to monthly ask me anything sessions and her elite packet. Which retails at five dollars a month gives you direct access to Malaysia and some bonus packages. I have a quick comment on this pricing. By the way, I think, a hundred dollars a month is great, I think, going from hundred dollars a month: paradise amount, is a bit of a jump, tend to wonder. There should be something in between like it too. Fifty dollars a month option. That would be my suggestion. Felicia decided on pricing by looking at her competition, many people were offering free courses
that weren't enough to help someone really become a train web developer and other people were charging the equivalent of college tuition, which her target audience couldn't afford and to get. The word out about slept. Coating militia focuses on what she calls marketing with honesty, no matter what she's writing she does it as if she's talking to a friend that means avoiding any sales, talk, technical jargon or anything. She doesn't believe to be true. She found it. People respond to this well and has picked up ten students in the three months since we started her side us all initial start up. Costs were around three hours for the creation of that website, and some small spending on advertising and thanks to those ten students, she's now earning a recurring one thousand dollars a month. And by the way, you might notice that all ten of those students chose the hundred are a month option which is further evidence. Why thinks you need something between two hundred hours in five hundred dollars, but will say what she does with that places advice to anyone looking to start their side, hustle is to take it slow, but not too
So, and do your market research think about where your audience really needs and then set those small goals to help you create it? She has set herself the goal of teaching a hundred people to learn to code by the end of twenty eighteen. That would be, of course, ten thousand dollars a month, assuming all of them stayed. An ongoing basis soda, probably less than that, but if she has another priced here, of course, it could be more Josie and, whatever happens, she's happy to know she's, making a difference in the future of the online world. The difference in the future of the online world teaching people a valuable skull around a topic she loves and who knows, maybe it will lead her to quit her day, job Felicia Cycles. We'll be cheering you on Ok, what can we learn from the story, but I have a couple comments. First and perhaps most important give yourself another chance.
Malaysia had this desire to build something that would allow to quit her day. Job first attempt at work. Second attempt in work in so instead of just giving up, or instead of just continuing to try the same thing in expecting different results. She changed course and try something else: and now three months and is something else is bringing her a thousand dollars a month on the site. So if you have failed before first of all join the club at events, sometimes I ask people like who is try to start aside hustle and failed in your number. People raise their hands and then I say who is ever failed at something else and of course the whole room raises their hand, at least be honest ones. So listen give yourself another chance if you're stock, if you cut down on your side. Because I didn't work out. That's probably the number one thing you can do. Ok, and maybe the number two thing you can do is set yourself. This series of daily tasks is sequential progress that Malaysia used, saying things like ok to damage our right, my email sequence, or even just one
As for my email sequence, or I'm an outline one module my course or whatever it is these slowing steady action Really really do add up and in a sort of society which is our online community and training programme. This is what we're encouraging people to do. You can see daily posts of all kinds of people there, making this sort of daily progress and everyday their posting things like. Oh I'm running my email sequence, her, oh I'm developing the module or whatever it is that their working on, if you haven't check that out. Yet if you like an imitation, it's on the websites, I d
sport, dot, com, sly society as Souci. I e t why, but whether you're interested in that are not do set. Those small steps do work on that sequential progress due as an oasis suggest, do some research figure out what people really want and then find a way to give it to them, as essentially what she is doing is essentially what seventy people that we talk about on a shower doing in, of course, lots of different ways weighing up you enjoy the story, not forget its national common courtesy day. Let him be nice to somebody, and today show notes, are online: it satisfies school dot, com, slash for four or five. You can learn about flicked coating that word press plug in anything else that I mentioned during the show. I will, of course, be back here tomorrow with another story, for you appeal join me for it. I'm critical about foresight us will school.
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