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#732 - PE Teacher Resells Concert Tickets, Earns $12,000/Month


After selling a few tickets to concerts he couldn’t attend, this teacher found himself with a lucrative side hustle that changed his life. 

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What's up listeners it's time for a new year new you, my name is the scale of all your host of cider school. If you are just joining us or if you read winning proceeds and three after eleven of a break or if you ve been here, the whole What you're awesome? No matter white- and this is a free, daily fight tasked with a different story every day, petering someone who start in income generating project? This is a real person, not their personnel. Has a job lots of other responsibilities. They dont necessary Would it be an entrepreneur work, but they want to create more freedom in their life? The purpose of these stories is twofold, or maybe threefold. Let's say new fall out of season three: The first purposes to show you that there are so many ways to make money in the new economy, all kinds of different, crazy ways, including the things that you have probably never thought about. The second purpose is to get Thinking I what your idea might be. So it's not just Listening to what other people are doing us also to help you think hate. What can I do for myself?
Can I have my own side, us all success story and, third, that new fault, let's say, is to give you next steps and practical tips on how to best pursue your ideas. So, for example, today story is all about AP teacher who resells concert tickets into earning up to a thousand dollars a month during that after selling a few tickets, a concert he couldn't attend. This teacher find himself with a lucrative side. Hustle that goes on to change his life. So in this episode, you'll hear historic you'll. Also here a few tips on reselling tickets like one is the best time to do it. What are the best acts to look for, and what should you be for that, we are levelling up this year, I'm so glad you're out their here's, a quick thank you to our sponsor and then on to show support for this fund. Have from sea, W and Dale Technologies
C D. W we get that migrating your business to a hyper converged infrastructure is challenging. Like me, switching giddy, calf gotta do it onto that. They got into a low, slow down firm C D. W experts can help you to simplify the transition from legacy to hyper converged infrastructure with Del DMZ solutions that offer speed and agility. Do it? Can I haven't done it? Isn't any applies in it? I D, orchestrated by sea d, W people who get it find out or a treaty w dot com, slice, jail, DMZ, It was a year of change for physical education. Teacher genuinely Daniel after first pursuing your path into sports management. He'd seen the hectic lifestyle. The people in the industry tended to leap even opted for a more table career as an elementary school. It also recently broken up long time girlfriend and found himself at a lucent. Thankfully, had a good for
who was also recently single. They ended up hanging out a lot when their favorite activities was attending concerts in the Boston area, but Daniels friend had an unpredictable work schedule. They would often buy tickets months in advance and hopes it would work out We then have to resell the tickets when one or both of them couldn't attend at the last minute after a few, these acts In so doing you ll notice. He was actually making a reasonable profit on the tickets. He flipped enough, in fact, that he felt it could be a good supplement to his income, so he how did he would intentionally by a result, tickets for local events to see what kind of profit he could generate? by following local music venues on twitter. Whenever they booked a new acts, they would tweet about you within pick up any tickets, that his intuition told him felt right and then try to resolve it. No, it's not always go to follow your intuition because it was gung ho technique. Daniel success was far from instant. There is a lot of trial and error. He made some bad cause, we're lost money, but he enjoyed the process He felt like he was learning more and more each month, so he stuck with it for
for years Daniel managed to grow a consistent side, income from the tickets of between five hundred thousand dollars a month. He believes anyone could do. This may later built a resource to help people on the basics. But even more interesting than it was in his fourth year? The genuine really take the process more seriously and double down on his experiments. He really thanks to the online nature of what he was doing. You can easily expand his business beyond Boston and to the rest of the United States. So that's exactly what he did. You started buying tickets for big events all across the country and then reselling them through websites like stop up by the end of twenty. Seventeen Daniel was flipping up to five hundred tickets a month, the key to being successful in this kind of business. Finding and looking tick comes down to thorough research before you invest in a ticket. It pays to understand what kind of following the act tat, whether it's a band of musical estate shower speaker and importantly, what kind of demographics they draw. For example, Drake tickets come at a high price with the cheap seats, turning it a hundred dollars, but drakes fans are often college age or younger and don't have the money to pay a higher price.
