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#852 - Landscape Architect Knots Together Macrame Workshops


One woman’s passion for macrame turns into a money-making side hustle teaching others the craft. 

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  

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what's up my friends to welcome this article school money, Miss Priscilla about those listing, real time today is my sister's birthday, just want to say shout out to hurt me until about you are the best. You know you keep getting in ping pong, but I'm going to practice. I will get better and listener this is when you happen to be listening to the show working to talk today about starting a workshop. I did about ten side of cell school workshops in our first year. At the end on include a few of my lessons learned from experience. Pherson today, story to start with her a war Passion for macro may turns into a money making hustle teaching others the craft by the way. If you do now, What macro mayors, let me just confess something here, you're, not the only one. When I read the notes to the story, I was like whom are not actually certain that I know this worked when I read more about it now. I think I know what that is. I just didn't know the worked right. It's not
the rapper. I was like macrame the rapper, who did thrift shop, no different guy I'll really get into it the episode, but in short, we can say that the person we're featuring today literally gets paid to tie knots together in addition to selling her art at farmer's market. She now teaches, Workshops a month so coming up, we got an origin story. How did this come to be a way to attract students and a workshop? Perhaps when you don't have a big audience of your own? That's what she did and also a lesson in pricing shall all kinds of stuff today, state you don't go anywhere here is a shot out to our sponsor support, for this pod cast comes from octet. What's your mother's maiden name? What's the name of First, pet: we have another question: why are security solution still asking the same verification questions its twenty twenty? It's time you business, which is to a security solution that not only is bill for this decade, booking guide you into the next one with an identity, centric approach to security October.
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Parry friar is a full time: landscape, architect and design firm located in Charleston South Carolina. She loves what she dies, but she's also learned the importance of diversifying our income upon graduating from college a decade ago. Economy took a nosedive. Thankfully she survived the round of lay offs at her firm, but she was hit with a substantial salary cut nor to make ends meet. She worked forty hours a week at her firm and picked up an additional twenty five hours a week as a sales associate at the popular home Day course shop pure want it definitely wasn't the most ideal time to break into the job market, but those early years in her career taught her a valuable lesson. If you live within your means in work hard, you can survive anything
so a sports two thousand and seventeen a decade later Maria was perusing. A West ELM catalog is another home. Decor shop might be sensing a theme here and saw a wall hanging for sale for four hundred dollars, wall hanging for sale for two dollars that was outside her price range and not by just a bit, but with horizon pinterest and DIY techniques Marie she just might be able to make it herself so that night she got on Youtube and start teaching her cell
Some macro may basics rights away, mockery for anybody out. There doesn't know like myself. It is the art of not in court or string into patterns to make decorative articles like, for example, a plan hangar and as soon as I saw a picture of it, I was like. Oh, I know what that is now. I just another word I'll, always be honest with you at first her fascination for the crap served as a way to harness creative energy and make items on our budget, but once you realized how simple and creative this macro may could be, she began noticing that fibre art was becoming a huge trent. The term about how Sheikh was even being tossed around Marie figured that if western could sell a basic while hanging for foreigner dollars, there had to be a market for a local fibre artist, entrusting a city that boasted a supportive, thriving artistic community. She drove headfirst into learning
You think she could not how to turn her hobby into aside business. She even listen to satisfy school. What's up always glad to hear that take so much Marie glad. It was helpful. She began making plant hangers and while hangings in the early hours of the morning and then developed her brand and website on the weekends she even parted, with friends who had creative Hobbes for help with things like the tiger feed in order to keep her start up costs low those costs we're just three hundred and fifty dollars. The business was called macro made by Marie Love that and now she just the place to sell her where's, she made a list of all the farmers markets in our area and applied. She first filters and altered for regular vendors before securing a spot of her own after she made five sales and our first day she was able to afford a new school of rope to create inventory for the following week. She also started taking request for large, hang for putting displays and began designing wedding backdrops for good measure. Merida strives her first year running macro me
as putting Oliver earnings into operating her display, making her business and art better in our second year, though, her business model took a turn out of all the question she received from customers. Do you teach classes was the one she her. The most that wasn't a plan she originally had in mind, but with continued request, she noticed that there is definitely a desire for it, so Marie decide to give teaching Macromedia not actually it's a shot, but it just sounded better to say not. She reached out to a local business to see if they would let her hostess class to get it. For it and Marie fell in love with teaching the same way. Ryan Gosling fell in love with Rachel MC items. In the note book she love it from her very first class. In fact, she love it so much. She decided to revise your business model from creating products mostly to teaching more closets teaching. The workshops took less time and was overall, more fun and profitable than selling at the markets. Now that first workshop, Marie partnered with a local shot that had a large instagram, follow
since she was just starting out, she didn't have much of a social media presents our main goal at the time was to raise awareness for classes, but from their she went from strength to strength or at least workshop to workshop, and she began hosting more more classes. Here's some lessons from her. She believes there needs to be synergy between a host business and the workshops finding the right. There is therefore a crucial. The key is to make that workshop mutually beneficial for both parties. One week she might teach a class at a plant store and the following week, and I've been teach arts and crafts shot she's. Also a firm believer in attracting customers, tumult
means or in her words, not putting off your advertising eggs in one basket. She splits up her marketing efforts for different weights number one paid advertising on both instagram in Facebook, number, two event bright, where customers purchase tickets online number three, her website macro made by Marie dot com and then before word of mouth she's, have lots of repeat attendees, who often encouraging people to come as a sign that we got a specific episode coming up in a few days. It's actually all about word of mouth marketing from a talk about that in some more detail, the workshops whole between twelve and twenty people and last for two hours Marie process between about trainer dollars to five hundred and fifty dollars per workshop. She holds several of them per month.
She plans to continue teaching workshops with local businesses, as well as taking on more custom orders. Her macro made profits are going in a savings, find with some of that money reserved for fun trips with her husband so we can do a whole extended episode all about workshops that maybe we will at some point. I just might give you a couple of quick lessons that I learned myself from doing that workshop series, maybe a year or two ago, in about ten workshops across the country. So it's something I was surprised. That is that people are willing to sign up far in advance, which is not me at all like I, I don't. I don't
anything in advance, but allow people do, and so, if you have an idea of doing a number of workshops, you should publish them all. They said you can publish a workshop for six months from now and if people are going to sign up at some point, some of them will actually sign up super early. So that was interesting for me to see number to raise the price towards the end. As the workshop itself approaches, if you're still taking registrations make sure it costs more register at the last minute actually experience this myself. Last month I was doing a race like a half marathon. I didn't sign up until the day before, and so I had to pay twenty dollars more technically. That's my faults. I wasn't upset about it and I also thought well because I didn't sign up until the last minute I essentially and paying twenty dollars for the option to not sign up shop. In that case, it's worth intimate number three make it specific, don't try to throw in the kitchen sink. My first few workshops. I was just trying to teach everything: don't you that make it really specific focus,
the labour force and outcomes make sure everybody goes way was something really specific and I noticed ass. We went along at the more we made that a core value, not just the better experience it wise for everyone, so that's gonna, be it for today, thanks so much for listing and congrats to Marie either way. Awesome story really glad that we keep feature on the shop. Everyone inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better see the shown on today's episode, Lord more about marine work. At anything else, I mention just come to satisfy school dot com, slash, eight five to eight hundred and fifty two, so much more is coming up. My name is critical. Of this is side hustle school, from the onward projects.
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