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#76 - Successful Artist Adds $1,000/Month to His Income


An artist uses his love of whimsical drawing to create a side hustle selling everything from autographed prints to coffee mugs with his designs on them

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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Hello, engravings side of so called listeners. You are awesome. Welcome back, I'm critical today. I want to show you an application of something, but I told you about in principle before Several times in the we talked about started platforms websites you can use to get started immediately and experimental little play a bit entrepreneurial now why those websites was society, six which allows artists, or presumably anyone to upload designs where they can then be printed on demand on a variety of items, including bugs and Iphone cases, day stories about a canadian artist who did exactly that. It was What a thousand dollars a month to his income almost entirely passively? since he doesn't handle any orders or do any shipping they'll tell you got that right after this. From Victoria Canada, Unbeautiful Vancouver Island, the artist Mark Johns, creates and sells artwork all over the world
we have seen- is whimsical, designs online or in shops a few years ago, Mark noticed having lots of emails asking the same question. Where can I get an Iphone case with your I'll work on it at first? His answer was a what because he didn't even noticed me phone, so this was a need. He wasn't aware of himself. He replied to say: I'm sorry, I don't sell anything like that, but, as their request continue to arrive, he began to look into doing something about it that search led into a site called society. Six, a print on demand service focused on the arts community. So the first thing that mark noticed about the site with it looked really nice and equality of the finished products they produce and shipped out was very high, especially harry to some other print on demand sites which seem very cluttered with questionable quality and allows users to customize, potentially hundreds of different items that might sound guy but marked loved the simplicity and the focus of society six. He
I'm trying to put his design on beach balls and cooler than hand how's. He was just looking to meet that need that his fans are asking for now it important to note that mark already had his own shop using shop. If I d been selling, is on Prince himself, so why would he cried? a profile on this other platform. In short, he didn't want to be in the business of making Iphone cases. It's just that his fans wanted to buy them. So if somebody else was able to easily make them even if they kept most profit, why not to mark signed up with society? Six, he Alzheimer's and he began to let people know that those long desired Iphone cases were now available for purchase. One thing he liked about the platform is that it pays you every month,
be a pay pal, no matter how little money you make most other sites like this pay you after you ve reached a minimum threshold like a hundred dollars, maybe two hundred fifty dollars, but where society? Six, if you only sell one thing and you make two dollars and commissions, you'll get a two dollar payment the following month and marks had for him even as a successful artist. That was encouraging. It felt good to sell something and felt good to get that payment notification. In his email now iciness experienced many times in a row of side hustles making money. Even two bucks is not only encouraging. Also empowering and motivating the greatest thing about it is not the two dollar payment is the fact that you made this happen, and you know if you work out in a bit more, you can barely make more than two dollars, and that's how I was for mark after some experimentation. He now makes more than a thousand dollars a month from this additional channel of income. This happens almost entirely passively he's already uploaded his designs. There is very little
Hence he doesn't do any shipping it doesn't hold. An inventory Annie continues to focus full time on his real career as an artist What can we learn from mark story while he says, first of all, it's important to treat something like this like a side hustle and don't try to make a full time income from it? Maybe it's best to actually see it as bonus money and bonus. Money is different than yours three or something like that you're depending on it. If you rely on it, you get stressful, but if it just shows up- and you don't need it- that's pretty cool and also the kind of project where I dont think everyone should go out and start uploading designs for Iphone cases. Mark was responding to a need people expressed to him so he didn't manufacture. This need he's, providing something that people want, but the internet.
As he had no idea that people wanted it, and if you ask him he would say that's crazy that silly nobody wants my art on the back of their phone and thank you said before he started selling on society. Six. He thought people would only be interested in art. Prince couldn't. Imagine is work on products at all, but the lesson learned was to listen to your audience, because you are not your audience and what in particular. I think people want to experience it in different ways. Sure they want to have the print on their wall, but in some ways having your Iphone case, customize with someone's art, is almost more valuable, more intimate because it goes with you everywhere you go
and now. Lastly, to me, the story also illustrates another timeless principle of micro entrepreneurs ship, which is that when you have one thing, that's working, it's often possible to tweak it somehow to create additional income. Now, that's exactly what marked it here and a story offer an extra thousand dollars a month that arrives passively, and it may not happen that way for you. But if you listen to these stories and you apply them to your hustle, you will see results as always. Inspiration is good, but inspiration. Compiling action is so much better if you wanna see two shown its for today's episode, including a link to mark site as well as this Ninety six page, you can check out those Iphone case. Designs just had decided to escort dot com, slash. Seventy six! Thank you for listening. Remember! You are awesome. I am critical about this. Is that if a school- and I hope to see you tomorrow-
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