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#8: Cruise Vacation Turns Into Highly-Profitable Hustle


A couple goes on a cruise and comes back with a $3,000/month side hustle.

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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Hey there. What's Welcome back to cite hustle school on your house critical about, and we are now getting started with a brand new. We, So let me tell you how excited I am to be doing this. This is weak number who are the show, but I've been working behind the scenes, but this together for close to six months. So it's really exciting to see it go out into the world shows. I said last week. The goal here is to help you create that new source of income, in a limited amount of time, and without quitting your job and ass. We say through the year, a beheading out on the road be doing lie, versions of scientists or school in lots of different cities. There's also a private group hobby, starting at some point, but not to get ahead of things.
Mostly I'm just so thrilled that you're along for the adventure, be sure you subscribe and Itunes to get each episode sent to you automatically and of course, let me know what you think. You can always write me directly at Chris at Side Hustle school com. I think you're going to like today story it's about a couple who goes on a cruise and comes back with a three thousand dollars a month side, hustle. Ten or Calais, and his wife received a wedding present in the form of a gift certificate for a cruise vacation. Neither of them had been on a cruise and they were particularly excited about it, but they went anyway and ended up having a great time. Part of their initial hesitation. Was it they couldn't find much information online about the actual cruising experience. There was a detailed crystalline website, of course, but, that consisted mostly a promotional material. What was it really like? There are also a bunch of forums where
increase wrist watch recommendation that experiences but not presented another problem with thousands of opinions. It was only natural that many of them contradict each other. Tanner didn't want to have to wait through a whole multitude of foreign It's where people argued over which lots for dinner was best. He D stated some basic info to help him lowering costs and have a better experience. The lack of impartial, accessible information inspired him to do something to fill the gap as a full copyright or for his day job. He already knew how to instil information and a helpful yet entertaining way so upon his turned from the high seas. You set out to build a website that he himself had wanted to consult before he set off, and the first thing he did was simply write Tenor opened up a blank document on his laptop he began to shout all sorts of ideas for articles. He wasn't concerned with all the details at first. He simply
wanted to have a substantial number of article topics that he could use to fill out the site when he launched it. Then, after slapping together a quick website, he shifted his focus to Essie owe her search engine option, session. His goal was to spend zero dollars on marketing and devote all promotional efforts towards getting right. Tie in Google for terms in phrases that new cruiser search for since he himself had been a new creature with lots of quest and he knew he had the right qualifications for that job. So here's an example before he left for the crews. Tenor wondered if he be able to watch Netflix while I'm bored there are tens of millions of people who subscribe to Netflix, and presumably many of them go increases, probably for the first time by Tanner. Couldn't find anyone could answer this question comprehensively. Therefore, one of his articles on the new site was called answered. Can I watch Netflix on a cruise after posting the article the page jumped to the top of Google search for
and he immediately began saying more traffic on the site. He applied this strategy over and over answering commonly ask yet not commonly answered questions from curious cruisers, This wasn't a charity project. It was an income generating hustle so to make money, tenor added advertising and affiliate programs to the new site that way he get paid when business click on the ads or a joint approach, I'm he likes to. He was excited when his new site brought in a hundred dollars a month, but he didn't stop there. He kept adding pages, answering questions and optimizing for good, in less than a year. This side, hustle wasn't so small. He was making more than three thousand dollars a month from it. So, let's break this down after coming up with the idea and deciding on a format. The creation process for this hustle required three kinds of tat.
The first task is writing, since the crews answer should be provided in written form, tenor got to work, making a list of topics and an answering them thoroughly he chose crisp riding style that state on topic and encourage readers to keep clicking to other articles. So, for example, had that question about Netflix can I watch Netflix on a cruise? Well, people you want to watch Netflix on a cruise might also want to watch HBO on a cruised or Showtime, or something from Itunes or Hulu or any other platform. So naturally he created articles about each one of those things. Can I watch Netflix, I watch HBO, etc, and the second task was optimization. Tenor knew that, just as we need to write a lot of helpful answers, he'd also have to put effort into making sure those answers would be seen here. His knowledge of websites and S Yoda work, choosing the right keywords and money.
Bring search results to see which of these pages performed the best. Then he applied that method to all the other pages and continue to monitor performance each, weak and the third task was revenue generation? He had the idea He knew how to write. They knew how to get people to the website, but that wasn't all he needed to make money. Well, fortunately, in this case there was an obvious revenue model, the visitors he received, were targeted, which essentially just means they were there for a specific reason, everyone who came to the site was clearly interested increasing, so it made perfect sense to install Google advertising, which can be done very easily about ten. Process and then maybe an hour or two more to optimize and tenors, go with simple bring people in serve them well and then get rewarded when they click. Those adds, aside from a few administrative Asked everything that he needs to do for the site hustle fit into one of those three categories went from idea to hustle. He kept his focus and its paid off handsomely. Now
His website is known as an authority site, meaning that search engines like Google, give it priority because they figured out that visitors like it so tenors, providing good value to them sisters? He serving them well answering those questions and he gets paid really well for it. May not happen exactly like that for you, but if you listen stories and begin applying them to your own hustle. You will see results over time. Remember. Inspiration is good, but inspiration combined action is so much better. Have you do one thing today to bring closer To the freedom you, what have you got a side, hustle score, dotcom, slash. Eight you'll, see the notes for this episode and ask you tomorrow with another story, I'm critical about, and this is side hustle school.
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