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#791 - Ad Agency Rep Designs Wedding Stationery


After helping out her sister, this Nebraska advertising agency employee learns that her creative skills are far from stationary.

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hello. What's up a welcome beside us, we score Monday, Miss Cristel about so glad you're here into. Story. Nebraska account server, His manager for an advertising agency gets creative and starts aside. Project design wedding stationary. That would be a stationary with an eat, not an eight. She is not stationary. She doesnt stay put She's actually designing that stationary teaching herself through you, two pretoria and learning along the way about pricing, which is something we can look at a bit at the end of the episode she asked encounters a really demanding client who, once everything to be perfect. So I'll tell you about that as we go along, this is a zero dollar start up, which is one of my favorite kinds, cost actually no money to start, and I am willing to bet more than zero dollars that there is a project, you could start with no money at all. Since my question for you today and our cycle back to that as well at the end if you had no money at all,
they go out and make it say, five thousand dollars, which is exactly what this person does. What would you do? How would you figure that out- or at least how would you trot? How would you to tackle at challenge. You got no money at all, but you do have your existing assets in resources in terms of your relationships in terms of your connections, in terms of perhaps any design software on your computer, which again rice to this story, but maybe there's something different that you have so stay tuned. Add agency, rap designs, wedding, stationary, coming right now, I'm likes to feel stack back. Stan are held back, especially by your clad. It's a problem that the IBM cod is different. It's the most open and secure public clad for business. It can manage all your. Some data anywhere across all your clouds, so it can help take on anything from rebuking flights on the fly to restocking shelves on demand without getting in your way, Smart loves problems, IBM, let's put smart to work, visit, IBM dot com, slash flexible, to learn
why who is ever plan for a wedding knows that it is no easy task, Brook Sankey who, But an advertising agency during the day discover this first hand three years ago, when she was broke into her sisters, wedding crap, it all began when her sister found herself approaching her budget with wedding, stationary and programmes yet to be made. There is also the matter of style. Almost all the available designs looked like carbon copies, fresh off a template when broke learned about this, she got how hard can it be, although she had only taken a few college classes in design, she knew enough to work from video tutorials on you, too sure enough. She was able to put together a draft programme that our sister locked
At that moment, Brook realised how fulfil a career of design was, and she knew she wanted to help others brain their vision to life as well. That marked the start of her journey into wedding stationary design. One of the first thing he did was reach out to local businesses and ask if there is any work she could do she even offered to do that work for free, knowing that any experience she gained would be valuable. This proved to be a good move, as Brook was able to showcase off work she had done for clients on a website. In fact, a few friends reached out to her for help with their own wedding designs and became clients as well since then broke hasn't, look back and she also doesn't do it for free anymore. Although this service business runs mainly on our talents, there are still a lot of moving part. She has to take care of. She first meet with the client to find out about their needs and does her best to set expectation.
Then she designs that required stationary before sending it off to accompany the prince the final pieces, because each client is looking for something customize and unique Brook often has difficulty estimating how much time is required, which in turn has caused a charge less than she deserves. This was a huge problem at the beginning, but with more experience now provide better estimates. Interestingly she's also had to learn a bit about human psychology as well a scale she didn't expect a need as a designer. Some of her clients are highly invested at every aspect of the process. They want to be in the loop at each stage. Others are preoccupied with different aspects of the wedding prospect and really dont care too involves stationary gauging the desired involvement of her clients in this particular aspect of the process is vital. It helps you determine how often to check in and let them know about things that happened along the way. Getting this awareness has been useful in helping her to customize how she interacts with clients now ass, your she encountered a particularly difficult client. She had to design the station,
for her own wedding. You think, with her experience, brick would have no problem with the stakes are high pumping her to start her design from scratch numerous times she says she was picking, but she never thought about firing. Herself, Today, brief designs include everything from wedding programmes, menus welcome signs to seeding charts and even table numbers, and now it's not just weddings. She also gets clients who request invitations for bridle and baby showers Christmas cards, while art and other personalized gifts, bread made five thousand in profit her first year, and she tells us she knows that if she challenges yourself shall continue to grow and nuts that number higher. Speaking of that, she has made marketing number one. Business called this year, hopes to eventually match the salary everyday job, having already designed a perfect wedding for herself, and so many others she's now working undesigning, her
deal career, so, let's del the bet into the pricing in the money, profits and costs and other stuff. So twenty eighteen Brook had twenty clients and she would charge anywhere from seven hundred dollars to twenty two hundred ox and for the most part, the bulk of the work was for invitations and wedding programmes. She would charge three dollars and fifty cents each for the most basic invitation and on average your clients had around you and guests. That would be too uttered invitations, but depending on a finishing touches, they wanted, like spent paper, wax seal, customized envelopes, etc. An invitation could run up to ten dollars. Each a pricing ended up being one of Brooks biggest challenges. She had to take a few different things into account for target audience, which is mostly felt
what other marketplaces and designers recharging her time and how much it would cost or to produce a single unit? Initially she wasn't charging what she was worth, but eventually she decided to attribute more value to what she was doing so far this year, she's already working with a clients at the time and recording this we're just through the second month of the year, so she's expecting to bring in at least fifteen thousand dollars in progress this year, and perhaps even a conservative estimate, so definite seems like she is on the up right. Congratulations to brook good work. If you need some wedding invitation or wedding programmes, especially if you're in Nebraska, but I think she probably worked for people elsewhere as well, going check out a website which we will link up on a show, notes and hey listeners. Don't forget what could you do had no money at all, and you had to make again. Five thousand dogs must say that number is going too far.
Try so if you had no money and all you had to make whatever it is excellent dollars, what would you do? What resources are connections are relationships or skills, knowledge that you have? What would you drove on to make that happen? I know it's possible because so many people have done it in different ways. So that's my challenge an encouragement for you today thanks. So much though show notes are at sight of school dot com, slash, seven nine want is for episodes. Hundred and ninety one I'll be back again tomorrow with the weekly recap and so much more on the way money was critical about this. Site us all from the onward projects.
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