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#74 - Tango Adventures in Buenos Aires


After traveling to South America, an American woman falls in love with tango and creates a group experience to teach others.

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Maybe greetings and hello. Welcome to Sicel School. I am critical of how have you ever been to a place and felt instantly connected like somewhere that totally new to you, but you went there and you felt like you belonged, and if there is something to that culture, the people, the geography just a way of life, the you thought was missing from your life before then. Once you found it, you knew you would never be the same, for I felt that way through travel on many occasions in several different parts of the world. I gotta Hong Kong several times a year. For example, it's always been a special plea. To me whenever I go there, I feel strangely, at home, even not never lived there and grow up there. I feel that way about parts of South because well couple of different countries in Europe. And for me even the world of travel itself is energizing, makes me feel alive makes me feel purposeful. It may be of a place like that or something you do. It makes you feel
why not, today, you hear about a woman who travels to South America and falls in love not with a person in particular, but with a culture and a particular dance that comes from Argentina. The table that, right after this, today, story comes to us from Buenos Aires or Sasha. Kagan is currently living and working, but she didn't start out there too reliant and how and why she ended up in Argentina. We have to go back to twenty ten when Sasha first discovered tango on a year long wander around South America. She was actually in Colombia, the capital of salsa dancing. It was the argentinean dance tango that captivated her more from the first time she saw tango and when she danced it, she knew there was something special but spoke to her. Didn't take long to find out just how much tango had to teach her about confidence, equality, relationship.
Sensuality and even how to get into the zone with her writing. So twenty thirteen she moved from California to Buenos Aires for a few months to experience, tango at the source and get a deeper experience of the whole culture. It was while she was there that she had a boat inspiration, but how to design a week long experience to share with other women what she had learned over the past few years of dancing to before she returned to California. She checked out hotels and found an instructor to teach the actual tango lessons back in California, Sasha created an all inclusive, tango experience. They would facilitate this deep dive that she herself had exceed It was valuable, but not cheap. The face she decided on was two thousand one hundred and ninety five dollars. That fee includes pre and post coaching sessions with Sasha Private lessons, with the tango teacher, several different dance outings in a specialized workshop, combining psychology and tango that creates a whole body experience designed to help you reconnect to yourself and others, She also included group outings to help build community share the idea of all the women going tango shopping together and sharing a couple of group meals and when she had the logic,
Ex figured out and six months after she had that baltic inspiration. She launch the offer her first Five women came entirely from marketing to her own email list from remain occupant. As a life coach for women. In fact, that was the only marketing she did for several groups. It was easy, ineffective, didn't distract from the main work she was doing after she'd, let several, yours. She saw doing a bit more marketing beyond her own circles and began getting tango clients from different sources, she's posted and made up groups. Recently started doing some facebook adds the money she makes from his tango I saw isn't enough to live on, but it's definitely help supplement or income and allowed her to focus on her writing her sunup cos into Argentina, have long been offset by the lower cost of living there, especially compared to California and beyond the financial incentive, Sasha less connecting with the women that go under tango adventures, their smart, supportive women and she feel she learns as much as he teaches at some point she may expanded. Guy venture further, but for now she's happy to let things of organically and see how it unfolds with the rest of her life
So what can we learn from sashes story? First things. First, if you love something make sure you actually love teaching it or helping other people experience it
not just doing yourself, because these are not always the same thing. If you like to play off it's a lot different in teaching other people to play com. If you like to net, collect something play a sport or video games, read books whatever it is that you like to do you ask yourself what you enjoy about whatever those things are not, as I said before, you start creating a hustle around them, which often can be a good idea, just not always make sure you'd actually enjoy that process of transferring knowledge, not just enjoying the hobby yourself directly or on your own now. Fortunately, this situation worked well for Sasha because she loved tango, but she also love sharing it with beginners and introducing it to them. Now. I briefly mentioned that she experimented with Facebook ads. They just want touch on this for a moment, because yesterday's episode focused on someone who, through their business entirely using Facebook, adds, is actually very successful, treading a six figure business so far, sashes experience with Facebook adds has been a bit more normal
which is that she's got not of impressions, but she hasn't actually gotten the actual customers from it. And so I want to point that out, because Facebook guys are worth experimenting with, and you can do so without spending a lot of money which is great, but before you do, spend a lot of money going to make sure you really know what you're doing can often be more effective to start without advertising, which is such a day, which is why a lot of other stories you here on the show do, but I do know some people are interested in Facebook out. So I have a couple of friends here much better than me, with both free and paid resources, so all linked them up in the notes, if you'd like to learn more speaking of the notes, we have shown us for every single episode. If you want to see any of them, you can just go to satisfy school. Dotcom click on episodes, you'll see a big, beautiful grid unfolds. You can click any episode and learn more about the things we talk about on the show, but this is episode. Seventy four! So today's specific now it's Aristotle, school dotcom, slash. Seventy four and funny enough you can, I find it notes for any episode using a similar naming system simply by adding the number after status or school dotcom forward. Slash. I hope that you are enjoying the show. Let me know,
the media using hashtag, Sicel School or just say I've, no website, I'm critical it up and I'll see you tomorrow.
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