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#548 - Google Employee Makes $100,000 Using Fiverr


In just one year, this Google product manager earns an extra $100,000 by providing marketing services on Fiverr.com. Learn his tips to hack the platform for yourself! 

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It is said, there's an exception to every rule. Whether that is universally true or not? It certainly applies to a lot of the things we talk about on side, hustle, school and hey by the way welcomes who a new weak on side of school. My name is critical about in either, to bring your stories of real life people out. There are people with jobs. People do a normal staff who also in their spare time, find a way to make sometimes a lot of money, sometimes not a ton of money. But always something at a significant, always something minute can make a real difference in their life and there are always doing it on their own. Through some kind of creative idea now often tell people that there are these things called starter platforms, and I started platform. Is a website like fibre coming to talk about today, or it can also be like Etsy Organ, even say like driving for goober left as a start or site hustle, it's cool in a sense that you can do, in your own time and you can set your own schedule, but the downside is someone else, is controlling the entire system so
Your eyes and making a lot of money are pretty fun at. Why encourage people to develop their own ideas, often eventually developing website and not relying on these kind of starter platforms for all sorts of reasons. However, speaking of exceptions and rolls once in awhile somebody comes along and just blows it out of the water, and I must say things like: ok, usually that's a good role to follow, but here someone who likes to break the rules, as a non conformist. I respect that and as someone with the goal of helping people become economically empowered when I hear
The guy has made a hundred thousand dollars in a year using fibre. Naturally, I'm interested, so we caught up with him and got all the details of the story which I'll bring to you right after this quick. Thank you, too, are sponsor. The idea in cloud is the cloud it's open that secure its built for business. It's also the cloud its leading the way, but don't take our word for it. Check gardener appear insights to see why customers rate IBM Cloud above ADA, the? U S, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure over the last twelve months as February twenty Eightth, twenty twenty IBM, let's put smart to work, Gardner Peer Insights reviews constitute the subject:
opinions of individual end users based on their own experiences and do not represent the views of Gardner or its affiliates platforms like Etsy, fibre and skill sure are typically recommended for beginners or for those who just want a dip. Their toes into the world of side oscillate so easy to get started on. They can help. You build your business skills, but they dont tend to be lucrative at least not from
people, because their based around an existing business model working with one of these services tends to limit your income, it's a great way to experiment, but not a great way to grow again, at least not. Usually. There are exceptions, however, and in that intersection of exceptions is where we meet John, you shame in just under one year of using Fibre John has earned close to a hundred thousand dollars to be clear, this is uncommon, so how did he do it? What did Hugh differently from everyone else, making five dollars at a time on the site? Let's start from the beginning, By day John works at Google as a product market are helping you tumors brother audiences, on the side, he runs a website where he publishes weekly cartoons that make fun of the common workplace. By the way this kunak is named. Every vowel since John is one of the few people who has every vow in his last name. It was our. Involved in those endeavours when he began working with fibre. Three had some experience. Fibre is a platform, are freelancers can advertise their services to the public?
buyers can go on aside and higher writers, editors, marketers and other people to do work for them five or market itself as being for the quote, lean entrepreneurs and is thus built a culture of inexpensive services. This is a big reason. My most people don't make much money as a fiber freelancer. Also there was the fact that the site is called fibre and for a long time, everything was priced at five dollars. But John Story is different. With his background. Is the head of crater product marketing at Youtube? He has an impressive resume pass clients Anna coveted position and accompany fibre. Pro is the highest here of services that fibre offers, and naturally those services cost more John decided to only offer services through the protein, and in his case he does marketing consultation. This means that most of his sales come from cars with business owners asking for advice about their social media, presents brand videos copy and strategy. Naturally, his specialty is, with businesses tied to Youtube for these cause. He charge
one thousand dollars for a sixty minute session thousand dollars for an hour and if a customer wants his copywriting service, he charges one thousand five hundred dollars for a speech around one thousand three hundred dollars for a blogger article and about nine hundred dollars for website copy sounds pricey right. Remember what he does. He helps these clients gain audience, which is value John is able to maintain those prices and keep his clients coming because of the quality of work he puts out, he prioritizes giving his clients more than what they ask for and always leaves them happy. This then breeds a large number of positive reviews which then gets him more business. The also believes in practising what he preaches before offering his services to others. He made sure he was confident in it. What is to market himself. If he couldn't do it, he didn't want to oversell his expertise and leave his clients at a loss. That's another reason for his other side, us all, and what, if you're out there thinking okay but sounds good but John, had this background had an incredible job
but how does that help me? How can I join the elite ranks of service providers on fibre pro. Good news as you dont, have to just sit around and hope that services like five or will notice you in this case you can actually apply to become part of the five or protein we talk with their pr rap, who told us more. She says that fibre looks for freelancers with a strong portfolio, not just one to have jobs. Like John does mostly, they look at the types of projects to the person who worked on as well as the quality of their work. In addition, if you have skills- and I feel that five or happens to be focused on at the moment- is a greater chance of making it in, for example, they ve recently up and a new pro category for product photography, so naturally those in that field, or with that background, have better arts. When you apply, there are three different rounds of bedding to go through. One is a technical varying where they assess your skull me other to professional. During that phase, two managers from different categories on fibre work to understand a level of professionalism, experience and quality of work that the freelancer has there's no simple hacked.
Apparently make a lot of money on services like fibre, but getting on the protein will give you an edge to before you start selling your soul or more likely and other service for five dollars poke around and see if there might be a better way So the key to success like this, the key to high price services on a low price platform like fibre is to offer something specialised. That's not a commodity! Remember the cross fit chalk. I from last week he was able to sell a commodity and make a real profit, but most people can't do that, and most offerings on fibre consist of the same thing over and over with no real differentiation. That's why it's largely known as the low cost provider of services or a provider of low cost services- let's say, but, as you can see from this episode, that's not the only way. There is a way to make real money for
and by the way, if you knew if you'd miss him episodes. You might also like an episode from three weeks ago. Those number five twenty wine about another guy who earns a hundred thousand dollars serving clients on fibre, and this case he actually does it over a couple of years. So it's not just one year, but still it's a hundred thousand dollars. If you're interested in using this platform, you can probably learn from that to our congrats to John thanks. So much John for letting us share your story and everybody out there don't forget. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better. If you like to take out today, show notes Renault include links to Johns Fibre profile. Anything else that I mentioned the other south. Those are online at sight of school dot com, slash five, four eight! We are now under way with this new weak and much more is on the way. I hope you'll join me tomorrow for episode of five forty nine. Until then, this is critical about How does this work
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