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#867 - Enjoy an Ice Cold Beverage in a Mug Made from Ice


A visit to the outdoor sauna in the midst of a Minnesota winter inspires a mug made from ice that has sold over 4,000 units.

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What's are my friends that welcomes the programme, got a great show where you today many Miss Priscilla about this is cited in school. Now be familiar with mass those hierarchy of needs, basically, a ranking of five levels human needs that we all have, ranging from basic food and shelter, on up to love and self actual alsatian, so breaking news
tax on me is no doubt being revised to account for the invention, you'll hear about it today. Story invention is a mug made from ice that can hold your beer or other favorite beverage. The nice mug, as it's called, was created in the frozen Tundra Minnesota winter. It goes on to self worth thousand units with its owner currently in negotiations to bring it to national hockey League fans, and it's all because one man wanted a cold beer in a sonnet. This hearty viking, Slash territory manager for a food company brings his invention to life funds it with a twenty five thousand dollar crop putting campaign and is now taking this life changing
We're told her to the masses hold up on that self actual ASEAN. First, you need your nice muck. All the details are coming right up your work out more fun and will, if they are, then I won a sign in June adored, India, with Michelob Ultra I'm looking for anyone and everyone who makes working out a blast. That's you! It's! A team altered outcome for chances for awesome perks like team altogether and more that's team, older dot com to enter nobody's nursery opening this residents, twenty one plus, if it'll routine, altered, icon, listen to daily life insurance, possibly atypical abortion like using those Missouri. Did you know that many of the most influential inventions came about by accident? This list includes the posted up super globe and even
chocolate chip cookies. Now you can add another one to that accident. Invention Hall of Fame, the nice mark, with the emphasis on the ice especially Chile, Minnesota Winter Night Glenn. Our box was trudging through the snow to his backyard Sana when he realized that one of the water containers he used to top cold water over his head had been left outside full of water from a Sana. A couple of days prior, for all intents and purposes it looked frozen, solid sitting on his son, a bench Glenn dumped out that chunk of ice and noticed the sinner was miraculously unfrozen. He poured out the liquid part and what remained was perfectly formed drinking vessel, never one to miss an opportunity. He had a friend poured a frothy beer into the mug made out of ice and took turn sipping, naturally finish that first beer, they naturally started on another occasion to that second beer
Glenn, noticed that while the mug melted down a bit it held it shape. Well, I never liked best of all that beer, tasted fantastic after that night glint started, leaving more water containers outside to freeze hoping to replicate that first mug experience, but he noticed he couldn't quite catch the perfect freezing point either. The mug would be too thin where it came out frozen, solid, like a hockey buck. So here I d ramp up his experiments following a long period of trial and error, reusing potato salad, containers side note his family start eating a lot of potato salad. At this point in time, combined with hockey taped to create rudimentary moulds, he finally found a perfect combination. It consisted of two jelly containers, one inside the other, that would create the vessel and then a lead to keep everything and place. The result was what he called the nice mug, that's with a lower case in capital icy,
ice. Although he had a name for this new invention, he didn't have a plan, for it had a job he enjoyed working as a territory miniature for one of the largest food companies in the world. For the past twenty years, they ve been good to him, putting food on the table and keeping him flushing. Containers, but now he was looking ahead and he had a bunch of cider some ideas. He figured he that if he could scale nice mug make it profitable, he could do thou any of his other brilliant ideas. It was the perfect practice run for everything he'd want to create when he was looking to retire. You met up with a friend of a friend who was a plastic injection moulding engineer. Other materials needed to create the product were relatively inexpensive, the tooling needed to make nice monks ass would need to be source from China that would cost about fifteen thousand dollars. It was a lot of money, but winter was coming and was the perfect time to get a nice mugs into the hands of people in time for peak sauna season. The starting
I wasn't as insurmountable as the wall and gave a thrones, but Glenn certainly viewed it the same way, the wildest it he needed to build strength with numbers to return to Kickstarter, to fund new project leading up to the launch of French created the logo. He built a new website using we're press adding into the hosting planning he had for existing website sonnet times and made a video highlighting his beloved creation by the end of a campaign he'd brought in over twenty five thousand dollars. Next, he put in the order for the tooling informed, a partnership with a local manufacturer who use that chilling to produce his nice monks for him and, of course, he celebrated with a beer filled, mug and relaxing Sana in his back yard. When it came to price England opted to set his price using a three to four x model, where she's charging three to four times the cost. To make it he took into account a fraction of what the tool in cost that packaging required ship the product, the shipping prices themselves,
site, maintenance, marketing and so on. All those considerations went to the re he chose, which was twenty dollars. You also consider that it's not a one in done kind of product. Its reusable this three to four x models, interesting glint, says: if a product costs ten dollars to produce a lot of people will turn around and saw it between ox, and someone will try to convince themselves that that fifty percent as net but they're, not taking into account that part of the ten dollars a profit needs to be applied to a variety of light items that contribute to the brand. In other words, you Africans outta the costs of the tools. Menu first started, if you consider website, minutes, marketing and so on. However, he also says it's about striking the right balance, because, if you're saying something for forty dollars that cause you ten dollars to create, for example, customers might not take seriously devalue. Isn't there unless you ve got something unique? The good news is Glyn does have something unique since starting up he sold over four thousand units and typically brings in anywhere from two thousand to five thousand dollars a month. He continues to store pack and ship everything right of this house.
Because he's chosen, the bootstrap everythink, there's still a lot of hands on work being done at some point. He hopes to hand add up to a fulfilment centre. He's also focused on finding a product champion will take on the brand. He recently spend a hundred dollars on dry ice and insulated packaging to ship a batch of ready, made nice mugs to the national hockey leak. He can picture sports fans cheering on their favorite hockey team with a nice mug pullup frothy beer outside of the sauna Glenn believes there could be no better application. And again I shall agrees at least in principle. All parties are hopeful for licensing agreement, but there is still a lot of work to be done. So, for the time being, the idea is still on ice, well how about that the nice mug very helpful every time
I have a beer in the sauna or whatever your favorite beverages, or perhaps when you're watching a hockey game. Now, here's upon fact about glint. He has a lot of interesting ideas floating around his next one is next big invention that he's working on actually comes out really soon. He starting a new Kickstarter campaign in the next few weeks. So if you happen to be listening to this later, it might already be out, but this idea is called truck servers and it is a swim trunk. Slash boxer shorts combo that he has developed for the spontaneous swimmer in you happen to be out and about, and you just want to take a swimming you home planet. If you're wearing your trousers, you can jump writer who knows that there is a market for this. But if you had asked me, if there is a market for a month, out of ice, at least a reusable one. I'm not sure I would set. Sometimes you just don't know until you trap, and I hope that you have an idea you're thinking of trying whatever days. Maybe it's not an invention, maybe something that's a little bit simpler, easier to get to market instead of spending, fifteen thousand dollars,
but hey whatever it is. I hope that you are making progress on it hoped the older one small thing today to get closer to that goal. Inspiration is guide, but inspiration with action is better. The shouts for today are at sight of soul, school dot com. Slash. Eight six seven com and check out the nice mug, perhaps the trucks or anything else I mentioned Greg's website, which is called sauna times greater. And, of course, be sure to come back tomorrow for another story. We are not running out of asking stories. We ve got something more coming up and I am so grateful to be able to make a show for you every day. I think so much my name is critical about this is side also school. From the onward projects.
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