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#516 - Trip to Target Inspires Aromatic Hustle


While browsing the candle aisle at Target, a social worker discovers an illuminating opportunity to make money. 

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To cite a school, my name is critical about your host one of my favorite stories from book tour. I wrote a book called side hustle and went out about forty cities where my favorite stories, when the ones like a keep going back to you- that I did I tell em people are asking, for example, is right. I go and talk to the media is about the guy who learned to make candles by watching Youtube. There was also a very popular episode was episode. Eighty eight zero of satisfy school. So that case he was from South Carolina. I believe he was traveling in Austin Texas and realized how expensive candles can cost goes back home in says why, when a cell expensive candles, you know and then basically figured out how to do it well today, story features another candle seller but you're a baker, candlestick maker. That's another episode, it just the candles themselves, and in this case it about a social worker who takes a trip to target then goes away with the eliminating inspiration and to start and aromatic side hustle, and just like that previous episode. This would also offers a bit of a lesson in branding because there are a lot of candles in the world
if you're gonna start a candle line. Why should someone care about yours, we'll stay tuned to find out? That story is coming right up support for this fog, gas come from he D, W and Hewlett Packard Enterprise at Sea W we get modern services need to be flexible, scalable unpredictable. I predicted you'd say that Ok, what what I say next, probably but about servers, security, impressive and freaky. Three d: W can implement secure, Hewlett, Packard enterprise, gentle servers that improve speed and performance while reducing rising costs, the product of all to you, duration by C d, W people who get it. I predict a web address d, w dot com, slash hp, I'm in your mind, man, hey wants, is a full time,
she'll worker, in LOS Angeles and part time seller of candles, but the story doesn't actually start with candles. It starts with soap. You see. Tat first, product line was aromatic soaps, cheap at home she did that for a few years and enjoyed it, but it eventually lost its lustre, so she washed, That idea and moved on. Still. Idea of earning money apart from her job was appealing as a mother of to day often went to target to get things for a family which he did she found herself stopping by one I'll. In particular, this was an isle of peace and solace. It was also known as the candle I'll in his sweetly synod world. The stresses of motherhood and diaper is dissipated and she found herself enveloped in calming lavender, sweet, vanilla and earthy eucalyptus,
on a whim. Tay began experimenting with sense and making her own candles. She already know a bit about how to do it. She had made a few before for family gifts and the knowledge from the sub making venture helped her estimate cos and work with different materials. She went to launch her candle brand with at least four cents and the inspirational. Those initial sense came from thing she already loved books, tee and women's empowerment. The r and d phase was all about capturing feeling, the feeling of wonder and comfort. At the smell of a good book, the assertive go: get it attitude of women hustlers Anna, sophisticated, coming presence of a cup of tea after some experiments tat her first for candles and she put some thought into the names she called them: boss, girl, magic, dear book, quarter, big cosy, sweater and carpets dm in coffee. The last one of my favorite seize the day, but not forget the coffee.
Great idea. She built restore using the platform, big commerce and launch the brand, which he called posh candle CO on December, twenty seven two thousand sixteen. Then she immediately began to reach out to influencers on Instagram. She targeted accounts with five to ten thousand followers and sent off about twenty pitches, asking about exchanging a product for a style shot over the next month's received about ten responses and sent off ten candles, so twenty purchase and responses pretty good conversion rate. Many followers of those influencers ended up repose, your images, which began a trickle of word of mouth marketing between the initial candle materials, web hosting and influence or gifts to start up costs were just over three hundred and fifty dollars. Her first order came in a couple weeks after launch on January six. Twenty seventeen- she was ecstatic, although she also can't remember she didn't thing to celebrate, because she was so busy with the rest of her life. Speaking of that today is not shy about the challenges. She's faced working in mental health can be draining
automation, caring for two young kids. In her words, there is no balance when having a hustle anti children, because their constantly in the middle of everything I do in fact, TAT was so busy those first few months that she can't remember when she made her first thousand dollars, which is normally a big milestone for people. She does know for certain, however, that she broke ten thousand dollars and sales that June, just six months after launching several months, anti switch from commerce to shop. I, the theme options were better for her brand and there is a much larger online community for support these days. She's excited to partner with other women entrepreneurs to create personal sense, she's off looking for ways to finally move her business out of her house that she can have people around the weekends without it being a minefield of soil wax. The journey is still in its early stages, but she is lit up with enthusiasm about her decision to get started so the trick with
having a successful candle line or something similar where there are already a lot of options out there. The trick to being successful with it is not so much in the making of the candle, and I want to say it's easy to make handles. I don't know I've ever try to do it. But I dont know if taste, candles or the other guy scandals that we talked about are you know the best candles in the world in terms of their quality and craftsmanship? Perhaps they are, but my sense from looking at it from the outside. Is that the trick with it? The reason why their successful is the branding? But yes, of course you have to get product that's first and foremost, but there are probably a lot of people with good candles, Yorick selling out of them. I think the trick really is branding like the emphasis of like you know why these candles, who are they for what is different about them? What's unusual, how can your candles become somewhat of a statement, peace and in making decisions as also gonna determine your market? So I take a look at tat side, posh, candle codec com, which of course, will link up
the shone out. You can see Oliver products there and they are well designed in package, as I would expect. She's got some good photos of them and even the names of some of her candles can have given indication about her market. So she's got a candle called blog like a boss. You're, not gonna, buy the blog like a boss candle, if you're, not a blogger, going to give it to someone is a gift who's, not a blogger. Writer she's got one called boss girl magic she's got one called black girl magic. Neither those would probably make sense on my desk, but, on the other hand, carpet demon coffee like I would love to have that same year, so making a good product first like must not leave that out, because that is important, but then clearly thinking about the brand and the market and then her case being really specific about the market. By going out to these people on Instagram, with five to ten thousand followers, which is a decent amount of followers. But it's not huge
I think, it's smart to, because if you go to someone with two hundred thousand followers they're, probably not just going to post your product for free all right and lastly, a reminder if you're bored with something move on so in this story, take could have kept making. So that was your previous side hustle, but she was born with it. So you know she wash your hands and moved on and I think that's totally. Okay. In fact, I think that's the right thing to do. I don't know the details of that business, but I'm guessing it wasn't making a million dollars if you're side so is particularly lucrative or otherwise a huge success than it might be more complicated to make that decision. I still think in a long term you shouldn't you something you're not excited about, but assuming it was just you know a particular kind of side, also making some money, but not a ton of it on a case, if you're bored, you should deafening move on because his all kinds of things that you could do, she might well put your energy and attention and limited resources, especially for someone like tea with two kids and full time. Job as a social worker like your time is limited, so do something that you want to do something that matters to you,
something for your future, which is exactly what side of those who is all about. So often grass to her be sure to check out her photos on Instagram or check out the shop which, of course will link up. I don't forget Inspiration is good, but the inspiration with action is so much better. Police units are inside us was blue dot com, slash five! Sixteen is five one: six, if you listening to I'll, be back tomorrow with more my name is critical about four side. Us war.
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