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#485 - “Graphic Design for Dogs” Earns $84,000


A graphic designer and pet lover unleashes a side hustle that earns $84,000 a year. Dog-ear this episode! 

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Hello, hello, what's up its critical about cider, some score got a great story for you today that industry. Why you should not try to reach all the people all the time, if you most of us know into ITALY. We know that we can try to serve everybody, but it's really hard, sometimes when you're starting any project, because you think, like I've got this thing, and you know if I want to reach the most number people possible, then I have to make my market as wide as possible. The thing is when you do that it might sound like you're thinking bigger, like I want to serve everybody, but we
most. Certainly gonna end up with a lesser outcome, a response that is not what you hoped for, and so some of the people who are the most successful have a really tightly focused market today. Store illustrates this. Well, I just love story so much about a graphic designer and pet lover who only to assign hustled is on track to earn eighty four thousand dollars this year, so you're gonna dog latest episode and pay attention because it shows how a small tightly focused niche or market is a much better idea than trying to serve everyone. So quick overshot today, sponsor at my Pritchett them letting us bring the show to you for free. About this person's idea and how she made it happen stated as a full time. Graphic designer, Kyler, Pip coat knows a thing or two about branding and visual communication, and after a chance conversation with a photographer, she learned how to unleash her skills into a highly target.
Market the fulfilled her craving for a new outlet for ideas. The already worked for design studio, but Caleb decided to open her own non competitive studio on the side It was already in the business. She knew just how overwhelming the marketplace could be, but she also knew she could stand out If she could define a right focused for her ideas, Kalis thought about different audiences to target she made list. She talked to her friends. She even torture, a dog about it and that's when it hid her. It was a dog eat dog world out there, but there were no graphic designers. The targeted pet companies, the south, described crazy dog person, knew that focusing on a pet industry would mean foregoing other projects, but it would also be a sure fire way to stand out with both her design and the project she would take on. Therefore, docks designs is she called it morphed into her new site us all? She found her first client by accident as killer describes it my first class
Such a happy mistake. I happened to tell a photographer friend that I want to start my own studio, but I had actually started doing anything about it. Yet he told me that he was photographing the launch of a new pet shop the next week and offered to put me in touch with the owner. The company didn't have any branding or brochure
is so killing knew she had the right opportunity and the perfect client she rushed over after work to meet the honor who hired or on the spot after that competence. Boosting first client Callin knew she was barking up the wrong tree. She began to spinner evenings and weekends working on web design and branding for pet stores and trainers. Building your client base by reaching out to every dog related store in our area, color began to see traction as our workload picked up over time, but she also wondered: could she really be successful only working with pet companies, while thankfully, with the power of the internet, anything is possible right possible. You get it. You know, dogs at pause, ok, I'll, keep Goin College Joint, pet, related and pet, prefer Facebook groups offering her skills as a graphic designer slashed dog lover to those pet companies. Looking for a new website or fresh branding highlighted several clients through Facebook alone, we didn't want to stop there.
Called emails, became her next hot ticket to getting her foot in the door and she spent a we can't Emily. Every dog store Veterinary Office Dog Walker in dog trainer. She could find this outrage strategy paid off to the tune of twenty thousand dollars in her first year on top of a full time job. Once you launch the docks designs website and put together a business strategy that included Facebook ads in a more targeted outreach effort, she began to earn an extra seven thousand dollars a month on average, that's right, seven thousand dollars a month. Taylor is projected to earn eighty four thousand dollars this year inside hustle income alone. Like so many of our stories. Careless side- us, I wouldn't be a success- was it is now if she had waited for the perfect moment. In my notes, I have that, in quote the perfect moment, not gonna happen. She cried the fact that she lost herself into a specific target market without a plan as one of the main reasons she's been so successful since stocks as I began.
Paid off in the form of referral clients all around the country and the ability to double her income working only during evenings in some weakens when the best parts of the site, as has been the opportunity to meet other people who love dogs just as much as she does. Every client from California to New York and lots of places in between has a new great story to tell about their pet and kill us here stories. She says they're inspiring in their own ways, because many, the pet businesses she worked with began aside hustles in their own right. It's almost like a side hustle inception like the movie right taking the skills, already had has allowed killer to work in an industry that she's truly passionate about, and she hoped to turn it into a full time job at some point down the road for now she's able to combine everything she loves into one life, dogs, graphic design, the job, her side, us all
and the financial freedom that comes with it they're all rolling over into one great package that one package that one life she loves is looking quite fetching a sorry for all the dog. Puns they're just seem like the right thing to do, but if you felt it was too rough, feel free to send your complaints into the official show cat living elbow she's, not a big fan of dogs herself, so shall be on your side and I'll take off soon. It's almost time for me to say farewell, but first, you know: has life got Yonah short leash? If so, stop hounding yourself, because really anything is possible. Ok, here's one thing that I actually did wonder about entail a story is not usually a great idea to do the same thing for your side, so that you do for your day job. So I was a little bit surprised. This person is
You know a successful forty hour week, graphic designer and has aside hustle doing similar design services, and she said we talked her that Austria has been supportive, so that's great, but the reason why you dont want to do the same thing same thing for your status only because of some potential conflict with your employer. It's also because it can be hard to do I'm thing all day and and go home, and in do if a couple hours at night, she said something in our notes about how it helps the dinner. She has. This tightly focused niche for her sight, hustle and she is basically like all dogs all the time when it comes to that. That does make sense, but you still wonder a bit about doing basically the same thing during the day that you do. You know at night on the weekends whenever you have time to fit in your project, to maybe we'll go back to her and asked if she has never comments on that and if so will bring it to you in the weekly recap, but really a fantastic success. Congratulations to tailor no seven thousand dollars a month doing design services exclusively for pet companies like
said the beginning: Rhoda show that by trying to serve all the people, all the time is not good. Getting really specific, saying like this is my market. These are my people. This is the kind of work that I want to do and if you don't fit that purview, many designers. That can do that for you. But this is my lane, my stay in my lane and by doing so at least in this story, but I think, as a general rule, she and anyone else who does that is gonna, be more successful. I much more is coming up. Don't forget. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better. If you check out today shut out to get it back up the right tree. That tree is satisfied. School dot com, slash for eight five suddenly tree by the wayside, url, but in your browser, crazy how that works. Thank you so much for listening I'll be back tomorrow. This is critical about or side us.
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