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A designer with an enthusiasm for both maps and art merges the two to create hand-printed mazes that zig-zag through the hearts of iconic cities. 

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without my friends are welcome to side school money, miss Cristel about I'm excited about They story, we're gonna, do a little bit of an audit and make some suggestions. Are some suggestions to help an artist make more money right up a curious about your suggestions as well. So, first of all, the story is what it's about. You got an artistic cartographer with enthusiasm for both maps and art who mergers the two to create hand printed mazes zigzag through the hearts of iconic cities is making this beautiful art and we'll talk about that. The art also talk about the money which is critical in this case because she lives in San Francisco and wants to be a full time working artist. So it's all starting well, but she defiling needs to earn more. So how could she do that lets brainstorm? Tibet offer a few of my suggestions at the unity episode.
Then perhaps some of our listeners might have suggestions as well. Maybe even you, let me know if you do. I stated that story is coming right up me to get. The Golden Gate Bridge to Sutra Tower in San Francisco. Well, your luck because today's featured side, Ostler Michel Chandra can take you on the longest windiest route imaginable, well as a graphic designer with a love for the outdoors adventures, learning and ART from her life, is an undergraduate seeking to be a creative rider to her current life as an artist
Mapping style all her own Michel's journey has been full of twists and turns. She began her adventure when she entered college discovering a whole new world of travel, poetry and art. She connected with a community of artists. Oliver San Francisco ultimately inspiring her into a labyrinth of projects. The ex at the conclusion of her journey was artistic cartographer in the intricate world of mapping was love at first sight, Michel, let it a full time job with the Bay area start up, quitting web map, visualize Asians, and that's where she state putting together maps for three years. While the work conference, she attended a talk on maize, generating algorithms utilised grits. As a traveller who worked in Mapping Michel immediately connected the dots because cities are planned on grids is well always keen on a puzzle. Michel took on the challenge of designing her first
Matt, maize, using actual street grits, although the journey was at times difficult and took three months over a hundred hours to solve, it was also a ton of fun with occurred to her that perhaps others out there might enjoy. The challenge is well with than two thousand dollars she purchased in built everything she needed to create our own screen, putting shop and an online store using shop. If I much that initial cost went to supplies, but five hundred hours of it was used to create a vacuum printing press more on that second and after all, the hard work that goes into creating her designs. Are she then plan to Eritrea, her prints, on a wood rack. She created from an IKEA baby crap, so shall is very resourceful what is this whole process about screen printing, at least in this way, those not familiar with it? It's the process of pushing ink through a mesh in case frame to print a design on paper or cloth, or whatever else your heart desires,
Michelle cut paper by hand. That is all the ink she needs and then clamps for screen print frame for homemade vacuum press the hold it is not in place while she prints the vacuum. Suction also eliminates the need to use toxic spray adhesive. By the way, I got a lot more details on how that process actually works, but you know I don't know much about that stuff. So, let's talk about the actual business model, that's what this is about here, things are Michel made maize maps for two of the countries, most iconic cities, hometown of San Francisco and Brooklyn. For the San Francisco maize, she decided to start the Golden Gate Bridge and for Brooklyn. Nothing would suffice, but to have it start at the Brooklyn Bridge whining its way down to Coney Island. She realized pretty early that people would want. Saw these puzzles like amazed map again without damaging the original designs, so she also sins along an extra print with every sail. Michel sets your prices based on other map, prince rhetoric about this. At the end, I she started fairly low or to weigh up ass. She gain confidence.
