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#520 - Civil Engineer Sells Everything but Kitchen Sink, Moves to Bali, Employs 100 People


After a civil engineer learns the ropes of using Fulfilled by Amazon, he moves to Bali with his wife, builds an extension to help him find products, and turns what he's learned into a business that employs 100 people and serves 100,000 users. 

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There, what's a welcome to side, will score. My name is critical about very excited to begin a new weak with you. Thank you so much worsening of being part of the show for those who are new every week on the show or really every day and telling different stories of people who are creating freedom for themselves, these people don't necessarily want to become full time entrepreneurs, although what stay tuned story because he actually does, but in most cases it's just regular people a day jobs who want to make more. For themselves. They want to have an additional source of income. They know they don't want to rely on their paycheck forever released. They dont want to rely on a corporation forever, and I also believe that, even if they dont want to be a business owner, there really is something out there. They can do something they can make for themselves that will bring in money From their paycheck right, so as we begin in a week, there's a lot going out today. Story: here's how I describe it in the summary that appears in your podcast feed
it says, after a civil engineer, implored out, learns to sell hooded, baby robes on Amazon dot com. He moves to Bali with his wife, where he built an apt to help him find more products. This apt and turns into a business that goes on to employ eighty people and serves a hundred thousand users. Ok, so I said a lot going on there. We dont feature a ton of stories about businesses that employ eighty people and serve a hundred thousand users, but is still very much fits our formulate because this whole project started as a site. Hustle So you never know what's going to happen once you go down that road after suing your idea, if you got a big dream, you know who knows like. I don't think this guy planned on creating this business, which were going to hear about in just a moment and talk a bit about fulfilled by Amazon This is the way that you can sell all kinds of items to literally millions of people across the United States and elsewhere, like elsewhere in the world that uses Amazon, dot com, so state aid going to tell you all about this crazy story from start to finish. Also, gonna give you some tips if you're interested in doing fulfilled by Amazon, yourself or other bookselling, and all that is coming up.
This quick, thank you to our sponsor Greg Mercer has always been a tinkerer with a mind for business. At ten years old he painted and sole acorns outside hustle was not highly profitable, but the next one got more traction age. Fourteen he launched head key. Can he for motorized tutors, yet enough traffic on his website that he was proud to receive a cease and desist letter from go bad, a giant and the industry is shut down, didn't damper. His spirits continue to learn after school and experiment wherever he could, but like so many of us, draw a regular job eventually began to overshadow his entrepreneurial spirit. So when great graduated from college, he took a job as a corporate civil engineer in Pensacola Florida and for all
He was happy, he had a reliable salary. He was working with talented professionals and even got to go back to that. Well, Rick's, once in a while, but the sense of satisfaction didn't last long. Gregg quickly found himself dreaming of sight hustles after work, then he found himself trimming of cider cells during work. So in twenty thirteen Gregg started selling wholesale items on Amazon dot com. What was he selling while one of its most popular items? Hooded, baby rubs. Next question: why baby rubs, while Gregg spend a lot of time browsing on Amazon? He would look at various sub categories and he would check on strong sales rankings to determine if any particular item was hot and then see if he could acquire that, I am somehow to recite for a profit. It turned out that those baby ropes were commodity. Those in other items became all you can think about, and he knew he couldn't state as corporate job. Her long Gregg and his wife Elizabeth were eating to explore in venture. They continue to grow the Amazon business except they quit their jobs, sold everything and moved to Bali, Indonesia.
It now about little. Business is interesting as it is isn't what our story today is about, because there were there while he was working on this business scrolling few pages on Amazon, creating complex, excel spreadsheets doing about it. And going through. All the data to find products to sell was difficult and confusing grandfather. To be a better way. He dreamed of an app We organise and analyze the data that was already available across Amazon dot com. You figure that, if he's a man Mary tool could crawl and digest that data onto a single page. You could speed up his product discovery time for medically. The only thing was that Greg had no idea how to code anything. So in January, two thousand and fifteen, you drop his plan and found a freelance developer on yeah for higher site. You pay the developer. One thousand dollars to make the most basic part of his idea come to life as the software is starting to become functional. Gregg made a quick, video and posted on read it. He mentioned that he was thinking of releasing his new tool for sale, and you want to know if anybody else wanted it over a hundred people
I've been there emails to opt in on his video page and just like that, he had his launch list. The tool was called jungle scout and one month later, the jungle, Scott Extension for Google Chrome, was released. Grex set the price at sixty seven dollars. His goal was to sell ten copies to help offset the costs of development. Any dead on the first day still is awesome. If that was the sales didn't keep up the next couple days. Gregg tried Facebook ads and they didn't work. He try blogging, but writing just wasn't his trunk suit. Then one of his first customers ass great a demo the product, for Spock groupie managed they did a weapon, our four hundred folks and got ten more sales. This was the winner.
