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#528 - Wanderlust Inspires $3,000/Month Side Hustle


Strategy consultants turn a round-the-world trip into inspiration for passive income. 

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No one likes to feel stack, especially by your cloud, but the IBM cloud is the most open and secure public cloud for business. It can manage all your absent data anywhere. Smart loves problems, IBM, let's put smart to work IBM, dot, com, slash, flexible What's up welcome! This is critical about. Let's talk for a minute about the different audiences, accidental school, ok, so I made a decision early on and of starting this daily programme approximately. What is it five hundred twenty three days ago that we're going to focus on a specific type of person specific listener, because there's all kinds of Pike S out there? If you want to listen to somebody's ninety minute interviews, all about how they grew up their favorite ice cream, the first person they kissed lots of opportunity to do that elsewhere. I want to think about people who were really busy didn't necessarily want to be full time. Entrepreneurs are, they typically had a Jew,
and in a lot of cases, actually like the job, but they wanted to create more freedom for themselves. They want to create more security. They understood that the world was changing or had changed, and I don't know just rely on a company. They want to align themselves, they want to be able Have more than one source of income, regardless of what they ultimately end up doing an for approximately five and twenty three days, like that's the person that I've had in mind for the most part, they dont have a lot of free time, but they want to invest in themselves. They wanna be part of this new economy, but they don't always connect with these messages about Hake like go quite your job, take a bunch of risk, put everything you onto a backpack and then travel the world full time. You know. That's! That's gonna become a bit of it
our culture in recent years. So, even though I love to travel part of my story, my road view, my experience has been this quest to go to every country in the world, and I continue to go to lots different places, I'm actually mindful of people who are in a different position most the time to make the show, however, that there is no doubt that there are some folks out there. I get Emil's from people all the time who aren't satisfied in their jobs are either because their job suck, which was just be honest, a lot of jobs, suck or because there's nothing wrong with the job her say, but they just want something different for themselves like they do actually want to build bridge to freedom they doing to escape their current situation and create something new, perhaps something that allows them to hang onto the world go wherever they want start a project in and use that project to make money, as they travel So all that to say this story today is for our group of people who do want to escape. You want to do that for themselves and I would say, even not you, even if your more
like no more of the first group of people like I don't necessarily want to back back full time or whatever. But the lessons are the same. Like the lessons of starting a lot of these kinds of projects, same regardless of what your desired outcome is. Regardless of your goal, that's a big part of while making a shout, because I want to say it universally applicable, but I do think the lessons apply to a lot of different people. So whatever your situation is, you can learn from people who are creating products and services and finding a way to get those out to the world. So today story is about a married couple who turn around the world trip into inspiration for a passive income side. Us all decide us list. Learning about three thousand dollars a month for them, so quick little shut out to our sponsor and then on. What the show can way to bring it here for a long time.
Chill out and his wife, Jan Selling, half their possessions ending a lease on their apartment and setting off to visit. Fifteen countries in eight months was a transformative experience when they got back there. I wasn't, even as I thought about their return to real life during their trip. They knew that a night I've job was not gonna be fulfilling in the long term. They needed more than a commute, a desk and a feeling of living for the weekend, but of course, life happens. Both need to be paid, so they went back. The desk life Rolando and strategy and innovation and generous and management consultant, while their trip they had started to brainstorm ways to make money outside their job and the more they thought about, the more they realise there are motivated by the idea of inspiring others to travel and live adventurous Lee, and so, after those eight months of travel across five continents, they knew that there was an art to their process and art to wanderlust, so in
of timber. Twenty seventeen Rolando and Jan created their side, hostile as a way to bring that art to life and perhaps to an airplane near you, the art of wanderlust, was born. They wanted to create products to inspire adventures their first for products, including cork board map of the world. A map of the? U S, a water bottle and travel sticker set Rolando is, in his words, hardly a designer, but he picked up enough skills partnering with designers in his office, and he could make their first set of products and at least has the territory. Then the process became one of trial and error. They realise that the art of wanderlust needed a solid foundation of research before anything else. It is to find the right products to sell, so they use tools like jungle scout Peter previously, on the show to Scott at their competition and help them figure out which products would do well on Amazon, anthem, additional constraints, because they wanted to focus on selling travel and adventure products, and this focus help them narrow things.
