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#499 - English Teacher Turns Passion for Verbs Into Online Income


In search of extra income, an ESL teacher creates a game that shows students how to use phrasal verbs. Turn it up!

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hey there, what's up this status or school money, Miss Cristel about. Let's talk today about phrases, verbs cassettes citing Fraser verbs. If you don T of a grammar. I will tell you exactly what phrases words are not that doesn't sound too exciting to you. While let's talk about how an english teacher it makes extra money, is that better? It's a story about an English, it or who turns a passion for verbs into online income. This teacher creates of rubbish students how to use those praise all verbs, she's gonna turn it up, and that will make more sense once you know, appraisal verbs are, if you dont know by the way I was researching this episode. I came across a study that showed two thirds. Teenagers and young adults. These days do not know what a floppy disc is. That's right, two thirds of teenagers and young adults don't know what a foggy disk in fact, in this study a lot of them identified the floppy just as these save icon. You know when you go to save something on your computer, like that's the floppy disk.
For any young people out there that save icon used to be an actual thing called floppy disk now? Also, same study, half of the respondents didn't know what a cassette tape poise. Last but not least, if you're cool, ever use and overhead projector. Do you remember that while some of us might remember them, but apparently they just don't exist anymore, not a good site us to start because twenty one percent of teenagers and young adults have no idea what they are. Maybe one there'll be a renaissance movement. Everyone going to vented stores to occur a wretched overhead projector, but it seems that day is not today time marches on So does our episode, so let's say thanks to today sponsor and then go straight into that story. Support for podcast comes from progressive. What would you do? It extra eight hundred dollars my plane ticket on your student loan treat yourself their shoes, you benign with progressive. You could find out Irish, who switch and save save an average of seven hundred ninety six dollars on car insurance gets. Quote online, a progressive dot com and see how much you could be saving national average.
In your car insurance savings by new customer service who saved with progressive and twenty nineteen Teaching is one of the most important professions in the world and taking it, you gave your own life and passing it on to. Others is a noble endeavour, but, as many of us know, the salary of a teacher isn't usually enough to let the high life sometimes isn't even enough to get by there's no joke. That goes teacher deserve a lot of credit. Of course, if we pay them more, they wouldn't need it. In most cases, the potential is limited to the amount of time they are physically in front of students and theirs so many hours in a day. So what do you do when you
ash on your drive, your calling doesnt align with making a lot of money when you get creative addresses the situation Alex Breaker from Fort Collins, Colorado found himself in Alex's in SL teacher at English as a second language, and he enjoys his job fact. He loves his job, its purpose for meaningful and challenging and the best of ways more than five. Is it go Alex had tried, starting aside us all, together with his brother, their goal was to create an online directory of businesses for sale. That project wasn't a big success and never made much money, but it did teach ox a few lessons and it gave him the competence to have a go at something else: So in early two thousand and seventeen he got interested in starting another project, he went back to the blackboard. Are there blackboard? Still? Maybe those are like the overhead projectors, I'm not sure Maybe he went back to the drawing board. Let's say that and after throwing around you ideas. He devised a truly unique concept, one that he was fairly certain. He could find a market for and make money with. For his second lesson and entrepreneurial classroom Alex took that go with what you know, approach
and trying to understand a new market that he knew nothing about that online directory of businesses for sale. He looked at what he was already doing: teaching English to international students. He understood those students needs better than anyone me thought he had a product idea that truly added value. He also that, product idea was truly one of a kind and have it now before? I can explain exactly what this project is. I got to give you some background here I'll. Do that with a quick english lessons of my own, by the way, apologies to all the real, yours out there. I am not an yes I'll student, but I am a high school dropout, albeit one with a masters degree is complicated and you know what else has complicated the english language, NATO speakers like myself, perhaps like you find that difficult understand. There are so many corks this language that make it tough for non native speakers and one of those courts. One of those challenges, those things that make it hard there called phrases, verbs or multi, word verbs. So take the phrase turn off like turn off the light or turn off the stove to a lot of us that sound
into it. If you turn off the light, you turn off the stuff, but english students often get tripped up, because the word turn normally means turn around like go left or right, not to turn something offer. I'd make sense. Other examples could include, come on breakdown or leave a five star review of Recital School, at least to those three examples are accurate and bite and a fine, a difficulty in phrases verbs. Had identified a huge problem. One that millions of students all over the world are struggling with Alex's idea the game of the learning process and make it easy for phrases works to stick in the minds of students. The concept he landed on was a card game. Way to make learning fine by producing random phrases. Verbs. The name of the game was phrase it, and it was here that the teacher became the student because for the first time in his life, Alex needed to have a product manufactured, he thought about doing it overseas before deciding to make it in the: U S and after a bit of research, him back
