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#605 - Hungover Accountant Starts “Morning After” Party Cleanup Service


Hungover after a night of hosting a party, an Australian accountant comes up with an unusual cleaning service that goes on to earn $30,000/year part-time.

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Have you ever had too much to drink and regretted at the next morning? Maybe your body regret. It Or how about this? What are you drink or not? Have you ever hosted a party in your home had some guess over and then had to clean up the next day and you weren't very excited about it. Welcome dishonest school. My name is critical about and today story is fascinating, its about an australian accountant who has hung over after drinking too much it. A Christmas party hosted even wakes up and thinks, if only someone could clean up this mess and bring me breakfast. What a fantasy Even comes up with an idea for an unusual cleaning service that goes on to do exactly that and earn thirty thousand dollars a year? Part time, as always on the show. Truth is stranger than fiction stay tuned. Story of a hung over account. It starts a morning after a party cleanup service support for this podcast comes from October. What's your mother's maiden name. What's the name of your first pet, we have another question
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drinking too much on a night out can have its consequences, might wake up the next morning with a ton of regret and a wicked hangover that's actuation, almost people want to do- is lie in bed and wait for the storm to pass over today. Sought hustler thinks a bit differently. Meet James Hook, way a full time chartered accountant from Perth in Western Australia for James. It was while hung over after a Christmas party and twenty fourteen. They came up with a unique business idea He and his wife had thrown the party and the next morning they lay in bed dreading the inevitable after party clean up, while procrastinate Never win to start the job they began. Talking about how great it would be if there was a service that would clean up after your big party and maybe even bring you breakfast in bed. After having a good, laugh about it, they drag themselves out of bed, had a big breakfast of their own that they had to make themselves and got to removing all traces of the night before. But the idea stuck with James and like a fine wine, actually got better with age passport to July. Six months later, an account
had stayed with it. He did some research and realise that, although there are a lot of cleaning companies out, their none of them were marketed specifically at the after party, Slash, hang overcrowd, which can be a large market and Australia. They were all fairly generic boring companies with terrible branding. Thinking that there could be something there. James decided to test the concept and to keep things simple. He created a facebook page describing the proposed service in shared it with his friends and family, the name for the page, almost road itself. He called it, hang were helpers boom and then, like a bottle of champagne. On new year's eve, things went pop; perhaps it was that perfect name, the concept itself, or maybe the right person just so happened to shared a page whatever the cause. What followed was one of the craziest weeks that James had ever experienced, he was contacted for interviews on tv shows, radio stations and by journalists from major publications all over the country had achieved national exposure in less than two weeks. This is something that most larger companies
never able to do just fight, expensive and time consuming campaigns with all that free marketing. It was inevitable. His first customer would come on faster than a headache after too many gin and tonics. That's exactly what happened. James had no cleaning equipment so when he got that first booking he had to go out and buy some picked up. Some basic cleaning products in a ghostbuster style vacuum cleaner, as well as some food supplies for the breakfast, because it was after a while cleaning and breakfast when he showed up for the appointment was a total mess that didn't phase them, because in many was able to get some great before and after photos to showcase the type of work he was capable of after the cleaning was done in a party host had enjoyed their breakfast burritos James know this to be a viable side: business without first shot completed after a successful launch and all the attention he was getting. He decided to build a brand around hangover helpers. This meant graduating from a simple facebook page too
shall website. James bigger than an investment in a professional working Brandon website would be important to the business, could catch people's attention and be clear and concise about what the hangover helpers brain was all about with that sends his goal and acquired some additional equipment who start up costs drank up twenty five thousand dollars from savings. This is, of course, not an insignificant amount, so stay tuned. Add a comment on that at the end of the episode. Fortunately, he began to recoup has caused quite quickly, not first year, just a few months. Actually, the first six months, however, helpers generated fifteen thousand dollars and sales over the next twelve months, the revenue doubled any hit. Thirty thousand dollars. About an offer, a weakened, cleaning gig outside of a full time job. The best part of all this is that James is not had to spend a single cent on advertising. All the business comes through word of mouth and our social media presence on Facebook. The range of parties James has seen are incredibly very
he's clean up after everything from dinner parties all the way to full blown extravaganzas, that the cost of the hangover movies would be envious of they even been occasions where he shown up with people still asleep on the couch these vacuumed up around. Here turn up to a party that was still raging early the next morning. However, James tells us that the biggest messier party occurred just a few months ago. Now, of course, we had to ask about this. This was a party of around three hundred and fifty students who showed up at a mansion, while the parents were out of town, the back yard was the size of a football field. There is so much mess left over James had to call in a trash removal coming to help even the hang over helpers had a hangover after that one. Despite the headaches, James has a lot of fun with aside us all. Is it making enough money to pay all the bills just yet, but he hopes it in the future. It can expand a more cities and go national across all of us draw you he's already expenditure Melbourne. They help us and dedicated cleaning teams, round their James side of swill school and the party hosted the world. Salute you, you're helping them recover one hand
for at a time a few comments, a few thoughts about the hangover helpers, great job Jameson, and what a great name, by the way I'm any gets. The first comment is hangover helpers, grey, no wonder that it took off from just a simple facebook page and perhaps offering a service that is gonna basic and boring. A cleaning- sorry, but offering it in a unique way to a specific group of people, is what helped him stand out from. The crowd is just a cleaning service. Probably any other cling service would be willing to come and clean up the morning after a party, but the fact that he had a great name and specifically targeting that group of people or that target market. It is a big part of whites, allowed him to be successful at least looking out upon the outside, and also I had a comment about the start: up costs you not. Twenty five thousand dollars meant that that's not a small amount of money right, but the thing is in this case it sounds more like an investment in the business than actual start,
costs, because you start up costs work. He made a facebook page which is free and it really took off in and in order started coming and after he's being featured on tv and radio across Australia. So it that points almost like he's making an investment in existing business like a business, is already up and running. You just have to figure out how to actually fulfil the orders that he's getting. So it's not like he's digging into a savings and taking this twenty five thousand dollar risk owing to imply that there's not any risk at all, because there is some risk bites the point as he had this proven concept. He had interest in the business so that, when he said oh carried, a more professional website actually to build. Some systems gets him proper professional equipment and so on. But you didn't do that until there was this clear interest in. You may well done James Great concept, great title thought really fine, and I look forward to what happens next, as you continue to expand, maybe this will give one of our listeners an idea to do something similar somewhere else in the world. Who knows what's the wherever you are in the world. Thank you. So much ring part of sawdust school has always. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better are.
As for today's episode are its article school dot com, six of five coming swing I say hi, you might find a surprise with you, they're never know. I also have to take the time to do something for yourself today, just get a little bit closer toward that goal. To where it's at are just that general idea of doing something for yourself creating some freedom, perhaps pretty a new source of income, which is what we talk about it Although the shower some join me as well tomorrow for another story, much more is on the way my name is crystal about, and this is side arsenal score.
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