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#539 - Moonlighting Makeup Artist Earns Extra $25,000/Year


A young marketing director by day and professional makeup artist by weekend creates a side hustle that could make anyone blush. 

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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You ever find yourself saying I wish I wish I could do something it's important to me. I wish I could travel, which I could finally start that business. I wish I could run away and joined a circus whenever it is how to encourage you to day to day two things. First separate your true desires from generic wishes. Acacia. You want to run away enjoying the circus. Ok, that's fine, but if it's just something you say, then, let's just kind of set aside then, whatever you really want to do, stop saying I wish and start saying I will. I will find a way to take that trap. I will find a way to start that little business
Despite the demands on my time and all my obligations, I will find a way to do. What's important to me: Welcome decided so school. My name is critical about and today story features a young marketing director who earns two thousand dollars a month on the side by doing make up sessions on weekends. Her story begins with an I wish moment, but it turns into- and I will success so I'd say a quick thank you to our sponsor- I'll tell you all about this moonlighting. Make up artist twenty eight year old, Caitlin Two's lino didn't act on her dream immediately upon graduating from college. She drove head first into the corporate world. Since then she's created and lead marketing departments for an accounting.
I M a software company in an automated manufacturing company or she currently helps race. Brand awareness and drive sales. Caitlin was busy in other words, but she also found herself longing for more. She noticed that she increasingly started sentences with. I wish monsieur realized. It was time for her to stop wishing and just get to work. What would you do what she had always been good at doing? Make up the former competitive dancer at home or skills in high school, then in college constantly asked to do her friends make up before they would go out on the weekend so a bit later, when she longed to do something more than just a corporate job. Make up by Caitlin Michel was born or shall we say it was made up. Kalen knew that lots of weddings took place in her city of Rochester New York, so it seemed like a good starting point for the site I saw, but no make up. Artistry would be viable without a trip to support to stock up on products with each biweekly paycheck that Kalen took him from a day job. She would drive us a fora and stock up on items to grower professional make up get what makes you purchase various shades foundation. Her next trip was, for.
Stick after a few traps, Kalen had a full blown care that she was ready to put to work. She started practicing on any one in every one. She knew friends, family friends are friends, you name it pretty much. Everyone except her doc. After practicing different types of make up, looks on different face shapes. She took photos to begin building a portfolio she could use to showcase or talent to then took that portfolio to local hair salons asking if they be willing to refer her to wedding parties. To our surprise, to us the lines agreed Kalen capitalize on this when immediately she created an instagram account. A facebook page and a website to the potential client could see more. Have our work to build that basic word press website. She watched Youtube tutorials. She also knew that Pinterest would be another good place to share her work and reach potential clients. So she began to share posts there as well to build or skills and gain clients. Kalen. Got any kind of opportunity that came her way it just one person in a wedding party needed make up. She would do it if someone needed make up down for a photo shoot. She was there. She
to build a name for herself in her first year and it paid off quickly. She now serves client throughout New York, state and books, twenty to thirty weddings per year since those early days of taking every kind that came away Kalen, reputation to the point where she can now require a minimum booking of six people for a wedding day, and after just one year starting, she became book for weddings. Almost We condemn the year during the busy season had been that way. Ever since. I'll always be able to make more money doing something she loves. She gets to help people feel confident, as they celebrate a special day to her. That's half the fun when she started you remember getting a small hundred dollar investment from her grandmother along with the letter that said, she believed in her couldn't wait to watch her make people feel good. Now, Caitlin Twenty five thousand dollars a year in recital g, a seasonal business since many more bright get married in the summer.
He still aren't enough money to allow it to travel, pay, offer student loans and take a few trips us afore, I just for herself. The process hasn't been free of challenges or mistakes like the time she left a brand new make up machine behind it, a brides hotel, but even the worst mistakes can be learning opportunities. Kalen doesn't know what the future holds for her or aside hustle. She says she's glad you didn't wait for the perfect moment, because that perfect moment probably didn't exist. She's learning new skills like lash extensions, microbe waiting and some other things that sound important, but I don't know much about most of all she's glad she went from I wish to I: well you probably the cliche. If you love your work, you'll, never workaday in your life. I mean it is a bit of a cliche, but I think it's also important to love your work.
The whole reason you're doing something like this is because you recognize life is short, and you want to do something that matters to you. You want to create more options for yourselves that you have more freedom of choice, even if you'll have your job, even if you are perfectly satisfied in your situation. A lot of us to have this longing to do something different, just like Caitlin death So, by the way we ask Caitlin how she feels about spending much of every weekend, especially during the busy season, doing makeup sessions, and she was pretty clear that she wouldn't have it any other way. She was like this is what I love to do in its great that I can also get paid for it, and I would say besides, even if she does get tired of it. On point, but that's okay, because this isn't her main job. It's not the income she relies upon. So it's kind of like a bonus. The last but not least, speaking of bonus is going to talk about taxes very often on the show, because people are in different situations and it's different rules.
What countries, but in a lot of countries, and certainly in the U S, if your site hustle has expenses like purchasing a lot of make up what course you should consult your tax adviser, because I am not one of those, but it is usually pretty simple and straightforward, especially once your business is profitable. If you're buying things like make up or whatever it is that you buy, then those items can be deducted on your taxes. So, as you go, you signed up will be sure to get some council on that. As you can probably save a lot of money, I really talk about making money but of course know saving money is not bad. My hope for you is that stop saying I wish and start saying. I will not forget that inspiration. What action is the best course of all and today show notes, are line at sight of school dot com, slash five, three, nine that is for episode how five hundred and thirty nine congrats as well to Caitlin. If you're out their plan, Get married or otherwise need make up down in Rochester New York she may be backed up by. Perhaps you can check with her just in case, go check back We tomorrow we are waiting on a week. We ve got a weekly recap comin up tomorrow and then a whole new set of stories all next week. Thank you
for joining me. I love making a sharper you much more is on the way. This is critical about forests. I vessels for.
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