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#501 - Hollywood Film Editor Optimizes Life Through Self-Care Side Hustle


Inspired by his own work/life imbalance, a film and TV editor starts a project to help his industry learn how to live more by staying present. 

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Support for this. Podcast comes from Goldman Sachs companies in the top portal, for ethnic diversity are thirty, three percent more likely to have industry leading profitability, and those in the top portal for gender diversity are twenty one percent more likely to perform. This data was the catalyst behind launch with she s a five hundred million dollar investment strategy that continues to focus on increasing access to capital for women. Black Lahti, necks and other diverse entrepreneurs learn more at GS, dot com, slash launch with yes welcome to side hustle school. My name is critical about your host. Today is episode five or one s right, we're I quit episode five or one going into the next dimension of cider stories. I'm excited about These stories every single day and telling you about Somebody out there are regular person with a real job, not a celebrity, not onto procure just somebody who wants to do
think for themselves: how did they get the idea? How do they make it happen? What are the specific outcomes? How much money do they make all that kind of stuff? Ultimately, this is about creating freedom for yourself. That's what I want you to be able to do too So here inside us go we're all about teaching through storytelling and today, story features a Hollywood film and tv editor who was feeling frustrated at his own lack of life, work, balance. Three strikes a project to help others in his industry learn how to live more by staying present. It begins as a haughty just a personal project, but when somebody suggests he consider making money from it, he thinks hey. Maybe I should make money from this and thus begins his journey to creating a new source of income. I'll, tell you all about it after this quick. Thank you to our sponsor, supported, his podcast comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars by a plane ticket pay down? Yours loan treat yourself to those shoes you ve been eyeing with progressive. You can find out
drivers who switch and save save an average of seven hundred ninety six dollars on car insurance get your quote online at present. Save dot com and see how much you can be saving national. Rich annual car insurance savings by new customer surveyed who saved with progressive in twenty nineteen is work, life balance even a real thing, Sack Arnold, a successful Hollywood film in tv editor doesn't subscribe to the idea, at least not as it commonly known, even though he was working on shows like Glee Empire unsolved and others. His days were spent sitting in dark, editing, bays and then rushing home to be with his family at night. Like many of us, He was trying to divide and compartmentalize his dates.
Rise at, even though he was spending fifty percent of his days at work and fifty percent at home. On average he felt scattered unhealthy and unhappy one spring day. He decided enough was enough. He started an email chain. He coined fitness imposed to get his fellow film on tv editors together to do fitness focused activities like hiking. It was more about starting a club than a business
I shall Emma blast with friends, but more people wanted to join, including a lot of people he didn't know. So he decided to sign up for a male champ account to help manage that list and with very little effort over the next few months he found an audience and more than five hundred people Zack relies. He was onto something one of his friends: invited sacked, come on a pod, Cassie hosted and talk about the clear need in the film industry for a better way to balance, work, life and wellness. Inspired by a suggestion from that same friend, sack decided to start his own fitness imposed podcast at first. I thought it would be just two or three episode, something short lived, but there is another surprise the pot cast caught on just like the email list. A lot of people in the industry really wanted to talk about how to make working conditions. Better Zack was inspired to make pushing
this conversation, his mission, I conferences and events. People started asking him about his podcast versus his full time, job, which gave him another pushed a charge ahead when you're so immersed. In the day to day, it could be helpful to understand a potential that others see in your work, one for it said something to sack at a conference that really changed his whole outlook. This friend asked how he was gonna, monetize beside us all, and the friend said: if you plant monetize it anything that takes this amount of time and dedication you'll have to give up in two years. It's going to be too much for you. That advice shifted the ways acts about fitness imposed. He realized that his audience would want him to continue creating. So we gotta his initial hesitation about asking for money. That's only started to do some research, the idea of knowledge, commerce or creating content and courses to teach people. Your expertise really inspired him.
