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#620 - Sisters Create Bundle Of Joy With Customized Board Game


Two sisters living in New York City relive their childhood memories and create a personalized board game, earning $16,500 in the first four months.

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If you think about family memories times when you are growing up with your parents may be any siblings. And by the way I mean happy memories cuz, you know we all have all kinds of memories, but if you think about Happy family memories, what stays with you to remember times of conversation may be sitting around a table, maybe going on a road trip, maybe some kind of event, or maybe you remember, sitting around playing a board game or a series of Board James. I grew up playing video games. They Nintendo entertainment system was essentially my baby sitter for a number of years, but I also did place import games, especially with my Nana, my grandma member playing monopoly with her and sorry impartiality and hope,
other games as well now, whether you grew up with board games or not, they are coming back in a few different ways. We ve had a couple of episodes from people who have actually done phenomenally well, creating new boardgame, our marketing, indifferent game and that's what today's stories about so welcome to satisfy school. My name is critical about everyday and the programme. I have the privilege of bringing you a different story of real people out there who have jobs and alive and they're, not celebrities, they're, not entrepreneurs they're, just people who are trying to create something for themselves, trying to create a new source of income so that there are not dependent on the income from a job, even if they like that job and have no plans to leave now. Today. Story features two sisters living in New York City who really their childhood memories and create a personalized boardgame earning sixteen thousand dollars. Sixteen thousand five hundred dollars actually in the first four months. This is a fine story, because not only have they done well, they ve also learn some lessons about scale and about how to make a product that is personalized, but in a way that's not taking all there.
Because in the beginning it does take all their time anyway. I don't mean to get ahead of things. I tell the whole story, but first here is a quick little shot out for our sponsor. I really appreciate them. They allow the show to be completely free to you. Sisters, Cassie and Jaclyn. Collier grew up in a typical american household. Family was close and still is in fact, Cassie and Jaclyn continue to live together as adults sharing an apartment in New York City Some of their fondest memories are playing ball games with the family. They sit around the table, playing classic games, laughing over mistakes or mishaps. Their dad would give them poker tat. They actually used to get paid to play for the house in order
bar and their mom created sibling bonding games, for they had to complement each other to receive a prize. Those same happy memories, where the catalyst for starting their very first sight, us all one that is attempting to recreate the magic of that family, binding experience, naturally through aborting. Before we talk about that, let's go back a few squares on the game board the year is twenty thirteen and the two sisters were struggling to find a Christmas present for their mom and went to get her something truly special, because she was, after all, a special mom. After brainstorming ideas, they decided to create a board game that was custom made for the family, one that included lots of inch oaks and anecdotes about all the members themselves,
on their dad, their brother and the game was a huge head. It was as if they had rolled a yacht sea or got a royal flushing poker. The perfect aim not only to their mom, absolutely love it, but it created even more memories. It was like a recursive loop of boardgame, goodness the impact of that experience stayed with them and over the next few years they created a few more games for other, close friends. Ok, let's pass go and collect tuner dollars and then skip ahead to September twenty seventeen. The sisters are living in the city Cassius working as a financial analyst for Deutsche Bank and Jaclyn, is a nanny and aspiring actor while they're at a party? The topic of the game comes up. A friend suggested they try, selling those customized personalized games as a sign that says they play with the idea before, but the small piece of external endorsement tip him over the edge their sisters decided. It was time to roll the dice and enter the board game business. They called their concept. The bundle came and completely personalized boards
designed specifically for your friends and family being boardgame lovers themselves. They already had a good idea of what would make a compelling game harbour. They still decided to conduct research after making a beta version. I did this by arranging play testing sessions with small groups of people around New York. After the sessions they got together and tweak the game based on user feedback. Like a good puzzle, pieces fell into place and the vision for the bundle game began to form once they had a suitable product. It was time for a soft lunch for that they simply posted a short pitch on their Facebook pages and it wasn't long before they had their first customer. A childhood friend of theirs ordered the first official bundle game for a friend's bachelor party. Shortly after that, several more people placed orders. The sisters felt his riches, the monopoly man. However, at this point things off
got a little dicey. You see to create a bundle game. Customers fill out a questionnaire there, ass things like who will be playing this game. What are a few of your favorite memories with these people? What are some of your traditions? Things like that, then the sisters use. The answer is to create unique playing cards specific to the customer. On top of that, there are in game boards boxes and game pieces manually for each order. The process took around six hours per game so clearly that and sustainable, they knew they needed a manufacturer. They wanted to grow the business. So after that successful soft launch, they went looking for one they found.
