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#890 - WEEKLY RECAP: If You Ever Feel Insecure, Don’t Miss This Episode


In our twenty-third recap of Season III, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: an audio update from a previous case study! 

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  

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our friend and fellow listers hello community, what's up this, is critical about with cycle school, so excited to welcome you here. The weekly recap. We have just finished weak number, twenty three of season three days the weeks role by but as Gretchen it reminds me from time to time the years or short the days are along, but the years are short, that's something I think about from time to time they look up and see the counter, and, unlike where did the month, go where the first half of the year ago, but of course, happenings from day to day in my life and your life and everyone's life, and that's why it's so important to be focused on doing the right things in the midst of all the busyness, the craziness make sure you're doing something for yourself make sure you're building something that you can be proud of.
Back on and say you know with all the other stuff it was going on in my life. I was still able to do this and that can really get that thought is gonna connect to a couple of things. I want to share a few here today, but first this week featured a juice bar owner who sells waited blankets. He's acts earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year designer who leads guided sailing tours in the mediterranean and actual, one sign up for this, like a really I'm looking at it and a personal violence, blogger who works from a hundred and eighty square foot, Airstream, trailer and, of course, much more. A different story everyday. I have also been on the road Number one at the wonted hundred side, hustles book tour, I'm so excited to be able to share Lorries with alive audience once again, I'll have more Simpson highlights from that side as we go along and also on my instagram one hundred and ninety three countries. One hundred and ninety three countries
sweet I'll, be in New York, city, Boston, San Francisco and Portland Oregon, but to see somewhere if you're not signed up, you can do so. It's out of school dot, com, slash tour. The idea in cloud is the cloud it's open that secure its built for business. It's also the cloud its leading the way, but don't take my word for it check Gardner, appear insights to see why customers rate IBM Cloud above a W S, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Over the last twelve months as February twenty Eightth, twenty twenty IBM, let's put smart to work, Gardner Peer Insights reviews constitute the subjective opinions of individual end users based on their own experiences and do not represent the views of Gardner or its affiliates. Too bad things today. I'm a girl, audio update from someone we featured in your one should have some really interesting lessons to them, dollars that year, like that you're
There we featured or on a show she just may two thousand dollars, and I want to say she just made because that building a foundation for what came later, you'll hear the whole story, her update short, as she is now on track for half a million dollars with fifty percent margins. Also have some comments on that last part of their profit. Margins have gone down as they brandt up I'll, explain why that's actually quite common, but first, let's talk about insecure You like where, where that come from insecurity, not profit margins, not Launching not Facebook adds, but yes, insecurity, vulnerability and what is known as impostor syndrome. These are topics actually here about all the time. I get questions pretty much on a daily basis about something related to that, and I came across a quote from one of our stories this week that I wanted to share with you. In fact, let me just jump into the quote without giving it a whole lot more context. This is from Tom in episode, eight eight seven environmental market or create eco friendly energy bites, and this is what he had to say. I didn't including the episode itself.
Save it for this report, because it was so important. I want to highlight it Tom said without further Ado, I wasn't always the most competent kid growing up. I struggled with deep insecurity and shyness. I found ways to live with fake confidence, but it was just a mask. It wasn't until I started aside hustle doing what I wanted to do and not what I D chose for me when I learned who I really am and gained a comfortable quiet and authentic confidence so and maybe even actually, why not? If you need to hear it again, basically, it wasn't until he found a site. I saw that he was able to kind of embrace his own identity, overcome these feelings up deep insecurity in China's so if you out there relate to that, you know, if you don't care, that's fine, just stay tuned will go along, but if you relate to that no that you're, not the only one first about second, now that it's ok to feel that way, it's actually pretty normal. I've felt that way. Many.
They times myself. Also learning to do something for yourself can help a lot. That's what made the change for Tom and I know we talk a lot about making money on the programme- there's nothing wrong with making money. I think it's fundamentally good as long as you're doing something legal, ethical, etc, but really the whole point of all. This is empowerment and being able to feel better about yourself being able to be proud of what you're doing being better able to provide for your family, perhaps or just being better able to make your own decisions, and so there's not a magic answer to the stuff. You know feeling like you're, not good enough or feeling and secure having imposture syndrome. I can't just say like: oh don't do that. Don't feel that way. I should think it's ok to feel that way to understand and like be able to say, ok, ok, this is going on and I understand and acknowledge that, but, helpless. I can do something about it and I said I'm experience ass. A lot myself, certainly in the early part of my career, certainly in the early part of my adult life and lots of different ways, but I continue. In different ways. Now so don't take it from me. Take
time, perhaps who now runs this growing business of psychic remind hours a year and is his product now started lots different stores and Some of that is probably the best thing is just what he said. I'm living a life that I thought I wanted. I discovered she know who I really am I've been able to embrace that comfortable, quiet and authentic confidence. So I feel like somebody out there needs to hear that today. If it's not, you no worries, but if it is you let it take root in you. Don't just forget about it. Take it with you throughout the day, as you play, next steps, I let's go onto the audio update that some good stuff in this one to talk about a big success and also about profit margins. So, let's hear from Linda hi there. This is window preparing odour of three hearts in Houston, Texas. We were featured inside hustle episode, three, fifty five.
