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#481 - Aussie Man Eats Only Potatoes for 365 Days


A man in Australia spends a year eating nothing but potatoes to conquer his food addiction. Along the way, he loses 121 pounds and gains a $1,500 a month side hustle. 

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Oh hey! Welcome back. This is critical about four cider school. I have an amazing story for you today and amazing and most unusual story. Let's say in fact today's cider story never intended to be a side hustle It wasn't a beginning strictly a personal quest and a most unusual one. Like all the stories I bring. You is a true one and it's also a crazy ones. Let's caught a crazy, true story that result in life transformation, which was the main goal of the project. That's, why did this happen? place, but I'm gonna tell you about, but then along the way, as so happens from time to time, he started making money from it. Now go and tell you what it is because there's no way the road gonna stop listing like you're, no wonder like White: how does that work is not even possible, so here's the deal. The story is about an Australian who spent a year eating nothing but potatoes. That is correct. Nothing but potatoes need. Does this to conquer his food addiction like stated
I'll tell you about it along the way he loses a hundred and twenty one pounds and eventually gains this money. Making side hustle, but also tell you about so you never know gonna get inside us courts Dagon here a story of somebody who eats potatoes and only potatoes for an entire year at the endemic gonna give. You I'm making videos and actually comes directly from his story, and I think it's gonna be helpful to a lot of people and he went out there like man. I want to make videos, but like it's so hard, and you have to be so good at it, I don't have the tools to technology or the know how well this guy figured it out, and I think his lesson is going to help somebody out there so stay tuned all about potatoes, and I want to step of making videos right after this quick. Thank you to today sponsor Support His podcast comes from progressive saving. Money on your car insurance is easy, with progressive. It's an average savings of seven hundred. Ninety six dollars for customers. Who switch and save. In fact, customers can qualify for an average of six discounts on their auto policy, with progressive included
discounts just for starting a quota, mine or owning multiple vehicles, get your quote online at progressive dot com and see how much you could be saving national average annual car insurance savings by new customer surveyed who saved with progressive in twenty nineteen discounts. Fair and are not available in all states and situations four Melbourne native Andrew Taylor, food addiction, was a real problem. At thirty six years, all the p teacher and former junior australian champion marathon cracker found himself at his heaviest and unhealthy est. We want to make a drastic change to his life, so he decided to cry new year's resolution that would transform his health
adopt one of the usual diets or hectic Jim sessions that a lot of us make on January. First, he opted for something a little more unusual Andrew wanted to treat his transformation, not as a weight loss problem, but as an addiction problem. So he decided to remove food as a stimulus altogether and instead focused on eating one food only for the entire year. What food was that, that food was the mighty potato. How did potatoes come to be the sole object of his coronary affection, armed with a degree applied science in a fascination with all things. Nutrition Andrew spent six weeks researching the perfect food before he settled on the humble spud. Despite the shunning and disrespect potatoes have received over the years as a result of their high carbohydrate count, they can also pack quite a nutritional punch and he could get all the fat protein vitamin c and iron that you need it and the high fiber content kept him feeling full and stated, or also satiated. They didn't say she hated not the same work by the way fun fact.
In January. Second, twenty sixteen and January second, twenty seventeen Andrew started what he called the potato. Only diet which relate are going to become spud fit now, and I. Hey potato, only diet, that's exactly what I mean. Ninety nine point, nine our shared with Matt Damon. You know just how vital, though seasonings can be to maintain this kind of diet. Again only potatoes told him, if you saw the film the Martian with Matt Damon, you know just how vital, though seasonings can be to maintain this gonna diet again, only potatoes told himself accountable and document is prey. As Andrew kept a video diary on Youtube? He posted daily videos, you recorded through his phone and upload them straight to his channel. There is
Oh editing evolved. It was as Ryan Basic as possible, just like many of those potatoes. This produce any barriers to him posting his videos and made the process. Super simple now come back to this, but if you're thinking of doing something with online video but Andrews clips are a testament to the fact that people will watch simple and basic videos. If the content is interesting enough, so. Where's it don't wait to start document. It is important to note that Andrew never plant on turning spite fit into a business. He just wanted away too, share. His message with anyone who cared, which, not surprisingly, perhaps turned out to be a lot of people, is Youtube Channel, started to attract attention, and, after just a few months, Andrew had developed an audience of devoted studies who get to watch his progress. They were amazed by the results losing one hundred and twenty one lb over the course of the year and the thick skin. He develops resistance when he also didn't need much light. He could be chopped and diced er oil in mash and all kinds of different ways. So many things we learned throughout the journey