Which comes with a resource ticket to us all that concert dregs got a lot of energy, but not a lot of resale value. Apparently it must not be gods plan for him. The other hand, Harry Styles, appeals to the moms as much as the teenagers in the audience, and these tickets can be sold for more Daniel once bought a ticket. One of his concerts for a hundred dollars and was then able to resource. Seven hundred dollars just fifteen minutes later. So what else? While he also reckon But anyone who wants to become a ticket seller keep a leisure to track the performance of each ticket. You buy and sell past performance can be an indicator of future results. In being aware of this can help minimize the rest you take when buying a ticket and, last but not least, the two hardest parts of ticket flipping our pricing and timing. Unlike many other products, the price of a ticket fluctuate dramatically from day to day. If a show cells out and tickets are in high demand, you could see prices rocket, higher and higher, but one tweet or press release from a band
ample to say tat. They ve added an extra data. The location can set the prices plummeting so to combat this Daniel often takes a quit while you're ahead stance. If the market for a ticket seems to bottle the often self at a profit which is on the table right now and just be happy with it, contrary to popular belief, holding onto a ticket tiller, a minute doesn't always bring the best price. Daniels nation wide approach enabled him to earn three to five thousand dollars during a slow month. That's right, three to five thousand dollars when the time was slow and ten thousand to twice thousand dollars during a busy might offer around twenty hours of work each week. Now created a platform where helps teach people how to start their own ticket flipping business is competition cuts And for ninety nine dollars a month, students get access to thirty twenty videos that show you the ins and outs of the business when he was. Newly single and going to concert with a friend, Daniel Hannan, idea. The buying and selling tickets would eventually become such a major part of his life by following up on his interest in beginning to take small risk,
he's now playing in an entirely different arena, I saw a coupled notes here, usually at the end of the episode I come back in, might Falada timber to or share a fun facts, or just do a bit of analysis. Sometimes a website and for all the stories are most of them. At least we're trying to look at a few different thinks we're trying to look at the story. Origin. How did they get this idea? How do they? make it happen. What did they learn along the way? What mistakes did they make because you know making mistakes is part of life for my part of starting a new project and then also what happened and in the what happened. Part I'm interested first and Pacific outcomes of the project like so and so makes x dollars a month, and this case Daniel learn to make five thousand dollars a month during a slow might and ten thousand dollars and ordering a busy muck or whatever the case may be, for the story at hand, but also its
just as interesting to learn how that result affected. The person's life tat are to change their life to the colony quit their job. Maybe they never quit their job, but they just love the fact that they were getting into debt and accumulating savings and being able to make more decisions for themselves. So my encouragement, you there were beginning this whole new season whole new year? Think about how your life would be different if you had an extra paycheck every month. What would you be, to do. How would that make you feel to both of those things? Are important. What would you be able to do what limit actions are in your life right now that could be rectified if you had an extra come come in and, as I said, just as important, how would it make you feel so one way or another Argo working together this year, at least, if you commit listening every day I to commit to being here Arkell working together this year, is too it's not a reality, so keep us new story every day. I said all kinds of funds that coming up in bidding me relaunch up our side of society if you're looking for a community to kind of bounce ideas of get some specific personal advice, you could do that if we want to join a waiting list for that programme, just go to satisfy school, dotcom, slash,
society. We also have detailed, show notes for every episode where you can find links to anything. I mention throughout the story as well, an additional resources as well, and those notes correspond with the the number of such days episode. Seven hundred and thirty, two to find a notes. You just go to satisfy school tat, calm, slash, seven, three too, comment or question for the show give me a call in the hustle hotline. That number is eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and twelve four thousand eight hundred and forty four at nine hundred and forty eight seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three. Thank you so much for listening. Back again tomorrow. My name is critical about business side, us all school.
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