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#447 - Public Health Employee Earns Extra $2,000/Month with Salesforce Consulting

An enterprising nonprofit employee bids for consulting contracts, earning a steady second income each month.Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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hello there good morning, good afternoon, Orkut evening, whatever the case may be, for you Actually my morning over here, as I record this episode for you, when you miss Cristel about a host of sawdust, will school and guess what today is for those listing in real time today is March twenty. Third, also known as National near Miss Day does that mean well, it means that on March twenty third nineteen, eighty nine a mountain size asteroid came within five hundred thousand mile of colliding with the earth. Having two thousand miles may not seem that close but apparently least according to astronomers, that's actually really close. Collision with his asteroid, whatever least energy, comparable to the explosion of six hundred Megaton atomic bomb. In other it's a collision would have had catastrophic effects on our planet, but fortunately it was just an your miss. That's why we're celebrating near midday
I just remember if you have been a bad day or have you got your our time? An asteroid could have collided with the earth almost thirty years ago and we might not even be around but again, fortunately, we are so. Let's put this day to good use as much question for you- and I got a story for you as well, stories about an enterprising nonprofit, employee, employee who bids for consulting contracts, earning a steady second income each month actually begins this work while she is fresh out of school, pretty young living and working in Kenya and she improve, as it goes along too, where now she's actually earning a pretty substantial income from it and she's gonna be able to use that money to support her grad school later this year. What's it all about what does she do? While there are some kind of software that are used by so many people that an entire industry exists it in a side is a book. I told the story of Dan, who is a hospital administration in Colorado who dies Microsoft, access consulting? You basically helps. Companies use this database. Software earn something like eighty two hundred dollars an hour extra from it. That's one example. Sales force or we're gonna talk about today is another example.
Sales force as a sixty billion dollar company with more than a hundred and fifty thousand corporate customers. It's easy to learn the basics of sales force by its also so complex that there's a lot master. That's what that project that site hustle is about today. The project manager who learned the software and then begins offering freelance services to help others use it to talk briefly about confidence versus overconfidence. What's the difference, what does it matter in? Why might you actually Everything you need to start your own project, let's say thank you to day, sponsor they allow to show to be free to you and then offer you all the details today. Every answer matters were than ever before, because whether it's about health deliveries of finance, some things just can't wait. That's why I began. Sobbing businesses manage millions of cars
texts and chat with Watson assistant its conversationally? I designed to help your customers finding answers. They need faster, no matter the industry, let's put smart to work, visit, IBM dot com, Slash Watson assistant, to learn more Stephanie Zimmermann is a technology project manager and a public health nonprofit in chapel he'll North Carolina. She gets to travel to all sorts of interesting places, including India, Madagascar and Liberia, wish you started her side, us all doing sales force consulting. She was living and working in Nairobi,
Kenya, her national motivation was extra cash pressure to school. She was earning a salary of just eighteen thousand dollars at the time which, even in EAST Africa didn't go far. She liked the work she did, but was feeling stressed about finances and her ability to pay off student loans.
She'd been using sales forest for that job in Kenya and she knew it offered a lot of opportunities for freelance work. There are thousands of companies worldwide, use the software, and while big corporations might have a whole team devoted to it, small companies needed to outsource at least some of the tasks of those tasks involved database worth keeping up with contacts planning, a marketing strategy. Sinning automated emails, lots of important stuff for businesses, but what could Stephanie do even though she knew the software she felt tat? She was young and inexperienced. She worried that known would hire her. While lesson learned, if you don't put yourself out there, you'll never know suddenly decided to learn ass. She went along and she was willing to start at the bottom of the freelancing ladder by the way that just a metaphor, there's not really of relenting ladder out there just to save you some time their show. What was the first step
on this proverb ladder. Seventy set up a profile on several freelancing websites, including upward dot com, and she did some research. She went to learn, first of all, what hourly rates other sales force freelancers had on their profiles and, second, how much money clients were paying for past projects in all this information is public, so a little detective work goes a long way, for instance, whenever she would apply for a job. She would go and look at the clients profile and see what they had paid for past jobs through the price herself to be around that clients. Past average rate, when she was holy neuter freelancing. She priced herself on the lower end, but she always had a personal minimum that she wouldn't go under when she started that, most twenty dollars an hour and ask your experience and competence grew. It went up the kind of work she does varies. Sometimes she has a contract for define project was set deliverables and timelines, for example, one of her career prospects for a client whose transitioning to sales force and needs their day.
