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#47: Gallup Coach Creates StrengthsFinder Mugs


No two strengthsfinder profiles are the same, so a Gallup-certified coach learns to make and ship personalized mugs.

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Hey there. What's up welcome back your Let us go, my name is critical about and what are they really enjoy, is during your feedback and I'm sometimes behind my email responses fire on the rug. Usually once a month- and I tend to spend six seven at my twelve hours on a long haul flights going through. My inbox cannot digging things out when I read, I look for themes, I'm looking for common questions, common responses, different stories of yours from folks out there who are working on their hustle and that really, forms a whole direction of the show and what we do next year, like today, story it's about a gallop coach who creates personalize, mugs based off of peoples, spider profiles me was really creative and how I came up with this tale about just a moment. Support for this punk has comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars viable
ticket pay down. Your student loan treat yourself to those shoes you ve denying with progressive. You can find out. Drivers who switch and save save an average of seven hundred ninety six dollars on car insurance get your quote online at progressive dot com and see how much you can be saving national average we'll car insurance savings by new customer surveyed who saved with progressive in twenty nineteen. Transitory comes Scott matters by day Scott works as a regional sales manager for a landscape supply company in the Northeast EAST. You in the evenings he moonlight as a gallop. Certified strengths, coach, helping people under in find new jobs and create businesses that complement their strengths using gallops drinks, finder assessment, but aside us all just coaching. It's also said a creation of his called strengths, mugs, which are coffee mugs with a list of people's top five strength sky, got the idea for strength mugs when he was looking for
for his coaching clients. He started by ordering them from a generic design. It yourself website, typing in strength making where they were centred correctly and free of typos unnaturally here one for himself. Putting his own mugging passenger seat of his car, he would look at it every day on his way to work and feel a sense of pride. Now, to tell you that, a month later, he decided to turn this into a hustle, but it actually took two years So. After looking at that mug everyday for two years, Scott finally took action decided to see what else we can do with it. We found a local print shop capability of printing and fulfilling custom orders. And he created an online store, specifically targeted to people who taken the strengths. Finder assessment, Scott launches Hustle Friday afternoon, around three p m right before wrapping up for the week. He started with a facebook post on gallops call D coach, Facebook Group, where he was a member the group had about five thousand people in it need posted and occasionally before he knew he created something special. When you got his first order, just minutes
proposing a picture of his mug with a link to the store, Scott, then tweeted, selling author Michael hired, because he knew MIKE taken strings finder well, then ended up buying mugs for his entire team when you posted this with a link that lead to we're sales from Michael high followers that evening and throughout the weekend, and that was a great start It gave him the early encouragement he needed to keep going, but you had a big fear and that big fear of Scots why's that gallop wouldn't approved idea and would actually shut him down. He'd been worried about this before he started, but he didn't for permission. First, he decided to go for it now. He says one of his own strengths binder strength is self assurance which probably helped him out of it. Thanks a gallop, didn't shutting down. They began it. Recession and a couple more after that launch gallop, asking to sign a licensing agreement where he puts a trademark symbol next, strength on the mug, and he also has to provide them with the same statement and pay a rural tv which, as a percentage of sales, but the company has been his biggest supporter in
last father even began linking to his website from their own online store, since launching the hostile Drinks. Mugs has earned more than twenty five thousand dollars in sales, there's about a fifty percent profit margin after the cost of the mugs advertising, those royalties and basic website up so we can safely say is at least a thousand dollars a month and net income to Scott his biggest challenge. Westering smug has been keeping up with demand. During the holiday season, since that local print shop started falling behind it. Get problems have too much business, of course, but he says there is actually pretty stressful knowing that people one of their monks, my Christmas and he was at the mercy of Prince shop. He sought four hundred and thirty three mugs in November and December and fortunate most of them arrived in time, but that printing actually had him stop taking orders and December thirteenth because they couldn't keep up so without it, this year is goal is to have a new plan in place sure he doesn't miss out on any of those Christmas sales. He also hopes to expand strengths mode
and Australia and the UK, which are two markets that are both familiar with the strings. Finder concept me says the best part. The experience has been the satisfaction of seeing excited people. Taking pictures and sharing photos of their mugs on social media. What can we learn from this fund story? Strengths finder, And other training courses creates self identity persona where people find a source of ideas The recognition and affirmation you think about some other popular tests, like perhaps the Myers breaks test, for example, If you're not familiar, never taken the Myers breaks personality test, I think there's a free version, Look it up on the site. People tend to get really about their Myers bricks, personality type- they put it in their social media profile. There sure. You can buy ten of a big deal and strings finder and protect is especially interesting because it so personalized, there's not just for six or eight types. Every mug order is different.
There's only one and thirty, three million chance that someone has the exact same five strength in the same order as someone else. So, if you're into this culture, it's fun a mug on your desk or in your car. That reminds you what get out now, of course, the rebel in me can't help but respect Scots decision to ask for rather than permission from gallop when creating the monks, I'm sure I'll, get complaints about this, but Just imagine if he had done it the other way. It honestly they have never even got off the ground in that's because corporate structures, even if their good corporations often default to saying no to strange requests. It there's, not a process or a system for it, something it's unfamiliar to them their default answers now. So you want to find a way easy for them to say yes, show them how to be a way for them to so. What's gotten essentially after he created mugs, he write to them hey. This is already happening, I'm a big fan. This is good for you too, and that our position that
I'm not sure you would have had the same results if you went to them first before it was done so good work. Others may disagree with us God, but I agree with you and the results speak for themselves and to you Are there. They may not happen exactly like this for you. But when you listen to these stories, you begin applying these lessons to your own us all. You will see results. Member inspiration is good, but inspiration come out with action is so much better going to check out the shoulders for today's episode thrown about those drinks, mugs go to satisfy school dot com, slash forty seven, I'm critical about this- is that as well and I'll see you tomorrow is another story.
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