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#773 - Artistic Wedding Backdrop Offers Updated Photo Alternative


Two friends create an unusual wedding centerpiece, renting it to couples in search of a nontraditional wedding ceremony. 

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there are all kinds of needs. Can opportunities in the world of weddings we examine many of them on the show- and I think we have done so without ever repeating a topic- lots of different site us all. I D S opportunities and a key point here, at least a key point for many of these ideas. Is it not everybody who wants a wedding once a trip, No one saw nothing wrong tradition and within traditional weddings, of course, there's lots of needs and opportunities as well, but for our purposes, but we're talking about all kinds of different and often unexpected ways to make money. Some previous episodes of the show have featured and elopement consultant. I copy. Writing do, oh, that will ghost right your wedding, vows or toasts people who specialise in same sex, weddings or other not conforming, weddings What I believe was episode. Two hundred and ninety five be competitive world of dove, releasing If you ve ever wondered how that works out, you can we're all about a new episode. I remember learning about that many days ago,
oh and lest we forget the Craigslist photographer Oliver Asus a California state government employee who makes several thousand dollars a month in the sight he has inspired, at least to my knowledge, three other people, since we Peter him in the first week of cyclical school and also in the site, I saw book so in a transition in a subway to today's story. Let's say you want something snazzy, sassy or just print for the photos in your wedding and but safe. This example. You live in or near Melbourne, Australia, a beautiful city in a wonderful country. Now those people, people who want something snazzy, sassy or just different, but their photos- those are the ideal customers for the two side hustlers. What about today. They have created a mobile art installation that serves as something different from your average wedding thought of it, In fact, their motto is making you look, damn awesome and raised, your grandma's eyebrow. Shall I tell you about their business in this episode, but its highly visual. So if you're curious about it, you want to take a look at the photos that will link up on the notes, page anyway,
June, for the story, are your work out more fun and will if they are, then I want assigned to the doors here with Michelob Archer, I'm looking for anyone and everyone who makes working out a blast. That's you! It's a team altered outcome for transport, awesome perks like team altogether and more that's team alter at that time to end nobody's nursery opening its residents. Twenty one plus, if it'll routine, altered account, listen to daily life, open minded attitude responsibly. Eighty people about you like using those Missouri. Ali Sansom describes himself ass, a photographer and international lecture on creative thinking from what I can see his website. He does a lot of different things. Among others. Last year he was selected to document and creative thumb on the world's largest female. Only science voyaged Antarctica.
But today we're looking at something quite different, which requires another introduction, Ali's friend in business partner, Matt Head Rich works as an industrial electrician. He also creates pieces of lighting using found objects such as old, kerosene, lamps in parts of sunken ships. Working too, Their sight, hustle is called the artists, the Arborous design and ran out the world's first day and night arbours defined for you just a second and they serve and industry steeped in tradition that slow changing. This is the wedding tree shot before we go on what is an arbour uk I mention this is highly visuals, it's great to see a picture of it, but since you can't see a picture at the moment, just imagine this Ann Arbor is a centrepiece behind a couple of getting married. The mobile art insulation and these farmers are able to be moved to anywhere in a reception or a ceremony either indoors or outdoors, and they can also make for a wonderful selfie backdrop for the guest service April.
It includes set up location, moving like from a ceremony to the reception and tear down. Now, from his background, ass, a photographer Ali has photographed over a hundred and fifty weddings worldwide. I travelled all over the world and he points to three observations that lead To start this project, first observation people are more and more wanting to inject more of themselves into their wedding. Honest can take on many different forms. Theirs, a tradition in wedding ceremonies, there's also a range how people are aligning with tradition or incorporating it or sometimes completely rejecting it, can observation, the wedding industry is full of waste, both in materials and labour, so their arbour as they call it a token centerpiece they can give a little stylistic personality is beautifully, set up and then deconstructed impact away. Can we
used over and over. A third observation was he believes that night weddings, an alternate ceremony times, are going to be the next big thing, at least the next big thing in weddings. I suppose so why not party first and then have a ceremony at midnight. A number of couples are choosing options like that and this arbour installation can be a good fit in those cases. So, let's talk about the money start up, costs were eighteen dollars and all the costs were for materials and labour associated with fabrication, so they had to get things like aluminum links, lighting strips in powder coating. They divided the labour between them, with math, focusing on production and Ali on Photography, writing and web design in the first season they booked about ten clients once they had some clients, they chose to invest more in the business with them. Coming from the revenue they received. Clients pay, fifty percent up front and bookings appear largely around to peek wedding types. Lastly, they began by charging eight dollars, but once they had some
Reviews they raise the rate to eleven hundred dollars, all inclusive of set up and tear down. So this parttime seasonal project is working well, but they do have some challenges ahead. There are them want to become a full event higher company. They just want to have fun with this one thing this one specialised thing so at some point there and have to decide about outsourcing, creating relationships stylist or switching to a sale only model where they are a bit more detached from the finished product. Alternatively, they could build the brand to even more of an exclusive item making it so incredible that the market is happy to pay a premium penalty, there's no as no pressure and their open option all right? I think that last part is key. No stress no pressure
to become a full on. You know, wedding rental company. They just want to do this. One thing: they're not trying to make it their full time gig. So it's something meaningful. It's something profitable and at least for now it's fun, and hopefully they will continue to make it fine. Whatever adoration or direction they go in, I like this quota that I had from Ali here who gave me some wonderful notes. This episode by the way- and I said the wedding styling world- is a slow moving beast. We just wanted to come in and add a tiny little bit of SAS. I think that's great because, as mentioned there's all kinds of couples you dont want the same traditional ceremony, perhaps that their parents and grandparents had and also there kinds of different couples so get for them in providing this unique installation. The arbour, as I said, if your interested like what what does not run still not Chirac during this episode, will come and take a look. You can do that at sight of school dot, com, slash, seven, seven three! They also do a great job in their instagram, so we will link it up on that page as well, and that's it for me I'll be back again to Morrow. I hope you will join me once more. My name is critical about.
This is side of this war. From the onward projects.
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