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#75 - British Pub Manager Bakes Pork Pies for Profit


A British pub manager has a creative idea for new pub food that he initially uses to help his boss, but then realizes that it might be better for himself.

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Hello. What's up welcome back. This is critical. Recital school and a lot of our listeners pro the majority of them in fact have some kind of day job, and, if that to you, I think you should work hard for your employer. I think, should do its job, but you should also think about yourself. You create. Security. You are your best back, a plan that, in fact, is what sawdust school is all about and today story illustrates this principle. Well, it's all about a british a manager who has a creative idea. The initial uses to help his boss before realising it might actually be better for himself Look at this very vital issue of navigating employment and hustling as well in just a moment deep in the heart of Cambridge, her England, the city of Peterborough, is just seventy miles from London, but operates at a very different pace,
For the past decade, Tom Baron has worked as a pub manager in the city in british culture, in particular, pub serve as community centres. They are the original third place, where people have historically gathered afterwork to have a pint and catch up with friends and neighbours. A lot of things with globalization. The role of public chain in some bigger cities, but in towns and more cities. They do still play a vital role. Tom enjoys his work and he also love cooking, especially cooking street food, and a few years ago Tom, decided to try cooking and selling a few recipes in the pub he managed. He started with what he called Sunday, stews, sandwiches and curries. Now, first, he was thinking like a good employee may put all the profit from these food experiments back into the until one day he without knowing the lawn and thinking about a best spent his time, and he thought why was he making the food and not making any profit? This wasn't part of his official duty It's something he took on for himself. It was completely is should have, and he did all the work, at the time he had a young sign with another on the way, and he wanted to do
or for his family. Rather than doing more for someone else. He made a few decisions right then, and there First, he thought about what other items he could sell. You wanted something sustainable that could be served called and had a good shelf life. He watched food programmes on tv and he saw a chef make scotch eggs, but instead of deep frying them in a traditional manner, he begged them. That method was not only healthier and also inspired Tom, because he didn't have a deep friar, but he had an oven how he started, making scotch eggs and secondly, went to his boss and ask if he could sell his own food items on the bar. Unfortunately, his boss said yes, the great scotch egg experimental down with him charging three pounds each does about four hours and fifty cents a change, the recipe each time he Instagram and Facebook to post photos and a description of each days, egg, building anticipation and a group of fans. The scotch egg romance was short lived. He eventually fell out of love but that's when he discovered port pies wish you similar ingredients but take less time to prepare, as well as have a longer shelf life. His thing
was that he could spend one morning a week, making a big badger pies while his kids were in school and then put them in the freezer just getting out enough to cook fresh for any given day. This was much. Easier and not only that the pies, where an even bigger hit, he saw them for two pounds. Fifty each include a profit that you're a four thousand five hundred pounds says about five thousand five hundred dollars. Then he expanded the range with homemade, spice, peanuts and. Their items he's known forth here of doing this and the demand is still strong and at this point he actually doesn't have to think much about it. This wasn't just an extra five thousand dollars a year for Tom. It felt extra special because he use that money for special purchases. Family puts the cash toward one off items like holidays. Christmas presents washing machine. A rooftop car ok,
for the car. All of these things at their use for family days out and other family experiences, while leaving his salary for what he calls the boring things of life. But this is a good story on its own and we could stop there, but we won't because all this experience gave Tom confidence that his ideas can be profitable. So he decided to open his own pub, which has now been running for seven months. Going great, this path is called the bumble in and you might think, opening a pub is a big business farming. What we usually cover on the show, but there's an x, trend in the UK, called micro pups where it basically individual opens up a pub in a closed down hairdresser shop, but your shopper chemist shop it's kind of a revival of nation effort, and then they benefit from not being tied to a pub company. It still takes a lot of work, of course,
but it's a lot easier than the traditional method involves far less investment. Tom still sells his pork pies and bar snacks at the puppy manage for years, but now he also sells them at the bumble in as well. So altogether, it's not just aside hustle anymore, it's now part of his own business and something that he continues building for his family for a start where Thomas earning fifty five hundred already earth side us, obviously doing so He enjoys it so much in fact that he started doing it only for fun and to help his boss, before he realized hey. I should benefit from this too. As I mentioned Tom had the full blast, of his employer when he was getting started, which definitely is a real benefit. And always work out. That way. I hear from people who have a wide range of experiences with this from having a very supportive employer, like Tom, did to those that are kind of lukewarm, about any kind of side. Hustle, and even sometimes, employers who are complete hostile to the idea at all and people navigate those experiences in different ways as well. Some of them might
to come to some kind of agreement with their boss, perhaps show their boss. The benefits that the site also going to provide, maybe also make it clear. If that's the case that. They have no intention of leaving their job. They like their job. I just want to do something different and sometimes I can work in other cases. I hear from people who go underground and operate there side hustle anonymously for awhile, maybe not because it's completely against the rules, but it just my introduce unnecessary complexity to the employment relationship and others might seek to change their employment situation entirely and also. I know we have listeners who are dissatisfied with their jobs and are looking to make a big change so in all those situations, and all experiences aside, can only help you, I dont believe everyone should be an entrepreneur, but I do think options are great As we saw in this story. Sometimes your ideas and your vision expands as you gain experience. May or may not have had the idea of opening a pub years ago. There was only until he had the success of selling the pies kind of managing that little business himself, but he was able to move forward and actually open at Newport. So for you,
I would like to know what your employment situation is. If you're able to share. I know some people can't I've loved Just say: hi on Twitter, Instagram using Hashtag satisfy school and let me know, working on a hustle. While you have a day job and if you're able to say what that hustle is remember, inspiration is good, but inspiration combined action is so much better out. This is helpful you going to find a show. Today's episode go to satisfy school, dotcom, slash. Seventy five on critical about this is that a school and I'll see you tomorrow.
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