We are a specialised handmade company that makes teething products made out of Bee P, a free food, great silicone for babies since mid twenty eighteen, when we were feature three hard to scale to support three regional agents across the country and leading, but not limited to allay market Dallas market in Atlanta market, as our previous officer mentioned, we made in twenty ex teen, when I was still in a partnership less than two thousand dollars that year in twenty seventeen, with my full time attention we gross close to a hundred thousand dollars in twenty eight team, we gross close to two hundred thousand dollars. And currently near on scheduled to be a half a million dollar business in twenty nineteen, with the goal of halving over five hundred stores worldwide
in December, we moved are new offices and production facilities to a new location. Part of our growing pains is to see our margin strength slightly from seventy five to sixty percent due to the new two scaling: the business and developing our line. We are still super prob with a man of production and product. We ship out on a daily basis that will be able to maintain fatter than fifty percent margins and hope that in time our systems become more and more affirm that we will be able to get back to that. Seventy five percent mark this success in the past year is definitely due to an amazing staff and also amazing agents that believe in our product and mission. This growth in our expansion definitely reconfirmed that it was the best thing to not go back to them.
Legal field entrusted my ability to grow this side, hustle to a million dollar business awesome. Thank you. So much Linda will appreciate you showing that detailed report. I spent ass to hear how you ve gone from whatever it was too, dollars that for a share, we talk with you up to half a million dollars projected for this year and onwards call of having a million dollar business? So fantastic just want to mention briefly about that that drop in profit margins, how you mention something about how it was a seventy five percent profit margin when he started now. It's a sixty percent margin. I may have said fifty percent of the top. The episode The point is that you ve had a little bit of a drop their so so listeners. You know, first of all, sixty percent profit margin is pretty great A lot of businesses out there to be very, very happy with that. Some businesses have a ten or twenty percent profit margin but still even looking at a drop as you scale as you grow, it's only natural that you're going to have less profit per customer or less profit per se.
I'm that's usually just made up by having a lot more sales or a lot more customers. So Long as Linda or whoever it is out there, it is comfortable, says: okay, this is my boy. Like all, I want to have at least an Ex percent profit margin. Anything more than that is great. I wouldn't be too worried by a drop as obviously the bottom line continues to improve and improve that bottom line. Figure is probably the most important thing to pay attention to so again through a great to see lenders business grow so much if you wanna check out what she's doing just go to three hearts apparel that come through hearts, apparelled communist mention should also in a bunch of different stores threat restores including Hawaii in Singapore. In fact, so I believe you can find a list of those tourists on that same website which we will end up in the shone out as well. so as always lots of stuff in the I know that europe-
it's. You know you got tons of stuff going on. It's my god to continue to bring you different stories. Little tidbits tips action points strategies, perhaps something to kind of get you going before we close out the week. I just want to say thank you to everybody who makes this possible and I'll try to be brief, because I respect your time, but it takes a village there's a whole bunch of folks out there, including first of all you listener. That's right! Thank you so much. I said in the first episode, eight hundred and eighty nine days ago that if you make the commitment to make this part of your, I commit to supporting you fully and your quest to create a new source of income to gain that confidence. Perhaps if you struggle with India, Shorty like what's on talked about are for whatever your goal is your goal of creating more free, when independence in your life. However, that looks even if you love your job, even if you're really busy Michael, is to help. You might have happened as much as possible now, not only when working on the show, I wanna say thanks to producer Chuck, read also from Keynes thirteen, our back in networks last business partner, thanks to New Fremont Sage Milligram campaign,
Kramer content miniature is Whitney carbonic, longstanding content manager. Thank you so much Whitney, eight hundred and eighty nine episodes and counting community lies did Shang CAT, Herder, Tina Heart and the official Shaukat who whose sadly not tour me, although its public debt- since I don't sleep much anyway, and when levies around us even less still thanks a lot to the show Catholic show about We hear a team sorrowful school are part of the onward project what's that about, while that is led by Gretchen Ribbon the commission throughout the top. The episode as well got her mega popular, show, happy or threaten ribbon as well as, you're in Hollywood and the new programme for Melissa Urban do the thing actually should an interview with Melissa this past week. So if you have come over from that programme, will welcome awesome if you have not checked out unless, as private I'm going to check it out. I do the thing it's available and apple pie task or wherever you listen to protest speaking about just a quick little ask here. It be so
for if you would leave a quick little rating and review and apple pie cast it just takes a second super awesome. I also, if you have a new book they wanted to excite vessels us those. I am super super grateful and appreciative when he takes the time to go and live in Amazon Review. That also just takes a minute But I know your time as valuable. I don't take it for granted, but when you Amazon Reviews, it actually helps with discover ability if other people see it really like others actually something to this is actually really interesting. I could get some value I bet. So if you have the money to do that this week, I would be much appreciated. But most importantly, I hope you do something. As I said, for yourself, inspiration is good, but action is even better I want to hear at your stories. I want to hear how you're overcoming challenges dealing with obstacles. You know what the boss supposed to come out but you're finding your way through to the other side, to make that project to make progress on that project, to start that service or products affiliate Commission whatever it is that you're trying to do, I hope that you will take that next step also hope your me to Morrow and everyday next week. More is coming up. Consider this a short daily investment in yourself
let's go online at six are one I m eastern time every day, my name fiscal about- and this is site also school. From the onward projects.
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