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#545 - College Grad Shares “More than Mac & Cheese” Recipes for Students


When a college student learns to cook, she documents her recipes online, earning more than $1,000/month. 

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When you finally to cook as a college student. What do you do next, while friends ass with you. I could answer that question myself, because I never learned to cook as a college student or even later, by for the purposes of our conversation today,. Say what you do? Next is new start, a blog showing your fellow students how to prepare more than box macaroni, she's and present pizza, not that there is anything wrong with macaroni and cheese, and present pizza just to be clear and that's what today's featured story- debt, it turned into a revenue, source paying out more than a thousand dollars a month. While she travels to South Africa, starts in your job and pursues other interests. Money miss Cristel about this- is not a school stay tuned to hear how she did it. Support for this podcast comes from October What's your mother's maiden name, what's the name of your first pet, we have another question wire security solution, still asking the same verification questions its twenty twenty
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organ on the fast track to becoming an elementary school teacher, but a couple years and the realities of the public school system started to sink in, She was no longer certain that you wanted to work and traditional education. That's when she started to pay more. Ten Into the thing she enjoyed to see, if there be any viable alternative, the first thing that oil to the top was her love of food and cooking. You see, Chelsea had created a food blog card Ducks Oven, The name comes from the university of Organs: mascots, which happens to be a duck. The purpose of the blog was to document her adventures in cooking also just kind of a way to unwind after a day spent cramming protest when she was working in her kitchen. Even just writing about working in our kitchen. Her worries and school concerns melted way like butter in a hot pan, but up until she realised that a life of primary occasion wasn't for her cooking had just been a hobby. Now she was looking at it with fresh eyes since she loved cooking so much. Why not? Try your hand cooking for others
but like many ideas before her Chelsea first thought was to open a restaurant Eugene. And was a nice college town, but she had our sights set on Eugene's fruity obsessed sister Portland knock. Into the stream half baked her new course of action was to get a job at a restaurant until she had learned the ropes enough to open her own she pact, airbags and set off to the land of hipsters craft beer and blue star donuts. Side note never go to www donuts in go to blue star. Instead much better trust me. She was certain. She had found her destiny, but like Moses, when delivering the ten commandments, just because there's no in the, doesn't mean it will become a biscuit. That's in the fine print of duty on go check it out back to our story although she enjoyed the fast pace, environment of working in a restaurant Chelsea quickly running one was far from being a piece of cake so back to the cutting board. We go The idea clearly needed more time, any of it. Since the majority of her blog readers were fellow classmates, she thought of where she could cater directly to them and their needs chasing from it
France, that many of them were living off a box, makin cheese and frozen pizza, so she decided to set her go on helping them branch out from the processed food section of the grocery store. Which, if you live in America, is more than just one islets public, fifty percent, the grocery store, but still how exactly where you going compete with the siren song of high pockets. While she would create content and recipes that were simple and easy to put together, not only that, but they would be affordable and not only that they would taste good while she was, on the blog Chelsea had moved to South Africa for a year, while her husband was finishing a graduate programme there. She then return to Portland and went back to the restaurant this time working as a support specialist. A year later, she scored her first official marketing job and began to manage the social accounts of an antique furniture or in more ways than one shall cease. Blog is a large part of how she grew to be such a strong marketer. Each blog pushy published was a new opportunity to build or brand and drive more traffic to your site.
Logging can also be a good way to learn about the once needs and interests of your audience and Chelsea took all his experience with her to her new careers, a marketer. Meanwhile, a duck, seven return to being the fund project that it wise when she was in college, narrowing down the focus of a blog, helped her group, social media following and these days that what is bringing in anywhere from eight hundred to twelve dollars a month. Some of this cash comes from affiliate relationships from relationships and also been able to money helping other bloggers develop recipes and improve their social media. The cost of the business are very low less than fifty dollars a month in total. Now, we ask the people, we feature what kind of advice they have for someone looking to follow in their footsteps right out of the oven. She emphasizes the importance of being clear on what you want to do. After figuring, not peace out, Chelsea suggest to get even more specific, with focusing on
take your neck, this eliminate a lot of applying risk. Taking instead allows you to understand the likelihood of success in that area from the beginning. As far as the content goes, Chelsea keeps in mind the different needs of people with different lifestyles, which he publishes a recipe. She always tries to include a cheater way for a short cut for people who want to spend less time cooking he's working hard to cook up passive income for herself. It might even be a cookbook in our future. He admits that idea, still little half baked but she's not moving around the blog. In a Broadway Oh man, I really did live off of Box MAC and cheese and frozen pizza for a considerable time. In my life it wasn't only the college years. For me a couple things I like to do
story, and I also want to look at our website is well Ducks Ivan dot com which will link up with the shadows the idea, focusing specifically on students and helping them up greater cooking skills without spending a lot of money. That's great. I think that is a pretty large significant market and honour site she's a really good job of integrating her personal story into some of these recipes and and lessons in posts. So, for example, she has a whole detailed long, personal story about how she lost forty pounds into There's an she wrote about her struggle with weighed in what she did, what didn't work and unjust and personal journey. I ended up reading the whole thing I started my skimming at and I went back and from the top and then read the whole thing all the way down, because I found it inspiring and it was really detailed.
Stuff like that is really great and building relationships with your readers are listeners, whoever you're trying to connect with and the whole concept of cheater ingredients or hacks the shortcuts, and those are great to think that just gives you an extra little hook. One thing I did wonder from looking at her side is if it could actually be even more focused. I feel, like my senses and outsiders, that she's gone beyond her own initial mission. Just because she is to cook more and she's being more adventurous, which of course is natural? And since I'm now much older than the average cod shooting, I could be wrong, but my senses that some of the sum of the recipes, at least on a site, could be little intimidating for some people, such as one observation I had. I think that this kind of
Jack or really any kind of product. Whatever you're doing, it's always really helpful to just apply a continuous filter to your work. Ok, why am I publishing this site? Us all school episode. What do I hope that you will take away from you my listener, if a duck? Seven is my website. Why my publishing these recipes? Why my publishing this particular post? Why these ingredients? Why this recipe? Why this outcome by this story and who do, I think, it'll help the more you can apply that filter Just then the tighter your work is gonna become anymore recognisable. It will be to the people you're trying to serve and say that we are not creating a confusion, you're not trying to serve everyone, which, of course, is a mistake. So if this is a constructive criticism at something, I try to apply to myself as well, because I do a lot of different things for a lot of them people, and I could certainly be better with focus so I'm trying to apply this filter myself. In any case, I appreciate Chelsea allowing us to share her story with you
to check out that website, I'm in a link it up in the stone age. Of course I dont forget. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better, though show notes. Are its arsenal, school dot com, slash five, four five point: she also has a pretty clear, recognisable style she uses for her instagram, so like that up as well, if you're interested in Instagram or food blocking or anything related to that moment, Thank you so much for joining me today. I will be back tomorrow. My name is critical about this is the successful
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