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#891 - Disappearing Barrettes Lead to Bow-tiful Business


A mom and “kidpreneur” daughter solve the age-old problem of disappearing hair bows by inventing a double-face, double-snap barrette.

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welcome to a brand new week. So excited you here today, at least for me in real time: item live in New York City tonight you some building here over the next couple of days and then on to Boston, Slash Cambridge tomorrow very cold back on the road leading many listeners every single day and, of course, the chagos. Not so, let's talk about that. Gonna put, you could start coming up for you this week in it a story. A mom and daughter solve the age old problem of disappearing hair bows. They do this by inventing a double face: double snapped, barrette this preteen kid procure and her mom start a significant profit of more than four thousand dollars of mud and also own a patent on their very special barrette, I feel anything at all about Hair Barrette Sahara. Both you know can be annoying. If you know anything about it, problems and then making
from those solutions you'll be interested in how this mother daughter do. I went to market. And if you know anything at all about telling it good origin story, you will be impressed with this one. I know I was it's called disappearing. Barrette led to both a full business heart state in here's, a quick shot out to our Answer was ill and good. When is aware of many hats invokes she's a vice president of the South Carolina Hospital Association. Looking agent for her comedian, husband can investigator of lost four rats for her daughter Gabby. That last project is working to focus on here, because one night after yet another run to the beauty supply store to purchase more replacement, Hairbreadth Rosalind found herself frustrated. She pulled out all the hare products that Gabby had by the way. Cabbie was five years old at the time.
And dump him on a kitchen table ass. She picked them up. She began to notice just how poorly constructed most of them were. Many were even missing. Clasped to snap and attached to the hair. Roslin then did what many frustrated moms do and took to social media. She complained about the age, old problem disappearing and poorly made barrette and how she was tired of having to replace that many other moms chimed in agreeing with her Then her pastor spoke up telling her that it sounded like a market she needed to break into Russia.
What's a little annoyed, how was she supposed to manufacture hair barrettes with all of her other responsibilities, but then a few mornings later and she was styling Gabby's hair before school? She found herself in the same frustration mode. She mumbled to herself that someone needs to make a bow that would stay in. She didn't realize she was talking out loud, but then Gabby explained Mommy. Are we going to make a bow? Roslyn was caught off guard and try to push it aside, but like most kids, Gabby wouldn't soon forget later that afternoon, after she's been picked up from school, he asked once again when they were going to make bows from there. She was like a broken record caught up in pigtails and wasn't going to let it go until it was fixed. Roslyn finally agreed to try thinking of it like a science project. She thought they could investigate what was missing with the current price on the market and maybe sell the results to a company,
gently, at least in the short term. It wasn't that simple. They began to make notes of what could be improved upon with a design after they had a concept. Roslin presented it to many hair accessory companies, but no was interested at least not in a newly invented product without a patent she quickly learned. This was not an easy road to clip out rather than letting the idea disappear, like all those missing barrette they decide to make and sell them on their own. Roslin was competent in their unique design, and she also wanted to show Gabby that anything was possible. She began researching product patents and decided to pursue a provisional patent, which is good for one year. After speaking, with an attorney she was advised to pursue both the design and utility patent She dropped into a retirement funds to cover the costs. So you might wonder what the difference between these various types of patents I design covers the actual design of the product, whereas a utility patent covers the function of the product
for anyone else out their wanting to patent product Roslin recommence reaching out to the: U S, patent trademark office. They have a hotline, you can call them first to get advice on what direction to take before paying any money to speak with an attorney most of the time. A provisional patent will do and costs only a few hundred dollars compared to the thousands of dollars and lengthy process that an official patented take. To launch their product, which they now called Gabby bows Roslin Gabby made a short video demonstrating how to double face. Double snapped. Barrette works. They posted on Facebook with a link to their simple word press website within it they had more than a thousand views and their first sale. They believe this was the start of something great, and I was all a few years ago, and sales have continued to climb
now averaging around forty five hundred dollars in profit each month, thanks to consistent marketing and use of the hashtag kid procure Gabby, both has been featured in many publications and tv shows, including the today show for Roslin. The best part about his hustle is getting to watch Gabby shine. She went for being a shy kid to one who speaks of events all across the country She also inspires other kids to launch their own businesses through the mommy and me Entrepreneurship Academy. This is a micro franchising opportunity for young girls to create their own business selling. Gabby bows girls who joined, get a start tit with twenty five votes to sell monthly online trainings with Gabby and an affiliate linked to earn more money. They currently have seventy girls enrolled and hope to eventually have more than one thousand now twelve years old, cabbies advice for kids going to start a business is try your best work hard and never give up. She and her mom or clipped in for the rest of the ride
some other website Gabby Dot com, I take a peak- and it's just so refreshing wonderful job telling their origin story. I talk from time to time about how important it is to have a story behind. Why are you doing your side? Are? So it's not just about selling brats like you could have a website that just says, like hey her a bunch of threats, the Brits are good going by them, but that's not what they do. Of course, there's lots of photos if Gabby and in other kids there's this main benefit. That kind of appears right away, reduce your barrette bill by seventy five percent, which I thought was gonna funny, because I don't know it an average barrette bill is, but you know frigate benefits only five percent. Then it says a solution to many fronts.
Mom's, just really kind of hunting internet target market, their frustrated moms have this problem. Here's the solution, and it also has Gabby kind of front centre, so there's a letter from her on the site, ACCA handwritten letter as well as a video. So it's all just it just really informative and refreshing. As I said, and also inspiring, you gonna go away thinking like wow what a core business like I'm, really rooting for them, and it can wait to see what they do next. I also like the micro franchising thing it. Basically, she set up wrote a failure programme, essentially which is more than just an affiliate program, but but it seems like a visa. Building relationships with a lot of these girls around the country, so good for her congratulations, Gabby an Roslin! Thank you! So much for allowing us to share your story with our listeners and listeners. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better. I hope that you too will start a project like this or maybe a project, not like this, but in your own way your own idea, whatever it is, you do what it takes to bring it to life
here. Every day Tom you stories, giving your ideas, and perhaps some action steps today show notes. Are it's out of school dot com, slash, eight nine one common check out more about cabbies, both anything also mentioned in the episode and, of course, I'll be back again tomorrow. To be sure, you subscribe tell your friends, it's completely free! My name is critical about and you are listening to side us all school from the onward projects.
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