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#566 - Accountant Generates $10,000/Month In Sweat Equity


When this California accountant deducts harsh chemicals from deodorant, she earns sweat equity and superdry profits.  

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No one likes to feel stack, especially by your cloud, but the IBM cloud is the most open and secure public cloud for business. It can manage all your absent data anywhere. Smart loves problems, IBM, let's put smart to work. IBM dot, com, slash flexible, What's up a welcome to sign a school, my name is critical about a couple months back, we featured a story of a woman who created her own natural deodorant and brings in more than five thousand dollars a month selling it. While today we hear of it, war story. Only this woman is earning more than ten thousand dollars a month. Apparently there is a rush in natural deodorant the episode are also tell you how she waited ten thousand dollars. Some start up costs that she really didn't need to spend. So don't try this at home and also give you vice from her about why you might not want to tell your family about your site, hustle right away weight was that right
tell your family about your site, also yup, that's what she says: stay tuned for the story of a California accountant who earn sweat, equity and super dry profits Worked her dream is to find a product that didn't just help with body odor Rebecca, so struggled her entire adult life. Looking for a deodorant that worked, her dream was to find a product that didn't just help with body odor, but also No residue or white marks her hard for this elusive. I came to a head one day at and networking event for her industry requisite create a in LOS Angeles. Accounting is traditionally a corporate industry where everyone dresses in professional clothing. At the event she bumped into a good friend of hers and gave him a big hug. She was wearing a sleeveless dress and when she like, oh, she felt mortified she left, White stain on his expensive black suit. It wasn't embarrassing and emotionally taxing moment. The day she had enough to you. There must be
some deodorant out there that solve this problem, so she tried everything she could find. She. Resorted to aluminum based the there would leave her under arms stinging four hours. She was fed with nothing available on the market. Rebecca decide to work up a sweat, creating her own deodorant brand if she already had one customer herself. What perspired from that initial thought became sway. Detox deodorant after TAT, years in the corporate world was her very first sight us all. She experimented with a range of natural products over her kitchen sink. It wasn't until a small Adele acne break out that she had her Eureka moment. It came in the form of apple cider, vinegar, using go to treat. Acne is a well known. Natural remedy one day will apply some to her face. She decided to try as Giotto it to her surprise, it actually worked Accidently stumbled upon the main ingredient for her deodorant brand to validate the concept. Further
out of Allah Vera and rosewater to the mix he began, providing free samples to reject bodies in exchange for them filling out a survey with encouragement from a French. He set up a facebook page and ask anyone who enjoyed the free sample to leave her view. Other feedback with positive. She had no official product, so hadn't made any real sales yet, but but to change for the next part of our story. We travel halfway around the world to the hot and sweaty streets of do by their remit. Sheila Rebecca first customer. Also struggle with body utter most of her life. She had tried every product. You could imagine in hopes of a solution than to several doctors, but nothing worked. It caused her embarrassment and battered herself confidence when she's tumbled onto that Facebook page. She needed a solution she reached Rebecca a request of the sample. At the time all Rebecca had was a single 3d mock up of what the product might look like. Still Sheila was king ready to spend sixty dollars to have a sample shipped, no small sum for a tiny sample bottle of deodorant the products work perfectly for Sheila and she became the first s wave many fans
like an accountant, attacks time, Rebecca began working harder on the product. If someone if we are on the road was willing to spend sixty dollars and a sample, she knew they'd be plenty more people out there that would purchase. The next step is to take the concoction she created at home and turn it into a legitimate product. They would pass regulation, for this part Rebecca contacted a chemist to help develop things further when creating Askin care product in the USA. It's important to have the correct after approval through her recent You know what time I should be able to handle all that. The chemist was also able to fine tune the formula and assist in labeling and packaging to make sure thing from a compliant. All of this wasn't she not one hundred dollars startup here between a chemist packaging inventory and setting up a shopify store at the cost. Added up to around thirty thousand dollars Fortunately, has a good accountant, Rebecca knew it was all tax, deductible, no sweat with a dead interference.
It was time to make some of that money back Rebecca utilised for existing facebook page to get her first few sales of swayed. He talks to utter it since then she is really ramp up. The marketing sales are now generated through. A combination of Facebook adds Instagram ads and more recently, Google Adwords Rebecca recently started up a Youtube channel and all these channels are yielding positive results. One of the most effective marketing methods has been sways refer a friend programme with this customers can recommend the product in exchange for credits which they can then use in turn to purchase in their own. It's been driver of growth and that growth has been impressive. From humble beginnings in our kitchen sink just seven months ago, sway detox deodorant is now generating ten thousand dollars. A month in sales to be well that sounds like a lot of money, Rebecca still working for sweat equity. At the moment, every extra dollar has been put back into the business to build this brand and help the product broke,
gotta catch coming out. It's a good thing. Rebecca knows a good account, as that would be herself self. You can handle all about a more without breaking a sweat are an awesome story. Congrats Rebecca, like I said it seems like a gold rush for natural deodorant these days. In addition to the story itself, I had two updates or two lessons from her that I want to make sure I shared first one is something they didn't go well at all, because this is a great success story, but even in great success stories, there often major challenges in this case. The main didn't go well was when she started up. I mentioned she had thirty thousand dollars and start up costs. Ten thousand dollars of that sort of cost was for hiring a pr agency and what she says I hired appear agency that ended up not fulfilling your promise. Deliverables. Long story. Short, I wasted over ten thousand dollars for nothing. Listen. I hear the story all too often hiring a publicist forever
and your business is not usually a great idea. If you don't know what you're doing, if you're not really sure what you're getting into save the money and also here's the unless the moment when we ask for some general advice, she say, will definitely that your idea, when you ve got your satellite imagery valid it, but I would caution people against discussing it with family members or even certain, France because they might not always be the most objective and, times, they might even try to talk you out of your ideas. Whether your idea is good or not. I thought that was really important and I went to include ever somebody out there worst part is definitely cheer. Your family member is in friends, are not necessarily the most objective about your ideas, especially your business ideas, but the second part of that is is sadly true as well many times they might even try to talk you out of your ideas.
So if you have an idea that you believe and in your you're worried about tat people being negative about it, especially family members are close friends. I thought that you have to keep it a secret from them, but maybe hauled off until your project is a little bit further along. If you just tell them on its idea, they might try to crush your dream, but when you ve got an actual product insane could I have done. I validated this idea. There is somebody in Dubai who actually paid sixty dollars for a sample of this. I know this product works. I know it can help a lot of people then you're on much stronger footing. So this advice has not can apply to everyone. I realize because lots of people have very supportive family members and close friends, but for those who don't or for those who have family members are close. Friends who are well meaning, but don't always get donor is understanding. Why would you want to do something like this
it's ok to do it on your own for awhile, he really is focused on proving it to yourself first and then you can prevent other people, not the you need to prevent any one else, but the point is show them results, don't just show them an idea. Like I said I have a feeling that for somebody out there, so let me know if it's you and regardless thank you for listening up. You enjoyed this episode. Don't forget. Inspiration is but inspiration with action is so much better defined a shot out, including links for today's ourselves. Go to silence those school dot com, slash five, six, six as episode five hundred and sixty six. If you have a comment of a question for the show, give me a call in a hustle hotline at number is eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and eighty eight eight thousand four hundred and forty nine hustle for eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and forty eight seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three all these act? Tomorrow is another story. Once again, my name is personal about four sizes.
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