Fourth, he found someone who could make them for it and he and his start up costs were around four thousand dollars. Now it's not a small amount of money, of course, but when compared to a brick and mortar business or lots of other businesses, alot of traditional start ups, it's not a huge amount is not completely unreasonable. Show Alex did that he made his product and now he needed customers and to finally customers. He decided to first try direct sales. He may those direct sales to his colleagues, fellow English DSL teachers. That gave him a little confidence in and he spoke in a couple of yourself conferences. You would mention his product before and after the presentation It one of those conferences he sold one thousand three hundred dollars worth of phrase at games in a single day. Now he had some real validation. Sales from people outside of his direct network is SIRI. Was that you
You wanted an online site us only one of that passive income. He knew that direct sales could be a good way to test the market he figured if he could physically saw the product people when they lighted. He could find a way to scale that process online and that's exactly what happened after achieving some success. Using that direct method Alex Move to Amazon dot com, specifically, they fulfilled by Amazon Programme, where they stockier inventory placed on their website and handle the logistics. Dismay things much easier, because if you can find a winning project, something that people want Amazon will provide a steady stream of customs. Within days of listing unfulfilled by Amazon, he'd made his first few sales Alex his wife and kids celebrated in one of the best ways. I know they had a pizza delivered. I might celebrate that way. Later. Today I have been sold thing on Amazon. These days. That platform fulfilled by Amazon is the main driver of sales. For the phrase it came, the project has more than pay for itself and just a year in phrase, it is generating an average of a thousand dollars a month, a net income, mostly through Amazon sales,.
And that's not all the revenue generated from the card game enabled him to launch a new product line so from January twenty eight, Jeanne versions of the game are now available in both dice and magnet form as well Then driving even more revenue and Alex expects thanks to growth ass. In fact, while his average is a thousand dollars a month last month, he made more than three thousand dollars, The total money earned so far isn't quite enough to quit his job, but it's a good start out. Just able to supplement is teaching income while essentially teaching more students without being on the clock. Teaching can too to be his passion and he's excited to see what happens with the new versions are phrase it. This is a story that deserves more than just a passing great. Alright congratulations to Alex and thanks as well as for that lesson in praise of herbs. I did you some reading myself to make sure I knew what I was talking about and the thing is set out to meet him most about this project. Was it specificity
We know that there is a huge market of people are dying endless, I'm just like learning on some other languages as well, but this is not just a general learn, english game. It tackles the problem that a lot of student struggle with so again the specificity. I think that's why it's doing well, I think that's why it has the potential to go on and do even better, and it does lead itself an actual expansion, not just in terms of the different mediums. So he went from the car gain to the dice, came to the magnet game. But presumably there are other grammar issues like fresnel verbs there could be developed into a similar came so Alex it's not just making a one off products, even though that would be cool too. He really has the potential to make a whole Brandt here. So That's awesome and in Austria like what he did about selling it in person because it it's really trip you can sell sending in person great now. What you do is you take what you ve learned and you fuckers those f it's more on selling online because in the long run you are gonna be able to reach. So many more people selling online through fulfilled by Emma
like he's doing or through some other platform or network or just for your own website, but it often happens. Is people just start doing online thing and it doesn't go super well because they ve got something wrong in terms of the message in terms of the copy the offer made the problem that they could have solved, but they could have got more information about if they'd start with a direct sales model first. So, if Alex had done that talk at the conference and nobody like the products, you would have some information- that's helpful. You would say I need to rethink that. So I need to change something about it. But because he had validation, he was unable to move forward with confidence in doing online sales, which are now making set a thousand dollars a month or even three thousand dollars last month alone, so I can't wait to see what happens with that as well as so many of our stories that were featuring every day, I'm really excited to see all these fun things come across my desk I hope that you enjoy hearing about them as well. Don't forget. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better. When I hear about your project at some point feel free to touch base. Let me know how you're doing
today show notes are inside us will score dot com, slash for nine nine! That's for ninety nine. Almost there two five hundred, come check out of going to learn more about phrases, verbs where we just want to see Alex's project a kind of fun stuff there We got much more on the way. Thank you for drawing me I'll, be back tomorrow. Of course, my name is critical. About four cynosure spoke.
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