Women are the most effective method for getting jungle. Scouts sales Greg's idea was validated, but it wasn't finished. Yet he got in touch with his users for feedback built out more features in the Chrome extension and saw sales continue to climb, as he released more weapon ares and made twenty fifteen Gregg hired a developer and a marketer together, the small team started creating a web based app and had a potential to be much more powerful than that Chrome extension. That's a timber. The jungle Scott web was launched a subscription based software as a service in the software is a service road users pay monthly. So, unlike the one time, sales with chrome extensions recurring revenue with sustainable. They thought that revenue Craig hired a few more people than a few more many of these new developers and designers were living in Vancouver, Canada, so great travel there and found a small office space for his team to work together in. You do the same thing for his employees and Austin Texas, and he knows about that.
Internet moving their themselves. Despite the rapid growth, not everything in the jungle was right for the picking Greg. He spent months working on a new email marketing out for Amazon sellers called review. Kick the two would help sellers game refused by offering incentives to buyers either with free or discuss products weeks after they launched the tool and twenty sixteen amazon dot com terms of service changed and the site band incentivize reviews many of the tools, users face penalties and it was a hard blow to jungle, scouts, hard work. They had to stop selling subscription. So the app re imagine the value of the tour and then relaunch under the name jumps end with a new compliant process for email marketing, business continue to grow and twenty sixteen Gregg launched the first million dollar case study. His idea was to create a product, sell it on Amazon, dot, com and document each step of the journey. It was a way for him to continue selling products just ass. He had started
turned out to be an excellent content, marketing tool. It also generated over thirty thousand dollars, which was donated to doctors without borders. That case study became the number one source of growth for jungle scout, so Gregg did it again and twenty seventeen, except this tiny partner with pencils, a promise Gregg likes to say that his success is pretty simple. He made something that solved the problem. He continued to improve that product according to his customers feedback and he grew organically. He had no outside finding no big started budget, just a good idea that was fundamentally sound, As an early twenty eighteen jungle scout, has eighty employees a hundred thousand paying users and aims to open five school through pencils promised this year. All the while Regular Elizabeth now live in Austin for much of the time, but still travel a lot and work remotely their goal. Moving forward is just to keep doing what they're doing now growth of their site, I now a healthy midst eyes. Company has enabled them to live a life that works for them.
When also help as many people as possible at she that sense of accomplishment and personal freedom. Indeed, a grandsire docile success and it all started with sewing. Baby robes on Amazon, I'm sure there are many lessons to learn from this story, so perhaps we will revisit it at some point could be a great extended kind, just like we ve done with some of our other popular episodes, for example, Mr Adam actually know what his eighty employees do.
Seems like a high number. But of course they have a hundred thousand users to support. So I suppose it makes sense. It definitely is amazing how he's grown this from his own side, hustle being able to relocate to Bali and then turning it into this very sustainable business. That's now supporting a lot of people. Ask those baby rubs like when it comes to using the fulfilled by Amazon model or just selling on Amazon in general. Sometimes this strangest items or the weirdest items are the best sellers. When I say weird. I don't necessarily mean like strange. I just mean some things you wouldn't know, my think of. If you think hey, what do you want to sell online? Most people wouldn't say I want to sell hooded baby robes, but with a better research, you can go into the same kind of thing that he did when he was getting started. Looking through all the various sub categories on Amazon, trying to see what selling, which you can tell more or less based on the sales ranking they're. All this information is public. Then you can figure out how to get that item which we talked about. Another episode in terms of using Papa using other directories, putting away to import that item, or otherwise, a quiet and depending on how you structure this business,
You can often do it in a way where you never actually handle any of the inventory. So you never even see it. This topic, something that a lot of our listeners have ask about in a lot of our listeners are trying in different ways so, of course, and our children's page owing to link up a bunch of resources. Several past episodes of covered this topic, as well as a link to jungle. Scott, of course, this software, the service that Gregg developed, So if this whole site us a model, is something you're interested in, maybe come and take a look and see that might work for you until next time. I hope you enjoy the jungle scout story. Not forget. Inspiration is guide but inspiration. What action is so much better? There's no notes I mentioned are online: it satisfies for dot com, slash five, zero episode, five, twenty nine people, We got a great risk that we come up with, am about for citizens.
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