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#457 - Kiwi Coder Makes Extra $50,000/Year from Virtual Paintbrushes

A New Zealand-based software developer puts her digital skills to artistic use by creating virtual lettering brushes for budding digital calligraphers.   Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries 

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Hello greetings. Welcome back, listen! It is a brand new week. My name is critical about recital school, so excited to work back on a new story for you every day of someone just like you who has a day. Job has plenty of responsibilities, but yet manages to create more freedom for themselves through the form of a site. Us all. What's a side of so I'm glad you ask it isn't income generating project, it's something that makes money for you, not something that you're just working harder at, not a part time jobs, not just driving for goober or left, but actually again, something that can make money for you. Today. Story is a great example of that, but first today is also for those listening in real time. Today is national reckon aviation day, and if your listing later any day, is good to reconcile. But specifically, this is a day intended to patch up relationships,
whether to misunderstanding and unintended border action or simply and unforgiving mistake today could be added to take that step and make amends it's not too late to reach out to somebody and make a fresh start now. As I mentioned, unsubtle school is national making money day, which is action every day of the year to destroy comes to us from New Zealand. It is about a software developer there who puts her digital skills to artistic use by creating virtual lettering, brushes for budding digital calligraphy,
No, no, I said a lot right there and explain the whole thing in a story, but I just have to say first of all that I think this is fascinating. We ve talked about calligraphy a bit before, but I think we mostly talked about it in the sense of the actual pen in paper kind of clarity, but there is this whole trend. Hobby activity, pursuit, not short. The right word is of people using ipods and the apple pencil to improve their calligraphy skills and ensure their designs on line as a result of that technology and that trend there is now an aftermarket, a new market place. It didn't exist no more than a year or two ago, a people making various digital art supplies for sale, and this person, we're gonna focus on It's an extra fifty thousand dollars a year doing this again: selling digital paining, brushes or digital pens. How is such a thing possible? Well, it is because of the world we live in and it's a beautiful world so stay tuned in I'll. Tell you exactly how it works
Karen Newport, is a software engineer and New Zealand, who enjoys her day job but are editor caught day to day, work left her needing a creative outlet should always loved calligraphy, but are tiny apartment meant art supplies in canvasses, simply warning option, then twenty, sixteen that all changed. She got her First Ipad Pro and Apple pencil downloaded an app called procreate and then began lettering to her heart's content using or technical skills combined with an artistic I carry began, creating her own digital paintbrushes. To give her work the types of texture she was looking for. She loves bright, colors and watercolor effects in wanted brushes. They would capture that look and feel he created brushes using the settings within that procreate up, and they realise that other people, might find them useful to just water. She made a basic website called Ipad lettering and posted a few precious as free downloads. She thought if a hundred people download them for free. Maybe that would show there's an interest.
One week in a hundred downloads later, it was clear that there was but what people pay, because what people want for free, people are going to pay for it, not always the same thing there. Only one way to find out she posted more brushes this time with a price tag. Three hours later she our first sale she jumped up and down in her apartment, realising that she was well and truly onto something pricing. These digital items was a tricky question. She wanted the price per brush to be less than the cost of the procreate up, which is eight dollars, so she price each brush, it two dollars and fifty cents and a set of three branches for six dollars. She soon found it. People bought three sets at a time spinning eighteen dollars on their new virtual art supplies nodded. She really there is a demand. Current started spreading. The word Instagram was where she got her artistic inspiration from so that's where she had at first I shearing her beautiful lettering images with the Ipad lettering. Hashtag she quickly built up a following. She now has a hundred
Fifty three thousand followers and her hashtag has almost two hundred thousand posts Karen emphasis. Is that her success on Instagram isn't just about posting pretty pictures. She has always engage with her followers liking. Hosts and leaving comments wherever she sees lettering our work that she likes. She makes a point of answering her uterus questions to really help people with their creative journey. She feels part of the hand letter in community and certainly had a big hand and growing it. Caring brings us approach into all aspects of customer service and she I was thinking about how she can create more value. She offers free tutorials. Guiding grids and even pre brushes. She sure he's with her growing email list of thirty five thousand subscribers, who can't get enough of her ever expanding range, what about the money has allocated? What that is equally impressive over the past year Ipad lettering. Shop has brought in fifty thousand dollars with nothing spent on advertising and zero COS side of the Ipad Natural Pencil she'd already, but she says the
website she made is not perfect, but it's all she's needed to generate a significant income while hold. Down her full time. Job, in fact, care as that protectionism is the enemy when it comes to getting an income generating project off the ground. Fancy Those in websites might be nice to have, but they're, not necessary. She's founded or time is much better on the things that will offer value in the long run, for example creating those video tutorial on how to install brushes has saved her answering hundreds of questions may give customers confidence that the product works, there's plenty more to come from Ipad lettering. Karen is just found her for Lettering online course in place to start selling her here. Muttering, artwork, there's also some possibilities for affiliate marketing. He's found it linking to other lettering courses from her website, at least the ones that are run by carefully selected Clegg refers. Has provided an additional revenue stream. He's also in building up her own affiliate program. Where shall offer a commission to lettering friends who liked her website? Did you know, there's an active marketplace. Virtual art supplies for opportunities are
Nowhere and now you know, with a growing following be customers and new revenue strains on the horizon. This is ones I saw that won't be brushed aside. Opportunities really are everywhere. I mean what an interesting world we live in a market place consisting of aftermarket, add on virtual items, and Karen is male to capture this amazing worldwide community every day, she's making ensuring content and every day she can go to bed. Wake up in the morning and log in to see how many people came to a website how many people purchased her downloads, how many new posts have been made on Instagram without hashtag? I think it's a fantastic and install like these are really why I started side us all in the first place, to show people that are so many different things you can do to make money and you don't have to quit your job to do them. Remember Karen had zero start up costs,
when she had to buy that Ipad and the Apple pencil, but she was doing anyway. This was a hobby. This was something she was doing for herself and then out of that came beside us all, which is now providing what what is a full time income for a lot of people. It is also the kind of thing that seems like it's only going to grow as more more people discover this whole trend. More more people discover her that natural, organic growth at the hashtag helps a lot, as do those free tutorials that she's making. I mean, I really just think it's wonderful and Miley business comment is The bundle pricing that she's doing that is huge. She discovered early on that people were very likely to buy more than one paintbrush, which makes sense, because we're going to go to the effort to make a purchase you're going to spend two dollars and fifty cents, and you could get more if you just been a few dollars more. What you do that most people do so in choosing to bundle and choosing to offer these packages. She set this up to where Average order is a lot more than two hours and fifty cents. I think that is actually critical. I guess that's what makes it the big difference in her bottom line.
So I really think anyone who sells any kind of digital products and lots of physical products as well should do this. When an episode Some time ago about a woman who is selling nail files he's are actually physical. Now files are not virtual, now files not sure how that aftermarket would work, but when she set up some kind of farmers market the first couple days, you just saw them. One offs and then the last day she changed to a bundle of your by three and get one free, or something like that. I forget the precise details, but that, one decision that once which enable her to greatly increase, your average order size and the vast majority of people actually went for the bundle so as Europe about what you're gonna set up definite. Think about how you can sell no more to the same people increase your average order size give people what they really want is nothing manipulative about this, all its actually about helping people, I'm making it easier for them. If I went to buy something like this, I would want to see a package or a bundle, so do think about that. Do check out Karen Shop. If you get a chance, we will take it up in the show notes. Of course, those show notes. Are it
It is the school dot com, slash four five, seven! Thank you for listening to day. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed making it got much more coming up. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better. This is critical about foresight, s school.
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