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#81 - Freelance Illustrator Helps Other Artists Sell Their Work


A successful illustrator creates a side business earning more than $25,000 a year by helping artists sell their work online.

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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So this was called listeners. Welcome back on critical about interesting story for you today there are a lot of artists out there and Majority of em. Don't make much my, I think, that's usually shocking and just making. And not making money is fine for some artists, but others do the aspiration to sell more at their work but to day you'll hear about successful. California. Illustrator has been able to make more than twenty five dollars a year, helping artists accomplished. Those business calls I'll, tell you a story in a moment and also include some shone on other people. I know we're doing something similar and having success with it, Chris Wilson is a freelance animator illustrator from San Diego California, who also sells his part originals and prince. To income streams or how he makes most of his money, but a few years ago found himself getting a lot of questions from other artists about the business behind his work. They had specific questions about how
Now there are online how to grow their audience and get more creative clients He started answering all those questions in a weekly newsletter. Subscribers found that news are so valuable that several of them told him. They saved us males in a special folder he figured you can make things easier for them. I creating a pdf guide with all of its best answers in one spot, so Chris took a couple weeks away from his regular artist work and put together a hundred page pdf guide with all the best questions he answered and his newsletter. He price this product at thirty nine dollars for the basic guide or ninety nine dollars for a whole set. This was an experiment, and he added a landing page to his website and debuted. Viewed it to his existing newsletter and the first month he may twelve hundred dollars he kept a link to the garden is weakening. Letter and we'll get enough purchases every week that over the first year, he average anywhere from three dollars to seven hundred fifty dollars per month after that first
Europe offering a pdf in continuing to send out the weekly newsletter, he was getting deeper and more detailed questions from the artist who purchased the guide. Now he would regularly go back and update the guy with his new information and so and the hundred page PDF had grown to over two hundred pages. It was not only getting hard time consuming to update, but it was becoming more cumbersome, prepared to navigate and fine all the information. So once again he took couple weeks off and created an online video workshop, so he's gone from guide. Online, video and now didn't hasn't new question. You can just making video or audio recording and add it to the course he says the programme is much more streamlined. Now, students, in search more easily through all the content and are constantly getting access to new clips. As I keep adding to the course this course us. Caused quite a bit more than that original pdf during the Europe offering this art business workshop Chris steadily increased the price to five, ninety nine, which is where it still out today, three years and he makes more than twenty five thousand dollars a year off this hustle and the workshop is actually is,
to update and maintained that it used to be so. He can operate, didn't more individual attention with the price of the workshop students, get action turn via email phone and in a private facebook group Chris blocks a few hours every Monday afternoon to be available, and it's also benefit to him because he gets to connect with students and learn. How is content is working for them? So far is catches, marketing really simple, he's just convert care for his email newsletter, the same service I use once in a while he paused that weekly newsletter to lengthen and Facebook groups and he's got a couple of gas posts on other blogs, but he hasn't done much else. The biggest way that his list has grown and he's been able to sell more product is that his subscribers? and share his newsletter to get new artists to sign up. He offers a tender email series with nine three lessons on how to use story to sell art and then only on the tenth day. He pushes them on the paid workshop Why do they sign up for it or not? He make sure that their weekly newsletter always has valuable content, and this pre series is what generates the most sales for him. When Chris started this teaching side, us all
he was worried about impostor syndrome and the old stigma of those who teach can't do, even though he was a successful artist and he was busy with commissions and clients every day. Eventually, Chris realise that his teaching business was growing. Cause he cared cared about. Helping other artists sell their work. He cared about having good information therefore, those looking for answers. They find it to believe those who teach care. He lots getting excited emails from students who just made their first sale online. It motivate him to keeping probing the course, and naturally, we, twenty five thousand dollars a year inside and found doesn't hurt. You it's a great story, congratulations Crescent now this is not a unique business model is in fact a textbook example of, what's called information, marching into very classic sales processes well well years and free information that is valuable,
He also has premium information available for sale for those who want more. He also made a natural session from selling guides to selling a higher price course. The p Who, by thirty nine our guide are likely different than the people who buy five hundred, ninety nine dollar course. It's not just have more money or at least that their willing to spend more money. It's also sign the people. Spinning six hundred dollars are more willing to invest time and effort into mastering the material. I have probably purchased a bunch of different guides in books and smaller information products that, in all honesty, I haven't really got around to going through and making a task list base up what I learned, if I pay six hundred Irish for and probably make myself go to the material, even if I get super busy just because I take a note investment, not speaking of models. This model is changing a bit, as I said, it's classic he's providing free information and then there's a premium up cell. He shifted from providing a guy to providing, of course, because this model has become so and there is a bit more resistance to it.
Used to be in some ways. That means you just have to do a better job like you have to make sure your truly providing valuable information to the people you're serving and whatever that premium product is, does have real value It really is going to make their life better and measurable way. So here to couple tips for you. If you want to create a hustle in this field, not only in the field of teaching people to make money with art, I mean information. Publishing information marketing General first have to provide a real, unique selling proposition, which is sometimes called U S p, and that selling proposition that benefit should be specific shouldn't, be general tough, you're selling a fitness product, for example. The benefit shouldn't be get healthy or lose weight could have some kind of matriarch attached to it. It should have a clear goal: loose fifteen pounds in a month gained ten pounds of muscle mass feel better. When you look softened, the mirror train for America. In three months whatever it is, the more specific, the better related to that it should be results focused by Christmas project. You're, not every artist
to make money with their art, he's really focused on those who do but are frustrated and have been answered, as trying to sell our online and the results that he's focusing on the outcomes that he wants to see are all about changing that status quo. For those students, important to be a legit authority and whatever failure, teaching and in other words to you, actually do what you're claiming to show people do you have a tracker selling your work online. If that's, what you're trying to show people? What to do? Have you train Marathon in three months, but there has to be a connection between what you're offering and your qualifications and, lastly, if you can have some kind of while factor or hook that will make a big differences. Because it is harder to stand out these days. It definitely is an attractive business model with a lot of benefits. Would you just need to be prepared to work here? it. But since you listening to the show, I know you're busy, we are also investing yourself and take action speaking of action. If you listen to these stories, New applied a lot
You learn to your own hustle. You will see results. Inspiration is good, but inspiration. Community action is much better. You wanna see today show now to go to satisfy school dotcom such eighty one will link Chris S, work ass, link up a couple of other people. I know have been successful in helping artists so their work. Thank you for listening, Prescott out this essential school I'll, see you tomorrow,
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