Andrew was also never afraid to dig deep into the emotional aspects of his life and the challenge he talked about dealing with depression, anxiety, an addiction, this transparency and vulnerability, deepen the connection with his fans, And all the while he was eating a lotta potatoes. He ate them waffle fried Rushed in any other variation he could possibly think of. It. Wasn't long where the local media began to take notice. His story was picked up by broadcasters. You wanted to know more about the crazy man living off nothing but potatoes. This led to historic going viral. He was even mentioned in an episode of Saturday night life. That's when Andrew realise just how much interest there wasn't his quest. Of course he had some criticism as well, but you know he shook it often said taters gonna hate, When he wasn't eating potatoes Andrew was marketing his business before he even realized. He had a business. In fact, when he broke his yearlong potato fast, he didn't live
morning tv show sunrise which broadcasts historic, live across Australia to capture the attention he was getting and to ensure historic, wasn't just a flash in the potato. Pan Andor created a website. It was just a simple side. It told historian, allowed him to add blog post and eventually links to podcast episodes There was eventually apart cast, but that came later without website in Place Andrew began to look at how we could monetize the attention he was getting. The first point was obvious. Many of his followers wanted to know how to replicate this
Orange or learn from Andrew himself, so he began to create the products the people are asking for. You started with sharing free potato based recipes and detailed videos about the challenge itself. The goal there was to help him capture email addresses, so they can communicate with people over time. He did expanded into pay products, offering a twenty five dollars epoch to help people create their own spiteful challenge, as well as coaching services to people who wanted to meet with him. One on one is eventually led to Andrews spied fit challenge community, where people can join and become part of that community of other studies. Trying to conquer, detection. These products are taken endurance bud, fit to around fifteen hundred dollars a month inside it come not enough to retire on, but a pretty great amount of money for something that was never intended to be. A business of most of the press coverage has died down Andrew continues to grow this business through social media. He regularly uploads content to his blog new podcast Facebook and Youtube.
There are now hundreds of other people who have undertaken their own spiteful challenge or a similar challenge, many of them for a shorter period of time, but some for the four year again, it's a true story, a life transformation and aside hustle success. Definitely not small potatoes just to be clear. This is a true story is not April fool's day and even on April fool's day. I gave you a true story. Then too, I'm telling you guys. There are all kinds of ways to make money and, of course, the stories more about life transformation in making money. By now he's got this. Passive income is community these products, the kind on their own and he's earning more than a thousand dollars a month from it. So pretty cool, I think, actually got to. Andrea Melbourne earlier this year and he was at the event. I was doing us a butcher and I
dimension. Oh by the way, there's this guy here only eight potatoes for a year and, of course, the entire audiences like. What's that about how that works? You know, so it's the kind of thing that did immediately attracts curiosity and attention so good for him on seeing it through and losing more than a hundred pounds. Incredible, as I mentioned a quick little TIM, I'm making very ocean it might have caught in the story itself. The thing is there. There certainly is placed for these amazing well edited videos that all of us have seen and he got fantastic and people have that scale. Like my hat off to you, I think it's amazing, but I would also say for those of us who don't have that scale with the right kind of project like what Andrews doing. Nobody cares that the videos worthwhile produced or well edited he just took them from his phone up over it straight to you too, and there was something about that raw organic nature of it, that that made it interesting to people and a lot of people in subscribe
So I think maybe the lesson is not for everybody but firmly somebody out there. If even thinking about doing this have even thinking about sharing your work must even go beyond videos that save you thinking about sharing your work in some way, but you're worried that it's not well produced. You worry it's not. You know well put together. You look out you see of so many other people better at this than me where there could be a lot of value just in developing the habit of sharing in developing the habit of saying you know ETA, I'm workin on this thing, I'm on a document. It I'm an upload it and maybe so the out there who is interested in learning about it or just gonna following along? That's why twitches epic, if you haven't seen twitch it's this on my platform, it you know, people watch other people playing video games and not just playing video games. You can also what other people code now for six hours at a time or do all kinds of other stuff. You know for extended periods of time
There are things that a lot of us would say. Why would anyone want to watch somebody do that for hours on end, but it seems the answer: is a lot of people do location at least one person out there? Probably actually a lot of people out there need to take this to heart and start their project too but I would say like, as I close with a day, you know, even if you get off to a bad start right, like your losses, are small potatoes. So just keep going. Thank you for listening up, you get spite fit. Don't forget. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better. Today. Show notes, including links to everything I mentioned, are at out of school dot. Com slashed for eight wine, I'll, be back tomorrow. So much more is underway on cheering you on. This is preschool about for citizens.
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