Instead of trying to do everything at once, which is almost always a good idea that research revealed an earth shattering discovery. They couldn't sell products that didn't exist so to make them Rolando. Look looked for a manufacturer on Alibaba. It wasn't exercise impatience. They had to find a balance between quality products that still allowed them enough margin to make money once they did, they developed a close relationship with their manufacture to make them there go to for future products They didn't have those products ship to an Amazon dot com warehouse in the. U s that way they were to hail the immature themselves and they got to work. Creating product listings Rolando the strategist, sat down agenda to think not only about what their customers wanted, but also about how their customers thought. What did they search for? What would they be inspired by, and with that in mind, how could they create their listing accordingly, this meant lots of bullet points for easy readability and good images to their customer could imagine their products in use
The listing pages were alive, their first order of business was to work on increasing their sales rank. The higher the number the higher it shows up. An Amazon page has been customer search to do that, they wrote and publish an e book is he was called a practical guide to your first trip around the world. It was published on Kindle for two hundred and ninety nine, but also give it away for free on their way. That way, in addition to increasing their Amazon ranking, it help them build an email list where they could announced new product launches, Rolando and Jan were hooked on our side hustle from first sale. In January, they began to take off accomplishments on a paper where they had ridden their goals and pinned to the wall, and they washed assails came in in the first six weeks. They sold nearly six thousand dollars and product. Hoping for something like a thousand dollars in product sales, they ended up running out of inventory for a month until they could restock six thousand dollars cover. Their apparent cause, like registering, is now I'll see getting in importing licence. Creating an hosting their website and about a thousand
Mars was left over as profit Rolando agenda now selling over tuna dollars or products a day and after subtracting expenses there about three thousand dollars a month in net income. This income, The measure their lives according to two metrics freedom and impact the freedom to eventually, more location, independent, is high on the priority list. Rwanda's family lives in Guatemala, Gent family lives in Cleveland and they currently live in Cincinnati because out of one or less as a product, Bayside hustle they can make money as they sleep wherever they happen to be sleeping. In fact, Rwanda says that one of the cool parts, the business is because many their sales come from the West Coast. He wakes up to notifications that part, have soared over night. They wouldn't how does notifications, if it weren't for the vision they happen, their lives and the decision to start this project for them. It all came together. When I sat down to figure out where they wanted to go, who they want to become and what their ideal day looked like
either they thought about what they wanted. Each aspect to the like to look like and then worked backwards from their so art of wanderlust has those for products now they hope to launch between eight and twelve new products within the next year, and I want to do this, while balancing their side has sought with their full time, jobs and justice. Important with their travel. They still need some inspiration for their own wanderlust. Finding a clever you hear from Rolando asking, if you hadn't advice for people who are just getting started, he said if you are going to create a new, side also make sure your more motivated by your vision than you are by the money that business was gonna. Keep you going through the rough patches because there will be rough batches, but always worth it to see your vision come to life. Will I totally agree? Thank you, Orlando!
and I was just add that it's also okay, to be motivated by the money as well. I guess, of course, you want to have your vision. Ideally, your project is the kind of thing that you would work on, even if you didn't get paid, that is a sweet spot, but at the same time we were talking about sadness. Will sear we're not talking about hobbies, we're talking about something like that? They can also create enough value for other people that they are willing to pay for it. Okay, so I talked a lot about freedom and in this story hear it it's. In fact, your freedom as one of the primary values of Rolando and Jen. Me too, so the extra income is bringing them freedom, just as it can for you. Life has indeed about a lot more than money, but if you're struggling or if you just want to get in a better place, try to find a project that you are excited about, vision, wise and that has a clear path to making money. Ok, that's just my two cents for hopefully actually a lot more
zero dollars and two cents. Every listener will earn at least five hundred dollars a month for their side hustle. So I help you take that to heart and perhaps at some point take it to the bank. Don't forget, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better today, show notes, including links to the art of wanderlust, all right side of some school dot com. Five hundred and twenty eight. We are rolling along episode, five hundred and twenty eight in the bag- Much more is coming up, so please continue to join me I'll, be back tomorrow. My name is preschool about for side of sport.
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