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#84 - School Administrator Creates Digital Magazine for Goaltenders


After discovering that his passion for goaltending has little to no online presence, a hockey fan decides to create his own resource blog.

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So let us go lesters, welcome back it, is critical about quick announcement first for everyone who- Following the show very closely, you guys are awesome. Thank you! So much if you pay close attention, you may notice that this. What is going on on Saturday, which is usually are weekly recap day. We're gonna make a small ship. Where Sunday will not be the weekly recap day, so that we can begin with a new weak on Monday. Nothing else has changed and if you are a bench downloader who listens to several episodes at a time you might not even noticed at all, however you listen dishonest or school. The goal is to bring you great stories and actionable tips, So you're not only be inspired, but you will learn lessons you can apply to your own hustle and if you haven't we're working under hustle, yet you're, just gonna show it's definitely not too late. We're building this together in real time throughout the whole year, a shoutout
weld everyone listening in Canada today we are talking about hockey and obviously lots of other people. I talk to you too, but when I think about you, I think of Canada, and you might think that starting a blog these days, If money and a topic, no one else has really covered- is almost impossible there. So many blogs are so many websites about every imaginable topic, but, as you ve heard another stories and agile here today, there still all kinds of interests and all kinds of opportunities, and this story is all about a school administrator who creates a digital magazine for hockey goal tenders. Good story comes from David Hutcherson by day David school administrator, what's known as the assistant had of school external aspen growth school in the name of British Columbia, back in the late nineteenth Seventys when he was in six great himself, young David Entrepreneurial journey, began when he saw pictures of any child golly masks to classmates
he was indeed a Golly fan from a young age and that early experience inspired aside, thirty years later, when he created in Gaol magazine what is now the most red website and Digital magazine for hockey, gold hinders not this point. You might be asking yourself, but how big of a group, our hockey gold tenders and fans are we talking like that, doesn't mean maybe fifty a hundred. But apparently the group is big enough, because David now Tens of thousands of subscribers, mostly in the U S and Canada but also worldwide. But let's go back a few years time. David was running a boarding house at a boarding school where he doubled up as the computer science teacher, some other students and back to the door. My night telling him all about entrepreneurship. Teacher who had just told them they could make money online David was sceptical but he wanted to learn more about it. So he could speak their language. Looking at blogs website websites, he was surprised to see there was little or nothing on hockey. Gold hinders that area of great interest to him, and so over the next few months he sticks together a Wordpress blog modeled. After a rowing sight, he freedom.
Said he began with daily news updates. There is apparently a lot of daily news in the articles in the world, but because it was so overwhelming. Those updates became too much to handle and they also contain a grab people's interest enough. So he continued to experiment, trying lots of different things to see what people liked posting mask images, doing interviews with coaches and so on, during the Vancouver Olympics and twenty ten interesting hockey, wrapped up even more, not just in Canada, but also in the? U S and elsewhere, and at that time a partner came on board who reached out after seeing a Google news alert, he had set up forgot. Ending this partner Kevin had access to many pro players and he asked if I could work together Kevin began sending David stories that were perfect for in gaol, but not of interest to the mainstream media. I told you: there was a big enough group of hockey goals. Henderson fan In the end goal now has forty thousand subscribers, and the site continues to grow. In gold magazine, earn money through ads from companies, affiliates sales for things like training programmes and some work with Golden in coaches,
David and cabin are considering moving the site to a paid subscription model, but they're trying to figure how to balance that, with their advertising model, they want the revenue from paid subscriptions. To be reliable and potentially a lot more than what they're saying now, but they also don't want to lose the leadership that advertisers expect so trying to figure out a way to support both models. For now. The two partners mostly reinvest their profits, attending camps, visiting crows and talk coaches for them the project is profitable, but it's less about money and more about getting close to the game. They love and enjoying new experiences being able to photograph in it shall games meeting the players and coaches? Any ice getting to test our latest gear and even David having his nine year old Son, be able to interact with Tom professionals, Oh yes, there really are a lot of hockey gold tenders and golden their fans of them, vital exercise for each day you're going to start a blog and your interest is hockey
or crochet birdwatching video games. Whatever the topic, you know, there's a large global community with the same interests. We also may know by now, just like David found, its probably better, to focus on some specific aspect or angle that hobby or field rather than trying to cover every thing. That's why a magazine at all about gold ending in hockey is so much better than just a magazine about hockey. Five or ten years ago, there already were a lot of blogs and resources about the sport of hockey in general, but David. What They followed up on his observation that none of them focused exclusively on gold tenders and got ending. So here's what helps right down your interest that topic that field whatever it is and draw a circle around it. So, let's AIDS, video games, you're right video games down you dry circle around. It then start drawing lines after the side with related topics that are more specific, so we started with video games. We might write down classic video games are, Kay Games, modern mobile games, online, multiplayer games and even though-
pretty big genres. You can probably get even more specific and also take a different approach and start looking at categories: sports games, role, playing games, etc. Probably some other characteristics you can choose to. Guess, I'm like games from a certain studio company under appreciated games throughout the years. Things that are really hard but worth it. It could be anything so there you do at some point is: maybe you start to combine a couple of these topics and characteristics and see how they might work together, imagine you grew up playing role playing games and you really like the ones from the item nineteen nineties, which was gonna classic period for those games. What about means that our lesser known or, in your view, I appreciate it like. If that was something Interested in Thou be so much more specific than just video games or then just role playing games or even just games from the early ninetys, and even if this is a very focused topic, and he there's a big audience of people who had very much relate to something like that. So this is your exercise. Your activity
if you're not familiar with video games. You dont like hockey. Both are just examples. When, as there are a lot of ways to stand out by focusing on something interesting and relevant to a certain community, and when you do that when you become that authority in that topic, They're all kinds of options avenues you can pursue for an actual business model. In this kind of thing, We won't be an overnight success. It is the kind of thing you invest in overtime. That's right! So important to choose the right topic in the first place, so it is something you care about and are willing to invest your time and energy in it and, of course, there are lots of other ways to do this to. But this is one by the success- and I offer to you today as an option, if nothing else, at least it get you thinking, Of course. I don't want you to think about it. I want you to find some way. I want it to be helpful and good for you as you invest in yourself. So remember. Inspiration is good, but inspiration, community action. Much better comes a high and social media. I am at critical about. You can read my blog at critical about got com you can find
for every episode of the show had sight of school dot com and if you are a hockey gold hinder, but you probably know about with resource in gaol magazine you're, probably those forty thousand subscribers, but just in case you are familiar with it. Now you know where to go. You are rockstar. This is out of school on critical about I'll, be back. Tomorrow,.
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