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#742 - Louisiana Vegan Community Becomes a Big Dill


Feeling like the only vegans in Louisiana, two friends start a roving, multi-course dinner series. 

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No one likes to feel stack, especially by your cloud, but the IBM cloud is the most open and secure public cloud for business. It can manage all your absent data anywhere. Smart loves problems, IBM, let's put smart to work, visit, IBM dot com, slash example, feeling misunderstood or isolated can be a nice hill Avenue for your next side, hustle idea, when it comes to feeling isolated it's hard to find a better example than a specialized diets. They tend to be very much misunderstood, the more extreme, the better, because it means that it's harder to find people who were late and accept your situation if you're, following a specialized diet, if you're following a ketogenic diet, paleo or gluten free or whatever else, especially if you don't have any flexibility in that diet, it can be tough and where there are problems there are solutions. We're going to say the school. My name is critical about that.
This brings me to being vague, an end Louisiana, not a common thing in this Laurie, Ella Wheezy community becomes a big deal feeling like the only begins in the state to friends start a roving multi course. Dinner series stay tuned, that story. Americans don't understand beacons, they think ditching. Meat for more vetches is a big mistake Lindsey Corpsman didn't see it. That way for her going back it was a way to be a good steward of the environment and eat healthier, but it wasn't easy. The American South in particular, isn't known for being being infringed. And then your hometown of Lafayette Louisiana. That is especially true. There was now begin restaurant, the whole town so Lindsey, and in French Sarah were accustomed to eating off the sides. Menu dreamed of a local beacon, restaurant and so have dreams,
made their own well, not exactly actually but sort of You know, opening a restaurant is not something we talk about very often unsatisfied school. Why not? Because its expensive and risky. A lot of people who lose a lot of money trying to open a restaurant. So unless that is your field, your background, you're industry, you might be better served by looking elsewhere and in their case, instead of opening an actual bricks and mortar restaurant Linsey and Sarah opened a pop up, multi course dinner that would be held in people's backyards. They call this idea. Vegetal Pia, like you know, Paradise, but with vegetables. I guess They knew how to cook Fagin dishes. They knew they could get the right permits and they knew there had to be other people looking for being dishes around town, or nothing else. Even if there were a lot of Higgins for an evening, maybe they can convince mediators to be open minded
Lindsey and Sarah reached out to one of their friends and ask if they could hold their first dinner at their home, it was time to start prepping. They bought tools, utensils and serving gear plates. Napkins wine glasses. Everything that you need for a pop up multi course dinner. Most of it. They got second hand in it, came to just under foreigner dollars. It was another hundred and fifty dollars to get a food service licence from the city, bringing total start up costs to five hundred and fifty dollars. They set up a reservation page on events and started telling everyone they knew. But this was the moment of truth with local adventurous eaters. Pay thirty five dollars for a backyard dinner with live music. There was some love music as well. I forgot to mention that it turns out they would First reservation took a weight off their shoulders. They could hardly Romain com but
wasn't validation, yet to turn a profit after the food ingredients. They need a couple dozen people a sign up, so they kept hustling by putting up pliers at local cafes imposing on social media. Within a couple weeks, they had sold out that dinner with forty guests. Now it was time to deliver, they borrow table, my friend rennet chairs for forty dollars and spent about five dollars on ingredients when the day Lindsey and Sarah cooked up a five course meal and their friends kitchen. They made things like tie keen, while meatballs I see Mango Chile wraps and advocate o ginger soup, They went all in on making amazing dishes because, after all, they didn't want to be mediocre. Doors open at six p m course, whenever it six thirty with the music starting at seven by the time they delivered the final courses, they knew the night was a hit they successfully enough money to cover their ingredients and pay themselves back with the initial startup peace. The following month, Ed Utopia had its second event with a completely unique menu. Another success but Z and Sarah realized they had to adjust their strategy a bit carrying other cookie.
Here, utensils ingredients and other supplies to their friends, houses and then carrying them back was exhausting. It took a lot of time, Moving time was rapidly reducing their per hour profit. They needed a better system for transport. They saw this by offering to free tickets to people who had donate an afternoon how transport it was an easy way to shave a couple hours out there again routine and yet still have a positive return on investment that all this was in twenty seventeen and two thousand and eighteen Badgetopia branched out to new realms of food service. Started serving hot food at local festivals and began catering at events as their following grew. They raise the dinner price to forty five dollars over. All that utopia has become a big deal. They tend to profit around five hundred to seven hundred hours per dinner. Depending on the costs of the ingredients and are constantly being requested to serve. Or local events. Musicians line up to participate in short films, greetings from friends travelling abroad have become a new part of experience as well, but they're not getting comfortable Jesse, as part of their budget Tokyo, world domination plants. Twenty nineteen there looking to expand into restaurants
bars on Mondays and particular why, my days, while the restaurants and get my, from the open bar and vegetarian dinners can have covered our condition location to meet it, because a lot of restaurants are closed. On Mondays, the event or interfere with normal service hours begins in law I don't have to eat lentils and cash, you cheese into lot at home anymore, for one nine a month they get eat, stellar begin food, surrounded by people who understand them and preventing and Sarah that's been greatest reward of all right here important principle, not listen as we begin this year. This principle is so important. You can apply it alive The different ways in life that principles kind of like model which is. There is another way, there's often more than one way to accomplish something. So when you encounter a problem. You ve got a traditional slowly not there, and then there might be at least one alternative solution. So how about an example
in this story, getting licence to serve alcohol was difficult in their local area, so Linsey and Sarah were able to get the permits that they needed, but it turned out that getting the licences serve. Alcohol was more problematic or more expensive. Much relations with Russia, it was but the point as it was difficult which, by the way side note Louisiana. I thought you learn d, Knock on elementary school there, but who knows maybe their town with different anyway. I've got this problem, to serve one their dinners. So what do they do, while, instead of trying to wade through the process, presumably paying more money, you're dealing with more bureaucracy, or both they found a creative solution. A creative solution was to ask a friend provide bottles of wine, and then the guests pay that friend a suggested donation of five dollars, a glass problems, that way people who want to have one with having dinner can do so lengthy and Sarah we're not getting the license. Everybody's happy remember that touch on it more as we go along and more than one way to accomplish something. If you'd like to check
What they're doing the shone out through today's episode are at sight of school dot com slice? Seven poor to this has been episode. Seven hundred and forty two thank you so much for listing much more is on the way my name is preschool about, and this is side US war.
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