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#871 - Fire Protection Engineer Finds a Hot Side Hustle


A San Francisco fire protection engineer uses his unique expertise to teach continuing education workshops. This one is coming in hot!

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oh, hey! What's up, listen We are on fire here today we are bringing the heat. This episode is lit until I gotta get time working on the story, it's all about fire or specifically its all about a San Francisco fire Protection engineer who uses his unique expertise to teach continuing education workshops. He charges double when its competitors do, and he is killing seats across the country, really a fantastic success here and in fact these workshops are bringing in a fantastic second income. In fact, it's not to be a full time income. He really do just these workshops, but he chooses to keep his job and do it on the side and in his own way. So I love a lot of things about this. I also have a lot of burning questions about how it all worked. So, fortunately, we were able to get a lot of detail for
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psyche wisely. Shy. Is fire protection engineer for the city of San Francisco his day, job is to inspect fire plans and building permits to make sure there all to cook specializes in high rise constructions, an elevator fire codes. Here's a fun fact: he was involved with the first building in the world. These sixty story, Facebook building in San Francisco. They can evacuate people utilizing the elevators during a fire because of his expertise in these systems. He was often invited to speak at Professional association conferences all over the country as a bond here. The stellar reviews for these sixty two ninety minute presentations were coming in hot and are used that reasoning reduction, but it's just a good phrase. Coming in hot, seeing the potential in his insight, many participants encouraged him to teach and accredited full day class. Since engineer.
Required to get continuing education units or see use to keep their licences riding the spigot of those glowing reviews psyche reached out to a professional association to see if he could become one of their teachers, but they said they already had enough. The elevator door was slammed shut in his face that rejection turned out to be a bit of a false alarm, because it was the moment he decided to produce his own trainings. The first critical step was to get see. You accreditation for his course. After a viewing requirements, he developed today long class and sit in the application with a fee to the national training school. They reviewed his credentials and syllabus and like a building with fully functioning sprinkler systems, he passed inspection with flying colours, but then came the He, where he would teach you offering to hold his sessions in a hotel and serve breakfast rate, then people don't which is much nicer than what other training provide it, also
being a convenient Bay area location, his sister in law, a professional meeting planner found the venue, the Oakland Airport holiday in the meeting room, was free. They only charged per person costs per catering. This reduced soggy risk because he only had to pay for the number of people that signed up. Now it is time to set the price his brother in law. This time gave him the best advice. He said, if you think you're offering, product and everyone else charge double the going rate. Then people don't show up. You can lawyer, Eyes otherwise, you'll never know how high you can charge, so I gave charge boarded always per person instead of a two dollar going right. The next step was sitting at the website and getting the word out. He sent emails to his personal contacts, and then he posted the class to his linked in account at first class, was in twenty, sixteen
was ecstatic when sixty students signed up bringing in more than twenty thousand dollars and registrations, his side also was on fire and it steadily grown since then, with five different course, topics offered on a rotating basis. He taught four classes and twenty sixteen six and twenty seventeen eight and twenty eighty and plans to teach ten and twenty nineteen. The attendants averages about forty five students for class, with a hundred and eighteen being his largest he's expanded from the Bay area to LOS Angeles, Seattle and an hour per Michigan. Overhead costs are low. It's a family business was so gives wife taking care of the registration, his mother in law, producing the handouts named tax and certificates, and his sister in law is on site support. This project has led to private consulting as well former students hire him to work on projects that have taken him. As far as his native Israel, one crazy private Klein experience happened when an organization needed training right away. It turned out to be an emergency, they sounded the alarm.
Forty inspectors licences were about to expire. So just one week after hearing about this so give flew out and conducted for days if onsite training to make sure that those inspectors got there see use in time. The fire was extinguished and no one was hurt so given being able to go outside California and learn how people do things in other parts of the country. He also gets a lot of satisfaction from people telling him that they appreciate his expertise, extra income is allowed him to travel with his family and be more generous with charitable donations. He's got some advice or other people out there who want to teach a course. First while specialise. There are many organizations offering courses be unique and something no one else does the second is to do what you enjoy with the success of his project. People have encouraged him to put his class online or do weapon hours, but he has an interest. It enjoys the personal interaction of being in class. One thing he wished: he done differently. He wishes he would have hired some professionals from
dark instead of trying to save money and doing everything himself at first he just uses own email listing contacts to promote the class. They eventually did some advertising buying an email less to increases rich. He also hired someone to rework has website, fortunately, so gives elevator safety side. Hustle has a lot more ups than It's amazing story, baking congrats. I gave I love people that are looking at their professional experience and finding a way to transfer that into something. That's not just working for company or organisation or city government, this case, perhaps but for themselves in his case, providing this necessary very helpful training
while building an asset for himself now to give us had more than five hundred students since starting up just a few years ago, why doesn't he quit his job and go all in again? This is really successful, but we ask him- and he said well- I'm doing this mainly for fund and for that extra income, not to replace them regular Seti job. I guess you could say he didn't want to burn any bridges. Ok, but serious. I think it's really cool and people have this job, they love, but they also find a way to create this really substantial side, a soul. In addition to its my hope that all these stories were perhaps get you thinking, maybe sparks inspiration every day on the programme. Of course, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better to check out the channels. For today's episode warn all about everything I mentioned just come to satisfy school dot com. Slash, eight seven want remember, there's something out there for you too. I hope you do. Everything can't find it I'll do everything I can, on my end, to keep bringing different examples every single day be sure to listen to morrow, and thank you so much. My name is critical about this is
side of this from the onward project.
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