New Jersey, and they are often playing again. The external manufacturing meant Caspian Jaclyn. Only job was to create a custom playing cards, but he's got the time for game down to two hours, still a big investment, but a huge improvement. By now it was January twenty eighteen. They felt it was time to make a website and decide on pricing. They ve been testing different price points up until then, with each new order. They do that classics like monopoly and trivial pursuit were selling for around thirty dollars. They figured since their product was purse eyes. They could charge a premium eventually landing on sixty dollars, which seems to be the sweet spot. Sales have continued to come through since then, and since May, twenty a team and I began to ramp up the sisters- have done over sixteen thousand five hundred dollars worth of the bundle game. How much do they spend to make that happen while they spent about four thousand dollars? Not pocket change by four thousand dollars make sixteen thousand dollars pretty get, and what's more, its given Jaclyn Cassie a lot of faith that the bundle game
could become something big so to support that effort. Cassie is continuing to work for the bank, but scaling back to part time and Jack Odin is limiting or acting roles that she can spend more time on the business. Their aim is to work on automating as much of their processes. They can over the coming year, it's far from game over for these two sisters from New York City, their honour rolled hitting a street and finding a straw,
I might have interesting lessons in his report. This tragic project it first of all, congratulations to tackling fassig for exciting to see this take off and it seems like it. It's gonna take on what I think is most interesting of art. Is they started with this method that clearly wouldn't scale right, like you're spending six hours to make each one of the personalized war games, but then, of course, they adjusted and they found a way to make its. They are still working on that. Their goal is to automated even further, while still allowing for the personalization. That is such a big part of the product and the reason why I think it so interesting is most people would do it. One of two other ways and both ways are problematic and, and the first way is to say we should never start this project. You know me from the outset that there is a clear way for it to scale, and this is perhaps the typical start up entrepreneurial model right like from the beginning, think about how you gonna make you know a thousand of these or James a week or a day or whatever and
the only way to do that is to have much more significant capital than they were working with the four thousand dollars that they had. So that's not super interesting to me, because the people I make the chauffeur dont have a ton of money to invest in their approach. They are super busy and everything that I've always done in the world of business is going out with start up cost how much closer to four thousand dollars. Then you know hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars or whatever else it would take to do it the other way, but, alternatively, They also didn't just say: ok, what's gonna take you know six hours to make every board game and we're gonna go and sell these and farmers markets and we're gonna sell to them a week. You know that's that's our goal like they actually have a pretty clear goal of growing this business. They voted on sixteen thousand dollars in just a few mines. It seems like if they keep working on automation. If they keep making decisions to systematized the business, then they are going to accomplish that. First call that traditional entrepreneurial goal of really scary.
Business, but without spending a lot of money without taking a lot of risk, and so I think that's so interesting and admirable, and I can't wait to see what happens so I will keep my on the bundle game. I think I need to go in order, one myself, because it's just such a fun idea and we shall see what happens but tat, but good work and remember listeners, there's something that you can do. There's an idea out there for you, maybe it maybe the idea also comes from something you did as a kid or something you did with your family are growing up Maybe it's something that you're good at an hour interested and now you never know, there's something different options and possibilities, which is why the show is dealing with a different story. Every day, as I said at the beginning, I do feel privilege to be able to bring these stories to you. As always, inspiration is guide, but inspiration with action is so much better today show notes. Are satisfied, school dot, com, slash, six, twenty six, two zero, I wanna go. They shouted today to set Golden. Who is someone that I've learned from foreign number
years, especially when I was first getting started with my writing career, and I just I just got mammalian you fuck that he s coming out. This is marketing, so I usually try to check out all upsets work just because he is so prolific influenced something people there. But we will end up as well and wherever you are in the world. I hope you'll do something for yourself today and I hope you'll join me again tomorrow. Once again, my name is passed about. This is the one and only side of things.
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