From the old system imported. That's an engagement for a certain number of hours that should last for one or two months other times that contracts are much more open, ended with a client whose looking for ongoing as needed, support for those she has set hourly rate and bill, then, once a month some there may be a good amount of work and other minds not so much so she has to be aware of that fact. She fits in this project with the rest of her life. So let's talk about some money. How much it costs to start this, how much more she make. This was actually a zero dollar start up, certainly did not any cost at all other than unpaid time, and of course our time is valuable, but she's investing in herself. So she had the time spent submitting proposals and also the time she spent under charging, which was first getting started.
When she got more established, she began earning an average of one thousand to two thousand dollars a month again part time on the side. She like that you can ramp up or slow down as needed in certain periods of life. She chooses to focus less on the site hustle within other time. She picks it back up later. This fall should be going back to grad school, so she's, now actively working to build up more of a client base to be able to support herself through freelancing. Only her goal is to earn three thousand to five thousand dollars a month washes in school and she says she's on track for that She improve your skills and gain positive reviews. Stephanie raised rates on existing clients. She says it was a little bit nerve racking at first, but she went into it with the mindset that the ratio is asking for was fair and he was also okay with losing the client. If that's what happened
she's only ever lost one client from arrayed increase, and she says to be honest, it was a bad client to begin with, and yes, in fact, there are bad clients out there. That is a fact of the brilliance world. She also says: she's had some really great clients who respect her in value her and are just super nice. One of those clients works in arranging destination travel for businesses and when she was in India that client helped to arrange a free day trip for her and her sister. She did that completely as a gift, so to be clear lots of good experiences as well, so from her beginnings of feeling on confidence yet needing to me. Extra money to get away from the burden of those long payments. Seventy wasn't just inspired, she went out did something and then she went from a low hourly wage to one that is much more rewarding. She can ramp up here. What is needed even ass? She pursued Other career in public health is work gives her the security she needs. It really is the best of both worlds and another great example of how you dont have to choose between a career and aside us all
I, what can we learn from this story, but I think a lot of things and I had this thought it can be dangerous to build your business on one companies platform or software. To end this example, all the consulting Stephanie doing is built on this. Forest platform, so you could look at that and say in a wise and she liked diversifying wizened she working on other platforms or other software whatever, but my observation might take on that First of all, sales force isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but this is a huge, huge company that so many people use if it ever does go away. If there's a competitor that arises like you'll have plenty a notice, but also- and perhaps more importantly, the skills and experience that Stephanie has gained could be adapted elsewhere. If she needed to me when I say skills are not just talking about the technical skills of learning, how to do something on a computer. These are the skills of bidding for accompanies business, making a good impression, negotiating a good rate, completing the task of the project at hand in an efficient manner and then going from project a project
that feeling overwhelmed. So these of a soft skills that matter, I think, almost as much as the technical skills, perhaps in some ways more and the only way to master those kind of skills is by doing so. That's what I mean when I say that For some reason, this fell apart to Morrow she probably be able to something else like it to be able to start something else like it in much less time and it would take for somebody who's, never freelance. Before that's why what she's learned has been so valuable and just quickly before we wrapped up back to that confidence versus overconfidence thing. You know when she started, you didn't go company at all, but I think it's kind of like feeling ready. I would put
we're ready and quotes, you might ever feel ready or you might not feel ready until after you ve already started so again, as we see of an over. The key point is to say: ok, not saying I know everything I'm willing to work at a relatively low wage, it first and it's ok- to have that personal minimum, just like seventy dead, but she was willing again to invest in herself to essentially create her own security so that she can pursue this nonprofit career without stressing out without worrying about those student loans and all the other things associate that too good for her hope you enjoy the story I enjoyed telling it to you today. Show notes are in line. It satisfies school dot, com, slash for four seven ip do something today to get caught here too, the freedom you're working towards, so you can have a success story like step unease. And I ll be over here- cheering you on each day. My name is critical about recital school.
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