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#760 - Friends Team Up to Deliver Compassionate Tech Support


A nonprofit executive partners with a friend to provide IT services for charities and small businesses.

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I'm gonna take someone with experience in a particular sector industry to be able to meet the needs and speak a language and understand other people and organizations in that same sector. For example, yesterday story about the top bag titans two teachers who team up to create one took fact rule them all They were well suited to understand the needs of other teachers because they had the same problem. They are carrying for five bags around every day and they went out and created this again. One hope actual them all, and now it's doing really very well. So as another example, but we're gonna look out today, non profit organisations have unique needs in the non profit rolled. I t can be a huge challenge, just to name one if you're responsible for a non profit,
charity and you invest in eighty systems. You can probably do a better job. Your clients can probably raise more money, which are the two main goals of most nonprofits. But, of course it's not as simple as snapping your fingers and saying I t help has arrived in. Oh here's, what you need to do and here's what it will cost. So this is the problem that today's busy site, how sort sets out to solve teaming up with a friend he starts a business,
they now spends a few hours on each. We can't that business now brings in multiple six figures a year while he continues to work as a full time executive for a non profit in Minnesota. But it's not easy to be clear. He makes a number of mistakes along the way, including first naming the business after back packers industrial here. Why that's a problem and how he fixed it stated. The idea unclad is the cloud. It's open that secure its built for business. It's also the cloud its leading the way, but don't take my word for it. Just gonna appear in cites to see my customers mate, IBM Cloud above ADA, the? U S, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure over the last twelve months as February twenty Eightth, twenty twenty IBM, let's put smart to work, Gardner Peer Insights reviews constitute the subjective opinions of individual and use.
Is based on their own experiences and do not represent the views of Gardner or its ITALY. Its job worker is worked for in a round of rioting of non profit and witness their struggles off a budget for in house. I t support. He recognized the bewildered expression of an executive director trying to set up a network printer as a win win opportunity. He now works is the chief strategy officer for the largest children's mental health provider in Minnesota, but that's not only does a few years ago Joel set out too. Text, skittish nonprofits, harnessed technology by creating an on demand tech support service that cared. There are plenty of tech, support, services and freelancers out there, but Joe wrecking
that most contractors, and I t firms weren't catering to the unique needs of under funded and tech, intimidated charities on demand. I t support was expensive and difficult to access if he didn't speak the language, so he reached out to a long time friend, brine, Roman and together they launched this site business to replace eighty headaches with an affordable, friendly, alternative brain had the IP expertise and Joe could focus on the growth marketing strategy and operations. The two spent much talking, brainstorming and debating possible names for this new business. Eventually they had a conversation called. Let's just call it so they settled on backpack tactics whose name was a challenge because they actually saw backpacks and down the road. They noticed that their website traffic wasn't is impressive. First looked because they had thousands of hits from apparent back backers and a number of manufacturing proposals from China. So after years of disappointed, hikers stumbling on their site, Joel
hired a marketing consulted and officially changed their name to brave nor technology. Beside the outdoors he named, they ran into another common charge, even though they were friend had to figure out how to work together and looking back Joel picked a lack of confidence at the top of the list. This translated into waiting years before figuring out what they are really doing in deciding to invest in growth. So how do you saw tech support to nonprofits who have a well emo dresses? You get personal Joe networked at conferences in events and would meet absolutely anyone for coffee to start a relationship and spread the word about their project. The original start up costs was just fifteen hundred dollars. The partners use the money to set up their website register as a business with the state and print marketing materials like business cards. They quickly double that additional investment with their first check, for
A thousand dollars years later after much work and adjustment brave nor technology, now grosses around three hundred and fifty thousand dollars each year for ninety thousand dollars in profits almost entirely through word of mouth referrals from happy customers, the team serves both nonprofits ants mob is is charging a hundred fifty dollars an hour for small businesses and only a hundred dollars an hour for their nonprofit clients passing along that discount to reflect their commitment to the impact of mission driven organisations. They also opera flat monthly rate for day to day helped us support things like resetting your password figuring out how to use internet explorer, basically allowing clients to say focused on what their best tat. They determine these rates after completing market research and still send out a survey each year to assess competition to determine if they should increase rates for the next year. Brian. Now
Ex full time in the business. He draws a salary. That's apart from that. Ninety thousand dollars in profits and Joe has been able to run the operations by putting in a few hours on the weekends, but each week is different and occasionally yes, to put in twenty five hours or more to tackle a problem or a project has committed to his full time. Nonprofit job, so limiting his role at brave, nor to partially ours, has been a priority. On top of that, you actually started a new. I sought called great rivers strategies whether that has anything to do with river rafting, I'm not sure, with a full time job and already busy site business and now the new site. Also on top of that too, join the challenge and variety in his work, he's even begun to pursue real estate, an angel, investing applying what he's learn to help other businesses grow beyond getting paid to tackle projects. It struck his interest. He says the greatest benefit. This eighty hustle has brought his family is freedom from debt
it's a loud and to be more generous with their money, donate more and travel more frequently brave north promises to deliver even more in the future, as the two partners continue to bravely expand, bringing carrying tech support to mission driven markets. While Jaw sounds like a systems guide. Someone I could learn from someone is really intentional about thinking through automation and processes, because he recognizes that he can only do so much with his family, his full time job now his new Cyprus or whatever else he does so good for him and also a lesson: dont Nigger company backpack tactics, if you're not selling, backpacks or providing tactics for backers. But of course, such Poland, Brian figure, that out made an adjustment were afraid to go back and say actually put. The name is wrong when choosing
pull a different name, three focus their efforts on investing growth and now years later, of course, we can see the reward. I always look stories of people who are finding a sustainable way to make a difference. So, thanks to Mr Daul, for letting us highlight your mission driven business, maybe we can send somebody your way and listeners. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better. Today, shocks are at sawdust school dot com, slash, seven sixty that is seven six. Zero links for everything I mentioned, as well as in pre resources, be sure you come back tomorrow, be sure you subscribe. Everything is free new episode every day. My name is critical about this is site also school
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