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#55: T-Shirts on Amazon Make $17,000 in a Month


A former corporate employee in Ireland runs a merchandising hustle on Amazon.com that brings in as much as $17,000 in profit in a single month. She does this with no inventory, no risk, and no paid traffic.

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Support. For this part. Gas comes from Goldman Sachs. What Goldman Sachs expert and leading thinkers have to say about trans shaping markets, industries and the global economy, stain formed with the latest insights from Goldman Sachs on the economic and market implications of covert nineteen available on our podcast at yes, our com, such covert, nineteen or any of your favorite podcast platforms, hello and welcome. This is critical at oversight us go once again, really exciting story. Today now we have talked before briefly about a program called fulfilled by Amazon, and back on episode, nineteen, I told you a story government analysed, who built a six figure hustle that he operates, walk into. Going to work. His job, and this project has also the fly around the world first class with his wife Because of all the miles in points you earns from the items he purchases to resell. So he's got a great thing, going well there's another Amazon, dot com platform that you can begin on. What
experience, no inventory, no investment and no risk. It's called urged by Amazon, Emmy Arcy H, allows you to sell t shirt designs to Amazon, entire customer base. So today I hear about a foot we're corporate employee from Ireland who use this platform to make more than fifty thousand dollars last year, including a big month in December that contributed seventeen thousand dollars in net profit to that number. But this is a really interesting study that you may want to pay attention to because it features a new business model. We haven't looked at before a new platform and a number of helpful lessons for you. Go the lane Henny had a corporate office job in Dublin, but she was dissatisfied with it She went to strike out on her own and she did in several different ways. First, she started and later sought an app development company as part of this
Never. She also wrote a book called escape plan and became a speaker and consulted, then she started another business using fulfilled by Amazon. But it's her latest project using it a platform from Amazon dot com that I want to tell you about. Today. A lane has been quite successful with multiple projects which caused this one. The easiest and most fine business she's ever run She says that you can start this business for free. There are no inventory cost and there's no customer service, so no risk no cost side hustle that can generate significant income Now those are a lot of attractive sounding benefits, but you might also be skeptical, so, let's slow down a bit new platform is Amazon. Dot comes print on demand service called March by Amazon. It allows upload. Your own t shirt designs for sale throughout Amazon's, entire ecosystem of hundreds of millions of customers your shirts or sold Amazon screen, prince them and ships them. So just like the life
briquettes you heard about last week. You never have to touch them Alain began. This with an experiment a bit over a year ago, in February twenty sixteen, she created twenty five simple designs on her computer, an apple them for free to the March by Amazon website her profit for the first week Was forty nine dollars and eighty four cents now she was pretty happy but that forty nine dollars, if you ve ever had site. I saw you probably know why it wasn't just about making fifty bucks. It was the fact that she had zero costs and took no ask and presumably could go on to replicate the success many times over. That experience prove to her, or at least suggested that if she could make fifteen others with twenty five quick designs and no advertising, and it was just a question of scale and publishing more designs throughout the year the continued uploading, designs, refining process and getting them and better at understanding what sold well on the platform by mid summer. She was regular.
Making several thousand dollars a month from it December. Twenty. Sixteen was her biggest month of all in that she saw thirty nine thousand five hundred and eight dollars worth of tee shirts and her net profit with seventeen thousand six hundred and twenty nine dollars. Interestingly, for much of that, she was travelling and not working a lot at least not actively uploading designs. She was in Spain and back in Ireland, then in New York for Film Festival and then in Austin Texas, for a business conference. She also took a week off over Christmas. And still saw this biggest revenue might ever to be fair. It a huge reach our mind, that's when a ton of shopping takes place, but still she was obviously set up well for a huge. Says her total March by Amazon T shirt sales over the ten months. The end of February after the end of December, twenty sixteen was a hundred one, twenty eight thousand two hundred ninety five dollars and our total profit in those ten months on March by Amazon is over fifty three thousand dollars. Obviously this is fantastic, but it's not been without its challenge.
When selling tee shirts on Amazon, because it's been so successful for people like a lane. There is a huge problem with copycats. You put all your team up under one brand name. The copycats can find them on the page d, more than with some kind of automated bought software and then upload exact copies with the same software Not sure why Amazon hasn't fix that are done, something to stop it, but at least four you're. That alone has been active. It's definitely been a big issue, So now what she does and other successful March sellers she doesn't just. Under one brand name. She has a bunch of different names, and so, if one of those copycats finds her shirts them see three or four designs, but they want all the others. And presumably market, won't be flooded by these copycats, who essentially just take what she's design so a lane is very naturally going to continue experimenting growing this hustle to see how far she can take it. Before things even out, and it becomes difficult,
who achieved successes like seventeen thousand dollars in a month by uploading, t shirt designs when you're not even a fashion designer, but for now nice work. If you can get it, congratulations Elaine for I make sure you understand what's different about this platform and why Alain has been able to be so successful with it. It's actually been totally boss. To design your own t, shirts and sell them, in print on demand for a while, have another totally separate unrelated story coming up with someone. Does this with Facebook ads and has also been successful, different process similar product, but what's different here the people who use pronoun demand services like cap, a press or t spring, which you may have seen, are rarely success because there is no organic traffic going to those listings, people who are That's one platforms are able to drive traffic to those listings.
So it's not just a matter of designing something in putting it up. If you build that, they will come, they usually won't come at least on the other print on demand services, but again a difference. Imagine if you could do the same thing only instead of you being responsible for bringing potential buyers, automatically exposed Amazon, dot com marketplace of approximately two hundred plus million active customers What's happened with merge my Amazon and that's why it's been so good for people like a lane usually what happens with these kinds of things? It doesn't stay this good forever, because obviously where people start doing it. Competition becomes a much more real factor. Eventually the market becomes saturated and more efficient, but still so far fifty thousand dollars, so it's not just a small thing. It's actually a huge success. When a new programme starts like this, there are often a lot of inefficiencies things to change pretty quickly the requirements change. So at the time of this recording. If you look at the March, my Amazon page, which link up in the Senate
course it says its by invitation only, but it also doesn't appear to be too difficult to get an invitation. I just linked my personal amazon, dot com account and the next day it was approved, and I was immediately able to download Photoshop and illustrator files, so obviously Europe, There may be different, I don't to suggest you can go and make seventeen thousand dollars in a month doing the same thing that Alain TED, but, as you know, I love to highlight interesting stories, like on a show so that you, This time was possible and, as you use the power of observation which I mentioned, today. Maybe you'll find something like this to satisfy school listeners. As always, remember, inspiration is good, but inspiration from my with action is so much better. When you see the show through today's episode will include more info on a lane, links to other per and size anything else we couldn't fit in episode, just go to satisfy school dot. Slash fifty five! I am greatly enjoying making the shop for you. I hope you like it. I hope it's helpful. I have a kick start, some thinking for you and I hope to see you tomorrow. I'm crystal about Fitness, Titusville School,
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