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#500 - Married Couple Goes From Crashed Drone To Soaring Side Hustle


A sky-high success story of a six-figure drone coaching business that begins after a man crashes a drone into a parked car in New York City. Look out! 

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Oh, my gosh hello. What's up a welcome, this is critical about this recital school and guess what today is episode number five hundred we have been going. Strong five hundred days in a row and we're not stopping. But I do want to take a moment to commemorate the occasion and say thank you so much for listening. Thank you for being part of this community, thanks to everyone who has been part of sending stories in those have been featured on the show. Those who have been part of putting the stories together on our production,
I was thinking of each weaken the recap, but I really am thankful for them every day. I'm so glad and able to do this, I'm glad it's helping people. I hope it's helping you and if you knew to satisfy school schoolboy, keep lessening because every day just like today, I've got a story of somebody perhaps like you who has a job, doesn't necessarily want to be an entrepreneur but finds a way to create freedom and opportunity, insecurity for themselves through the world of aside hustle and in most cases just like today, their creating an asset for themselves, their making something they can earn money for them while they sleep. What I do other things, something that can be part of building a future for themselves. Ok, so that's our vision and not for today story. It really is a good one. Obviously we chosen in great four five hundred. This is the story of a married couple who goes from a crashed drone to soaring side, hustle
as I was working on the story. I remembered once upon a time a long time ago. I think something like twenty years ago, I crashed a car into a bulldozer. It was my first car. I was eighteen years old and this bulldozer was parked, so it wasn't like a big threat but somehow managed across my car into it, and thankfully I was ok like you should have seen the other guy that bulldozer like he was dented. Basically, that was while my car of course was told, but I'll take that story. Another time. You'll understand why I was reminded of it when I tell you this story, so this is more important. It's our sky high success story of a six figure drone coaching business. They begins after a man, crashes has drawn into a park car in New York City, a wild, crazy and true story to Psych Oliver stories. So look out for those drones. Let's say thanks to today sponsor and then on with the show today, every answer now hours with an ever before, because whether it's about health deliveries of finance, some things just can't wait, that's
Ibm sobbing businesses manage millions of calls texts and chat with Watson assistant its conversationally. I designed to help your customers finding answers. They need faster, no matter the industry, let's put smart to work, visit, IBM, Dotcom, Slash, Watson, assistant to learn more, parliament never intended for his side hustle to become a full time. Business. In fact, Alan irregular side, hustler per ten years, had modest goals in mind when he started his website. You av coach dot com, the original plan.
But I was to make a few extra dollars on the side by reviewing concocters and drones. His favorite choice. You see Alan loves, you, abs, unmanned aerial vehicles, so my city could drone out about them for hours. Let's dive and Alan Story, because there's a lot you can learn and apply that can twenty fourteen Alan purchased his first drone with the idea doing some basic aerial photography. It was not an auspicious beginning on its maiden voyage. He crash the drawn into a car in New York City. I should also point out that it was a parked cars, although Alan assured us that that part car came out of nowhere. I know how that goes. The bulldozers story was very similar out, had seen friends built, successful review websites and drive traffic with s yo. That traffic could be monetize with affiliate offers through stores like Amazon, dot com, so envisage click, links and purchase, something on Amazon. They would get paid. Alan thought he could do the same for his new found tat.
And he decided to launch the website on a whim. It was a good idea, because drones are very high priced item with Amazon's commission structure, it's possible to make up to sixty dollars per sail on a higher price models. Alan could bring in real money if he saw even a few each month in the years before he worked for hub spot and as a hotspot consultant for his own marketing agency is he's running. The agency gave him the technical knowledge he needed to get the website up and since you can rely on its own skill set, the set up costs were practically zero, not technically speaking, the website was profitable from its first month. Be specific. When I'm talking about sky high revenue here, we're talking zero dollars and fourteen cents that's right in month, one the website made zero dollars and fourteen cents it's in times like these, that many people lose hope and move on to something else, but not Allen
he didn't lose heart. He kept working on a site over the following year, a big investment of time when into producing along form, high quality reviews. The site began, receiving more traffic business, read those reviews and then they bought drones based on his recommendations, One year later, his results were more than a bit better. You av coach generated five figures in a single minds. Most of that income came from the Amazon Associate Programme Now, you're probably expecting us to end the story here and say: well, that's great! You made five figures, but that's not the way things pan out, because in fact, that five figure month was the single largest month, he'd ever experience for affiliate sales. The sales began to decline after that, with no way of recapturing the revenue. You see, those commissions are great, but their often one and done you might make a significant commission, but then the customers gone forever. In fact,
I have no idea who the customer even is only Amazon knows so, there's no way to remark it to them and increase their lifetime value not satisfy with letting things continue to Nosedive Alan move to a higher attitude of operations. You started collecting the email addresses of his website visitors over the next few months. The website generated thousands of email addresses from people who are interested in drones. Now, here's where phase two of the plan took off Alan began talking directly to his website builders and email. Subscribers Alan knew that the best business to solve real problems and to find those problems we need to have communication with potential customers. For Alan, this revelation came with a simple email, an email with the simplest of subject lines. Can I ask you something additional questions within
