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#9: The Craigslist Wedding Photographer


A California government employee becomes a part-time wedding photographer by posting an ad on Craigslist. He now makes $3,500 a month while only taking the gigs he wants.

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Hello, Come back, I'm your host critical about you're listening decide us will score where every day different story, someone who starts a hustle without cutting their data, and usually in a limited amount of time, because if you're like me and the people that we feature on the show, your pretty busy today, stories really fun. It's about a California government employ who becomes a part time wedding. Photographer by posting, an add on Craigslist. Yesterday you heard about a man who creates a three thousand dollars a month hustle by answering people's questions about crucifix. Today. Story has a similar result. That government employ you'll hear about also makes actually more than three thousand dollars a month from his hustle. But in a very different way. By providing a service to remember. We talk briefly last week about different categories of hustles, a product service also reselling affiliate the arts of their suffering
and got into yet now it's not that anyone can ray is better in general, but one side us what category is probably better for you, so pay attention as we go along and see which he's resonate the most with you, both in terms of what the future side. How far is doing as well as how they're doing it support for these podcast comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars? a plane ticket pay down. Your student loan treat yourself to those shoes you denying with progressive. You can find out drivers who switch and save save an average of seven hundred. Ninety six dollars on car insurance get your quote online at progressive, dot com and see how much you can be saving national average, we'll car insurance savings by new customers surveyed who saved with progressive in twenty nineteen and now our story,
Oliver s works as a civil engineer for the State of California. Also an amateur landscape photographer with a good eye and a lot of technical skill. A friend ask him to photograph her wedding. He was happy say yes, but just an hour later, he started to panic as the reality of what he committed to set in. He was a good photographer but he never shouted wedding before and he had even been to a lot of weddings He knew that most weddings follow a general protocol and he thought it probably a good idea to get a photos of the bride, but he also figure wedding. Photography was a kind of thing. You don't really learn until you do it now plenty People in Oliver situation would have done. One of two things they would have either cancel that commitment out of fear or they plow ahead and just kind of hope for the best, and Oliver was smart. He had a third and better idea
He decided to gain experience by offering to shoot a wedding for a very low fee for the first couple who took him up on the offer he posted the deal on Craigslist chow. But hard working, wedding, photographer available for higher prices. Two hundred fifty dollars, he put it. They re taught me the story later. He said you know I don't want to mess up my friends wedding, but if I meant something up for a stranger I wouldn't feel is bad after he made an appointment to meet the frugal bride to be who took him up on the offer he realized. He didn't really have a portfolio to show her thinking quickly. He went through some his favorite landscape photos which didn't relate to weddings and anyway, but it was all he had and sent a few them off to the printer, since he didn't know what charge in the whole thing was an experiment. He figured that at that point it didn't matter. Well, fortunately, he didn't mess up the strangers wedding. She did it
job. It was a learning experience that gave him more competence for the next one, and the bride loves the photos that first gig pay just hundred fifty dollars for a lot of work, and then his friend paid him five hundred dollars for hers the next month, but now, more experience and a portfolio of actual wedding photos. He quickly became able to charge a lot more, so he now does at least one wedding a month for starting price of three thousand five hundred dollars Oliver story is a classic side. Hustler narrative, you didn't know how to do something, so he figured it out. You know it was a good photographer. He had the technical skill. He was also a good at working with people. So for him. It was just a matter of understanding the protocol, the process of good wedding photography, the best practice is, and he gained that initial experience through his Craigslist wedding, this
also illustrates an important side, hustle principle start before you ready and then improve or improvise. Even as you go along Oliver didn't get caught up in lots of administrative details as he grew ass. He approaches skills. He focused entirely on the customer experience and then later as it grows hustle. He also raises prices to a much more reasonable amount. So these two areas helping people more and making more money, should be you're fucked. As you prepare to launch your hustle and you as a hustler, you have an advantage over four I'm business owners, people who want to be underpinned errors. Quota quote your advantage is that you don't have much time to waste because you are busy. You have other respects abilities, and so, as you build your hustle, you really want to focus those essentials on helping people more making more money. That's what Oliver is done and if he to this hustles going so well, he could probably do it for time. You know if he did.
Two weddings and might, instead of just one he'd, make more than eighty thousand dollars a year from it. But for now at least he's happy with his job and he's also very happy about the ability to take wedding, gigs and make more money whenever he needs, and it may not happen exactly like that for you, but year you will to results stories. Time. Remember. Applying into the hustle you're gonna build this year. You will results of our time. Remember. Inspiration is good, but inspiration about action is so much better. Hey by the way you dont want to miss tomorrow story. If you thought it was crazy. That way, back an episode too Man in Scotland makes seven hundred dollars a month for fish tank Here's that he wrote three years ago well sway to you here, but a woman from Colorado is doing. I had to verify that this was an actual thing because it first, I thought someone was playing a joke on me, but it's no job pretty Play story so make sure you're subscribed to the show in Itunes and also followed on Spotify. They can just come straight. Decide ass, well, schooled outcome, so you get notifications when new episode.
Are out. They go live at six are one. I am eastern time every single day. I hope to see you then I'm critical about this aside, hustle school
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