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#556 - Underwear Side Hustle Turns Into $500,000/Month Business


Two women launch an underwear brand in their spare time. It grows from an early Kickstarter campaign to a multi-million dollar company with more than a dozen employees.

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And more than five thousand dollars a month and employs fifteen people. But hey this isn't a startup story. It was in fact, a site I saw it was just a crazy idea. These two women had and they decided to pay attention to that crazy idea. I didn't ask episode, will also take a look behind the scenes at every tech tool. They used to run this business, so I got along this for you at the end of his episode of all the different tools platform services they used to make this happen, don't go anywhere. Let me say a quick, though a thank you to our sponsor I'm with the show friend Dunaway is the ceo CO, founder of tomboy acts. The company makes underwear we're in loungewear that isn't for everybody, but is for anybody. There focus on finding quality, offering every style in size is extra small to 4x they've gone from zero employees. Two years ago, two hundred and fifteen today
before they started what was supposed to be a side project friend in her cofounder Naomi, who is also her wife, weren't experts in fashion both of them Other careers they enjoy, but they also had a The desire to make beautiful, but not shirts, for women they wanted In short, with fine quality fabric fund details and the perfect fit for a woman's body. They chose the name tomboy acts because they thought it was cute to compensate for their lack of that
one in the fashion industry friendly Naomi, did a lot of research. They want to see what made a lifestyle brand truly stick with a dedicated fan base, as opposed to all the ones that came and went. They discovered something important: the lifestyle brands with staying power started by focusing on one hero product and in building from their pay attention to that phrase, hero product it doesn't mean that a good lifestyle brain doesn't expand and add products, but it does mean that they build a core business around that one hero product and early Kickstarter project for tomboy Ex shirts outraged at seventy five thousand dollar goal, but they also learn something even more important through the process. The hero product for tomboy ex wasn't shirts. It was boxer briefs for women. They got more request for that than anything else. With this brief front of mine, they set out to make the softest longest lasting waistband out there. They are determined to create one that you wouldn't even notice, because it so comfortable. In other words, it wouldn't cut off your circulation. They set off for samples from suppliers and soon had a boy
selection except it was abroad selection of waste bans that didn't work. You can say those waste man's didn't fit that brief. Thankfully one was close, but not perfect. They asked to work with the supplier to make some tweaks, then, with the waistband formula of their dreams, they focused on finding quality fabrics for the underwear and building a design, it seems, and all the right places and likes that didn't write up in search of suppliers. They went to visit factories, that's right. They didn't just log onto Alibaba they wanted partners who are enough for the long term and who share their values. They finally found one in Vancouver in Colombia that had some experience, making boxer briefs for men and was excited about trying something different, or at least eventually they and making more kinds of underwear, including a bikini cut and other variations. Growth has been extremely rapid every year. Increase sales, at least a hundred percent, and two years ago they
Major rebranding, which sent their online sales skyrocketing even higher in the early days friend, would manage the Facebook ass herself in real time. Everyday she'd set a revenue call and then turn it off when she hit by the way, far listers, who have experimented with Facebook ads and not had that result in nice work. If you can get it basically remember that they focus first and foremost on the product here once they had the product right, that's when they figured out the advertising, not the other way around. Since then, they perfected the formula for spending on ads in bringing in new customers, especially through Facebook, but also through podcast, advise and other mediums. They have a team that does nothing but work on this instagram has been especially important for engaging. And they communicate daily with more than seventy five thousand dollars. If any this sounds intimidating, remember this is now a company. It wasn't they're going to turn their side project into a multi million dollar operation. They found their hero product, but they also made their customers their heroes.
Images on that Instagram Profile and their website tell the story of the target market. They started with not everybody, but anybody if clearly struck the right tone with the right products and the right body. All right. An amazing success here, sometimes aside also can really really grow doesn't have to it doesn't have to turn into a huge company, can just be something that bring extra money to you, while allowing you to express your creativity or audio, reasons we talk about robbing aside hustle but again sometimes beside us. We can really really grow lumbering new story, sometimes that highlight this big kind of success. At the beginning of this episode, I promised you a list of programmes and platforms services that they used for various things. I want to mention it because pretty much all these services are, really basic things about. You probably use some of them yourself. So give me a little run down now, but, of course, really link them up in the assurance page, which will make it a lot easier in
The platform they use is shop, a fight, that's how they have their website and they also sell directly Amazon, Primo marking they used to use male champ, that's where they started. That's mature. They stay for several years, but they recently switch to another service called Claudio enough. I'm saying that correctly because I'm not that familiar with. But I think it's cardio Caille Av I, while in terms of analytics and statistics they just use Google analytics, which everyone has access to at least four basic data for shipping they use. Ship station are long time, partnerships station for teamwork and productivity. They use Google sweet, dropbox, slack and Sana a son is a project management system, essentially partaking money. They use Paypal chef, I payments and Amazon payments, pretty simple social media other on Facebook, Instagram Twitter, you two pinterest and linked in so all the major ones, but not like a thousand small ones
Their bookkeeping is done through quick books and their customer service is done through, send ask if you don't care about any of those details. Don't worry about it. I just gotta be helpful for people who are trying to get to this kind of e commerce All those tools are really really simple, which is why I want to mention them. So can you run up a business? That's doing half a million dollars a month on these simple tools, yes and a lot of people due to meet us just another sign of why there's never been a better time to start something like this, because these tools are so affordable. In many cases, freer, very low costs and the costs tends to scale as your business scales tat, you have hundreds of thousands of email subscribers on your newsletter list. For example, you can be paying a lot for that could be a thousand dollars a month or perhaps even more. But the point: is you don't pay that until you get to hundreds of thousands of subscribers enemy paying in my small amounts when you're just getting started
and presumably once you got hundreds of thousands of subscribers, then hopefully you're making money, at least if it is that E commerce website. As I said, we will link all those things up for you on a shucks page. Let's see what that pages today. I believe that page is scientists who school dot com slashed five sixty three, of course, will link up tomboy access, while their social and their website going check them out. I thank you so much for listening, don't forget. Inspiration is but inspirational. If action is so much better, we back tomorrow with another motivating practical story. My name is crystal about. This is side hustle school.
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