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#6: Single Mom Makes $15,000 From Astrology Calendar


How a former restaurant owner and single mom created an astrology calendar that made $15,000 in a short period of time and continues to sell on a regular basis. Check out the show notes at SideHustleSchool.com/6.

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Hello what's up, come back. This is side also school. I'm critical about today, stories really fun. It's about a single mom created it strategy calendar. It made fifteen thousand dollars in a short period of time before, today story. I just want to highlight something: you're, the best sing about aside hustle really is freedom and opportunity when you have a job, even if it's a good job, you still have certain obligations you have to within a certain structure is usually a ceiling of some kind on your income. You might get promoted. If you work on commission you might sell more, but its very rare for that income to be completely unlimited and also don't have complete autonomy or flexible so today story here about someone who was doing something that she loved and cared about, but it also came with great limits and restrictions, and also a lot of stress now with her It's not that everything is absolutely perfect, but this project she's created, has
Greatly eased her stress loud while allowing her to be much more creative sluts jump right in support for this punk. Hence comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars by a plane ticket pay down. Your student loan treat yourself to those shoes you ve denying with progressive. You can find out drivers who switch and save save an average of seven hundred. Ninety six dollars on car insurance get your quote online at Progressive, dot com and see how much you can be saving national average. We'll car insurance savings by new customer surveyed who saved with progressive in twenty nineteen. Before pursuing a hustle that she had her iron for awhile, Julie, wilder and True Florida had owned and organic restaurant for more than a decade that business was rewarding, but as you can, and it was also a ton of work years before she ever create This profitable side, Hustle Julia had a passion project, where she design and astrology counter and updated every year. She was too,
we focused on the restaurant, didn't have time in saying calendar, but then to updating the design she does d. Try selling it on Etsy, mostly out of curiosity people seem to like it. There was an think quite like it on the market. So after saw the restaurant. She decided to spend some time, during this hustle before beginning in all new different career within a few months she had made five thousand dollars with minimal effort entirely bootstraps. There was no outside funding and she didn't even to borrow from Russia. Makes sense. At that point, the hustle was supporting itself during the last month. We spoke she, made another. Two thousand dollars this time with no effort at all since the calendars redesigned Julius novel, acting that shall earn at least fifteen thousand dollars from this highly profitable product nothing wrong with running a restaurant, but these kind of profit margins are much much different and the work is far less stressful
don't think about this product. All of it, I don't know a lot about astrology, but I do know that allowed people are interested in it and that's always a good sign, It's also a bit controversial, which is also a good sign. It shows that people shit about it, they have strong opinions. You never want to to an industry or net, where no one cares polarizing industries make her great site hustles and then the product since I don't know a lot, I originally assumed that there are ton of astrology counters out there and when I learned is is actually only three main ones and they are very similar new HP art sales, which is fine for people. And without a static. But what about everybody else? Stats? What Julie idea something was missing. In fact she uses disruptive when he talks about it. She created a modern. Unisex design, is visually pleasing and makes it lot easier to understand. A concepts have astrology another marketing. How did she actually do that? Well, that's where Etsy came in She went to Etty dot com site for handcrafted items, but she didn't just like
the listings and walk away. She made video tutorials. She wrote a few posts and in order to reach beyond her friends, our call she joined a bunch of Facebook groups, share those posts in the forums and found some of her target market again its work by wants its time. There are very few costs, doesn't, much time once the investment has been made and all that early work. So now she has a product cost dollar to manufacture but cells every day for fifteen dollars pray, smart idea and again much easier than running a restaurant, actually what's been the best thing about this project and she said she's been easy. I put about away kinda design every year and the rest is just simple marketing and fulfilment. I can't believe a piece of art I created. Actually pay. My mortgage is a simple, easy and no stress. Also, I meant enjoys a single mom. She is able to work from home and her daughter works alongside her. Sometimes her daughters a trade learning product development and her daughter
even sought a few of our own kids that she assembled herself. This is a textbook case of what I hope learn through this daily series of stories and lessons Julie. Former restaurant owner took what was it? passion project and then found it the monetize. It she understood it was a very big market by her calendar was unique. She was doing something that no one had done before, at least not in that way, and she also divided the project into phases which was really smart, putting it up work on the front end with design, but then switching into only to marketing once she knew a successful product, that's This little house all is well on the way to fifteen thousand dollars in profit, if not more and probably a lot more in the future. Well, it may not happen exactly like that, for you, If you listen to these stories, you begin applying them think about ok. What am I going to do? for myself this year. You will see results over time, I'll be with you every day more Our stories coming up, remember is, She is great, but inspiration combined with action is so much better. If we want to say hi to said Albert aside, hustle school dotcom everyday day. Is an
as was shown, writes about the lesson we can also get a free five step, hustle course things for sale. I want you to be well support as we go through this year and work on your hustle uncritical This is us or school I'll, see you tomorrow for our first weekly recap
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