Be back from customers. Currently you can pick up whenever handmade map mazes starting at just twenty four dogs. She also improving quality according to her the beginnings of recital salt, were far from a work of art too, of the color she burst, operate, we're unpopular but the other two salt. Well so from where she cut some of those unpopular colors, develop new ones, then figured out which other cities to feature marketing presented its own set of challenges for Michel, a self it in a fight introvert with social anxiety. Lets me as well by the way, support in a fight, introvert social, inciting, hey. What's up Basinger fear, she got her maps featured on Archie blogs placed in some local give shops. And attended a bunch of events, nor to do whatever she could to get that our work into the world her first year, she brought in a small profit of around thirty five hundred ops the year after that profits doubled to seven thousand dogs. In fact, her goal is to keep doubling every year
not only that, but Michel also realised that she was learning way more running a business and she was at her main job. With that in mind, she opted to set off on her own path, leaving her day job before entirely on this growing side, us all. Luckily, she was able to make the leap thanks savings and living a minimalist lifestyle, she's next hoping to Caen more maize enthusiasts by getting art featured in different places and boosting online marketing. She can spend more time creating and less time at festivals and Ferris he's also excited just start, exploring different art forms and most of all, Michel feels fortunate to have this opportunity. She looks forward to the twists and turns a hat ok, so the project is really fun and just in case you have that will description in your alike. I sought on quite know what it is. It's a very visual project rights just I don't like a visual city, maize map, essentially and
I'm going to go out on a shudder, its page, if you wanna, go to check it out and see if you have any other ideas as well, because overall we need to do is how we shall make more money. So what's really pretty, but gonna be a full time working artists in San Francisco, even having savings and being minimised. She's gonna need to have more sales, so here are a couple of suggests: I wrote out as I work on the story and expensive tumblr website number. One suggestion is to raise the price goes: twenty four dollars a map, and for this useful thing I can know it's a print, but there are other points out. There are selling for twice as much easily there's some of its offer more than that, but even if you go from twenty four two thirty or thirty, six or somewhere in that range. If it of its forty eight, I feel like you're, not really can get priced out by doing that, or you know if, if that's makes you uncomfortable, maybe some different sizes or something, but something to raise the price over all least have a different options. I think She needs to level up her instagram game, because this project is a visual. It does look really guy, but she doesn't have that many followers. I think it's probably worth devoting sometimes
learning more about hashtags shags morning too, to follow lots of different accounts. You are art. Influencers shall come to mark again in the second and besought pitching some of those territorial influential profiles in order to help build your own profile, She said she was on some art blogs, but I feel like there's a lot more to be done there just nine blocks and features even things like the jealous curator. We just talked about a couple weeks, back Jason, Kottke, or by the women link. All this up in a shuts who's gonna go really quickly here, but obviously be linked in a shouts. I think she should look at our. Emotional bundles, which, from time a thing, I think she could look at flash sale sites like outlook and similar in a flash of sites that are like. Ok, we got the sale for twenty four hours and forty six hours or whenever one of those sites are per clothes It is our jewelry than they. So usually have like a small home dick or section that could be something there thanks. You should talk to my friend, Allison Stanfield at art, big success, dot com- so, if you're out there in your also trying to make a living as an artist, you need to know Alison ART but success dot com. We will take it up.
I wondered as well because my last suggestion I wondered about gift cards, so on our side in the press section, it looks like she was actually in a holiday give guy for twenty eighteen, which is great, and that was with Forbes. So I almost think this is a strategy like planning ahead into the fall pitching all those people if guides you getting the right thing, then you can easily be there again the next year and then maybe one thing can obtain silly to another. So, like opera has gotta give guy like air all kinds of people have gift cards so just think, you're out these ideas. These suggestions look at all consider them and at the shoe Fettes tried out if it doesn't then than obviously discarded and keep doing your own thing just a few suggestions. I'm not saying yes to do all that. I'm not say she has to do any of it, because it's her business in her life. But those are some observations. I have to say as a kind of worked on this and I hope it's helpful to her in some
hope is helpful to somebody out there as well, who is trying to do something similar or maybe just try to figure out. Ok, what's next for me, how can I follow my passion, not just any old passion, but some passion that actually connects to other people, value, something where I can actually create a little business around something I enjoy doing at so we talk here on the show in one way or another everyday. Today's show notes, including links to all this crazy stuff, are satisfied, score dot com, slash, eight six, one coming check it out, episode, eight and sixty one inspiration is getting inspiration with action is better like so much my friends. My name is critical about this is side US war from the onward word project.
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