Email were equally simple: why'd you sign up. What are you doing on our website? What do you want to know these emails led to several one on one conversations which often demonstrated a specific and currently unmet need a lot of drone enthusiasts out. There are needed flying education and training that they want to crash their drones depart cars on top of that many drone owners didn't even know what the laws were around plying drones, their local area. Its with this revelation that you av coach started to take off. At this point. It was made twenty fifteen, and now it had achieved enough success too wide on his agency and start working on Yogi coach full time. His wife also helped him build a prep course for those wanting to learn how to fly drones. They spent significant time putting it together, all the while keeping their customers up to date on the process. This ensure the course they created which fulfil the customers exact needs,
Prosecuting future customers excited about the product as they were, making it out in his wife work down to the wire and we're up until four a dot m the night before the launch making sure everything was perfect. This launch paid off big time. It made a lot more than zero dollars and fourteen cents early the next morning they went to breakfast and every detail that moment just asked him to Allen's memory. He could barely get through the mail because his phone was beeping, so much sale after sale is coming in all the effort, time and sweat with paying off that single product launch brought in sixty thousand dollars in sales at the very first day was two hundred and fifty new customers, and it didn't stop after day, one from a basic review website
your product, in a huge launch just two years later on in his wife, had changed their lives so where they today, one twenty seventeen their business generated six figures in income and is on track to do the same in twenty eighteen. The money earned through a failure. Sales only accounts for ten percent of our total income now and the rest comes from their training courses. In fact, they recently launched in person training programme to start to grow things even further. You could say their flying high with no end in sight and we're confident. Alan can take this business into the stratosphere, while episode five hundred congrats to Alan, a six figure drone coaching business, pretty amazing- and of course I love the transition from Amazon commissions into making his own course now. Obviously, Amazon commissions at still have a viable business, a viable site hustle for some people, but I also think about it in the nice work. If you can get a category because, just as you heard this story, it's great to do a five figure
within the next month. Like sales are down, you have no control over the customer's. You don't even know who the customers are reminds me a bit of a previous tour. We did episode. One hundred and fifty two, this guy had the idea of doing a bring a book registry like a book registrate to a baby shower or to a party or anything like that and that's interesting project as well, but it's also play depending on Amazon, sell with Amazon changes, the rules or just doesn't like you or whatever any kind of other variable, any other factor in that business can go away. We also talked more recently episode, four hundred and seventy two, the guy doing the personalized restaurant reviews, the Netflix of restaurants, where he created a special algorithm to recommend restaurants to befall the first iteration of that business was completely dependent on Google and when Google change the rules he saw, his income dropped tremendously So here's the thing if your business is dependent on a platform like Amazon or Google or Facebook or whatever, remember that it can go away at any moment. If that's, why I'm changing the rules and they just change the rules, all the time
so very wisely. Alan shifted, his focus. He still earns commissioned from time to time, but he considers those is bonus. Money. It's like call got some extra money from them. This month. But meanwhile our main revenue stories is serving as customers who have visited the site you are rather of you signed up for the emails. They are being helped through all the free information, and now we have this course for them. We all know that these people have money to prepare to spend money on drones, which are not cheap and they want to protect their investments. Of course, they want to learn how to fly the drones better and to learn how to follow the local laws and all that kind of stuff. So it really is a wonderful example of serving a specific community in providing a clear solution to their problems. And, of course, making a lot of money so great work again. Congrats to Alan Congrats to everybody out there by the way, not just him, but everybody out there who is working on their side hustle worth think about it or is planning for their future or otherwise doing something to build their own security. At really is what this is all about. You noticed that some people quit their jobs, just like Alan did in this
sorry, but he only did that when the side us was taking off in this case literally taken off into the stratosphere, as I said so there are lots of different ways to do this thing, but ultimately, one way or another it is about empowerment, is about taking ownership of your life and being able to do it's important to you. That's what I'm excited about every day. If I sound excited now it's because I've had some. A true story and also its episode. Five hundred to even if I hadn't had cocky, I think I'd still be excited ass, associate it is my privilege in my honour to bring these stories to every day. Thank you for joining me for the journey. That best is yet to come. So don't go anywhere and don't forget. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better guess. Where today shots are, they are online at sight of swill school dot com, slash five hundred, that is five. Those are out, come and say hi and social media at work. Just to me a note from saddle school dot, com, email, podcast, side, hustle school com,
carrier pigeon or a note from a drone crashing. My car, please actually have a car, so that makes that easy, but still don't crash it safe out there. My friends, my name is critical about or side on hospital.
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