He wanted to create some online teaching tools and he grew more and more excited ass. He considered the possibilities. Still there was one big problem. At least he thought there was the name of his project. Fitness imposed made sense to film editors, but not any one else. If sack was going to grow the project beyond those film editors two rebranding, he felt this change was necessary, so he renamed the site optimize yourself. Then he took the content he developed and floated into an online course format. This first course was caught move yourself. The idea help is audience, learn how to stay active during their work day, how to focus more and have more. I to enjoy their families, yard course for a hundred dollars, using a teaser page on his website to gauge interest that launch converted twenty five percent of the people on his email list and then the course of the next year. That email list grew organically to over three thousand people. He launched the move yourself course for more times each with new updates and each launch produce profits from thirty five. Dollars to just under ten thousand dollars that year,
I'd hustle that had made no money at all the previous year now brought in thirty five thousand docks. And you might be wondering how he organically grew his audience. Beyond film editors, Zack says the podcast was the biggest driver by far. Bringing on big name gas from other industries was huge and expanding his audience. People would follow a certain person, findest, pod, And then learn more about optimize yourself. Another one for the podcast is the interviews in content he creates for each episode is then sprinkle throughout his courses. Not only can he feature, interviews, advice and tips from different people. He, and also now, to the course throughout the pod cast promoting it to engage audience. Who wants to hear and learn more last year he added coaching to his side ass the skills as he created new courses. He wanted a place to test and tries methods. This help that cater his course is to help people with all different types calls for the coaching he offers a twelve we programme one hour week for twenty five hundred doubts. He has only two to three students. At a time
working within one on one setting goals and helping and take action. So far, he's coach six people bringing an additional profits of fifteen thousand dollars today is outside us. All. Monthly income varies depending on if he does a product launcher night, but in general brings at around two thousand dollars a month, which is largely passive, with the exception of those two hours of coaching he does each week. His email list is now over four thousand people and is currently developing to new courses by the way. Throughout all this process, he's been zero money on Facebook or Google, as all of us Its has been organic through those podcast listeners, free guide on his website and his courses. It really proves that great content can make your site hustle. A box office hit
The one thing I asked back about was this whole concept of work, life balance and also not a huge fan of that concept or phrase. I think it's more important to think about alignment or convergent, but I wanted to know exact meant by at his critique and his alternative The biggest thing is your mindset thing everyone needs to go after is work life presence, not balance. Whenever I work. My business, I'm only focus on a business. When I my family. I'm only focused with my family, not mix the two, so change any behaviour. Gets in the way that to refocus you might think you're balance, because you spent half your time on work and have your time with family. But you need to. Lies what behaviors you actually need to change. I know all this as I did at the wrong way. For many years I made every mistake. I was at work a holiday, and I put my kids that almost every night, but I'm still doing better in my career because of the choices not despite their choices. So that might be helpful if someone will include some of that in the show, and of course, if you want to check out zacks work and learn more about his perspective, is philosophy the work that he does to help people. You can do that as well.
One click comment here: the idea about going beyond film editors. Obviously, that's that's his vision and its working for him, but I tend to think you know lots of cases. We think that's a good idea. We always think like we ve got this group of people. This is background is the people that I relate to you, but I really want to go mainstream. I dont want to just serve fell, monetarist or whatever it is, and you can a can go beyond that, but I also think, like you know, in the show we ve seen this to a lot of sites close and even really successful. Small businesses that protest six figures, multiple six figures and beyond they dont choose to go mainstreaming back. They just kind of remained hyper focused on that initial market set course here to figure out, what's best for you from just putting out there that I don't necessarily think it's always good to expanding, go mainstream because even a name like fitness imposed, what might not make sense to some people but to the people it needs to make sense to like they get it right away, as this mighty sense, of course, and I appreciate Zack letting us here,
this project with all of you, as I said, this is episode. Five, our wine were beginning a whole new series, all kinds of stuff coming up. Don't forget. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better and those formation show notes are its high school that calm slashed five a wine go check it out. You can also get a free five sets to hustle course, maybe even a unicorn, if not a unicorn at least five times. Course, and I hope you join me again tomorrow. This is critical about four side of this work,
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